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Bond's color cards

Bond’s Color Cards Make Color Matching Easy

For carpet and rug binding, matching colors precisely is a necessity. Because we understand this, Bond offers a comprehensive array of color cards that cater to every binding and serging need. These color cards are essential tools for anyone in the carpet and rug binding industry who wants to make the perfect color match every time.

Why Invest in Color Cards?

There are a number of reasons to purchase our color charts and cards, including: 

Precision in Color Matching: Bond’s color charts eliminate the guesswork in selecting the appropriate shades for carpet binding tapes, serging yarns, and more. This is essential for maintaining consistency in product lines and custom projects.

Wide Variety: With a range of options covering everything from cotton serging tape to sisal and faux leather, Bond Products’ color cards provide solutions for nearly any rug-binding (or serging) need. Each card is detailed, offering a true representation of our available colors.

And more!

Cost-Effective: Purchasing color cards is a minor investment compared to the cost of mistakes and mismatched colors in a project. They help in making informed decisions that save money, time, and frustration in the long run.

Ease of Use: The clear, organized layout of the color charts makes them easy to use and reference, streamlining the selection process.

Ideal for Multiple Applications

Bond’s color charts and cards are not just for carpets. They are invaluable for upholstery, automotive interiors, marine environments, and anywhere precise color coordination is required. They help professionals create products that meet exact specifications, enhancing customer satisfaction.

For those in the carpet and rug binding industry, Bond Products’ color cards are more than just a tool; they are an integral part of the creative color-matching process. Our quality cotton tapes are woven, dyed, and finished here in our family’s 5th generation 100+ year old Philadelphia textile mill. Custom dying is also available to match your color samples. Please call us at 1-888-800-BOND for minimums and prices. We are always ready to answer your questions and match you with the products you need. 


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warehouse safety

Warehouse Safety Uses for Hook-and-Loop Tape

Previously we’ve discussed some of the many uses for hook-and-loop tape around the house. There are many articles and Pinterest pins online about DIY uses and craft applications for this handy product. However, the home is not the only place that hook-and-loop tape can or should be used. It can help keep your workspace or warehouse safer and more efficient too. Here are some great ideas:

Rug installation – One of the hazards in any workplace is slip-and-fall accidents. Hook-and-loop tape can be affixed to the floor and used to keep carpets or rugs from moving. It can even be used to keep turf in place – it’s that sturdy. If you want to minimize worker injuries and workers’ compensation claims, keep the rugs and carpets in the workspace in place with hook-and-loop tape.

Storage and Organization – Hook-and-loop tape can also be used to attach items or tools under desks or tables to transform empty space into useful space. Attach hard drives under tables with hook-and-loop tape to free up desk or table space for monitors, keyboards, or printers. It’s easy to organize like tools with like with hook-and-loop tape as well. Use it to label shelves or bins – labels can be switched out quickly and easily when necessary. Your workplace likely has plenty of empty wall space as well. Secure a line of hook-and-loop tape to the wall, and then use it to attach tools. These will be both visible and easily accessible to your workers.

Protection – All products that enter a warehouse must be opened, examined and checked against shipping lists before being stored away again. Don’t toss the used shrink wrap in the dumpster – use hook-and-loop tape to re-secure the wrapping and avoid waste. Hook-and-loop straps can be used to wrap and secure products within any size or shaped containers and will eliminate the need for additional shrink wrap or plastic ties. It can be reused many times and will keep products or items from being damaged by the elements or pests.

Safety – Hook-and-loop tape can be used to tied up loose cables and keep them out of the way or secure them to the perimeter of the room. Secure stacked boxes or shelves with hook-and-loop tape to keep them from falling and products inside from being damaged.

There is no limit to the ways hook-and-loop can make your work space safer and better organized. It’s such a versatile product and can be customized to fit any tool, product, or project. Bond Products sells a variety of hook-and-loop products in volume, so call us today to order it in bulk for your office or warehouse needs.

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Buy American

Top 5 Reasons to Buy American Made Products like Instabind

“Buy American” has been a slogan people have heard for decades now, but do you know the reasons why Americans should buy American products? There are many, but here are the five most important:

  1. Safety standards – American manufacturers have to provide their workers with a safe environment in which to work. They cannot work them beyond a specific number of hours, and child labor in factories is prohibited. Sweatshop conditions that exploit children and women are not legal in America.
  2. Fairness in labor – American made products must comply with strict regulations and undergo rigorous testing before being offered for sale. In foreign countries the standards for both labor and products are often much laxer, and products may contain unsafe levels of toxins like lead. Buying American made products means supporting better standards for consumers. It also gives consumers a much better chance to address problems or grievances in the event that product failure occurs.
  3. Jobs and fair wages for other Americans – when you buy American made products, you are making the choice to employ other Americans. The U.S. Government mandates a specific minimum wage, unlike most other countries around the world. When American businesses and American workers are supported by your product choices, the money they earn goes back into our own economy – which means more workers are employed. A virtuous cycle begins.
  4. Environmental conservation – Not only do many other countries have lower environmental standards for manufacturing than America does, but the petroleum necessary to fuel the huge tankers that carry products from elsewhere in the world to the U.S. uses up a finite resource. These tankers emit pollutants into the atmosphere as well. Again, U.S. production methods must comply with safety regulations and they must also comply with regulation for waste disposal.
  5. American independence – When we as Americans produce and buy American made products, our economy operates independently. This means that we are not at the mercy of foreign governments or companies who might choose to limit trade to accomplish other political goals. Our country is free act in our own best interest.

Bond Products manufactures all of our cotton carpet binding tapes here in Philadelphia in our 100+ year old textile weaving mill. We are proud to be an American business and employer. Call us for all of your carpet, area rug, and flooring needs! 

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outdoor carpet

Outdoor Carpet: What Are My Options?

Are you thinking of investing in outdoor carpet? In the past decades your options for have multiplied exponentially. You’re no longer limited to artificial turf. Today’s outdoor carpet (or indoor/outdoor carpet) looks much like indoor carpet. The difference is that it’s made from olefin (polypropylene) fibers. This type of fiber is very moisture resistant, so it’s ideal for using outdoors in places that can get wet. It’s so “waterproof,” that this type of carpet actually floats.

Polypropylene is also stain, dirt, fade, and mildew resistant, although it can grow mildew or mold if it’s exposed to enough damp. However, Olefin is manufactured in such a way that a diluted solution of bleach in water can be used to clean it without bleaching the color from the fibers.

As with all carpets, the pile, backing, and grade differs according to its intended use. Outdoor carpets will most often have a rubber coating or marine backing rather than laminated jute or woven polypropylene because they need to stand up to different types of weather and harder use. They are much more durable now and will last many years with the right maintenance. Outdoor carpets are manufactured in both cut-and-loop and pile styles.

In terms of colors, today’s carpets are so much better than the green, gray, and blue carpet of the past. The Olefin fibers are manufactured with built-in stabilizers and dyed specifically to preserve color. They come plain or patterned and in a much larger spectrum of colors, including reds, golds, and browns.

Where do people used outdoor carpet? Wherever they need a tough, water-resistant choice. Marine carpet is used on boats, but it’s also used for 3-season porches or basements that get damp or wet. Many people have extended their decorating outdoors to their patios and porches or garages as well. Olefin carpets can be installed poolside because they are resistant to bleach. Carpeting around a pool can help reduce slipping.

Previously we’ve talked about how people are installing artificial turf to transform their backyards. Grass carpet is fade and stain resistant and will provide the appearance of a well kept lawn for years with a minimum of hassle or expense. It’s an excellent choice in the right situation.

Bond Products offers a variety of products to help people install their artificial turf or bind their polypropylene carpets into lovely indoor/outdoor rugs for use wherever they’re needed or wanted. If you’re looking for carpet products for either type of carpet – indoor or outdoor – call us today.


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hook-and-loop tape

Hook-and-Loop Tape Uses around the House

In our last blog we talked about how and why hook-and-loop tape came to be. Because hook-and-loop tape can be used to hold things firmly in place, this product has many, many applications that go beyond its traditional use as a fastener or zipper substitute. Here are some of them:

A different kind of rug lock – There are a number of ways to stop area rugs from slipping and causing accidents in your home, but hook-and-loop tape is another. Attach strips of loops to your floor and strips of hooks to your rug, and the rug will remain in place.

A remote butler – Do you have a problem finding your TV/cable box/DVR player remotes? Are they always going missing or falling in the cracks of your furniture? If you put a strip of hook-and-loop tape on the backs of your remotes and another in a place where you keep them, they can’t wander off when you’re not looking.

A cord organizer – Rubber bands and twist ties work fine as tools to help you keep TV or computer cords separate and untangled – until the rubber dries out and breaks or unless the twist ties are too short. You can cut dual-sided hook-and-loop tape to whatever length you need and expect it to work for however long you need it because it will not wear out, mold, or degrade.

Keep track of plush toys and stuffed animals – If your small children are forever losing their stuffed animals, you can attach a length of loop tape to the inside of a bag or a piece of cloth and use that to prevent them from getting misplaced.

Hold outdoor cushions and tableclothes fast – It can be a challenge to keep a tablecloth on an outdoor table, but a bright cloth can make all the difference to your outdoor decor. If you have a problem with the wind blowing your cushions or other cloth items away or out of place, hook-and-loop tape is an ideal solution.

Hang up pictures without using nails or masking tape – If you have light pictures or posters you’d like to display but do not want to damage your walls, hook-and-loop coins will allow you to do that easily. Is your kid going away to college or getting his first apartment? Throw some hook-and-loop tape in your bag for move-in day, and it may wind up sparing you expensive fees for nail holes or wall repair later.

There are so many more organizational and display uses for hook-and-loop tape and coins that your imagination is really the limit. Bond Products has many different options so please browse our selection to find the product that will best fit your needs.

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hand sewing

Hand Sewing and Waxed Thread

Bond Products offers a number of different hand-sewing, waxed thread, and needles for any of our customers with hand-sewing needs. We also have hand sewing gloves that will make the job of sewing hard-backed carpet together much easier on your hands.

Most carpet installation today is done with either nails or hot glue, so what kinds of jobs require waxed thread? Back in the day, carpet fitters’ apprentices would show that they had mastered the art of sewing carpets together by making a tool bag out of carpet scraps. Now, however, most carpet fitters do not use this skill. In terms of carpet installation, hand sewing can be used to excellent effect around bull-nose stairs because the hand sewing reduces the damage to the stairs and provides a better finish with without a nailed cap and band.

Hand sewing also works for smaller jobs that require special care or for which a heat seamer is impractical or undesirable. Specialty carpets are often hand sewn.

Another good use of waxed thread is for the job of re-fringing an antique rug. It’s important to make sure that the edge of the rug will not unravel and that the replacement fringe you purchase will not fray either. Hand sewing a blanket stitch along the damaged area of the rug using waxed thread will help preserve the rug and reinforce the edge. The next step is to hand sew the replacement fringe to the base of the existing one and double-stitch the overlapping ends of the fringe to prevent it from fraying.

waxed threadWhy is waxed thread so useful? The wax layer makes the thread stiffer and more resistant to both water and mildew, so it’s longer lasting. The reason that a carpet fitter uses this for hand sewing is that the wax can leave a residue when it’s used in machine sewing. It can also melt when it’s heated. This kind of thick, sturdy thread can be used for a variety of craft projects as well, including: leather working, jewelry making, saddlery, upholstery, and taxidermy.

Check out Bond Products catalog of supplies for any of your carpet working or installing needs. If you need something to install or repair carpet, we have it.

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tapestry binder Model-PBLTX offer a carpet binding service

Offer Carpet Binding Service to Your Customers

How to Add Profits to Your Bottom Line

Over the years, there is one common profit opportunity that carpet retailers and installers alike have used to add daily, weekly, and monthly profits to their bottom line. It’s a small investment requiring minimal training and skills – an investment that maintains its value upon resale and never fails to pay for itself over and over again. What is it, you may ask? Offering a carpet binding service!

There is no reason why you shouldn’t offer a binding service to your clients. With our DIY on-site Instabind carpet edge finishing tapes that have no initial equipment investment, to portable and table model industrial binders and sergers, binding services is something practically all of your clients need or will need.

Why Offer Carpet Binding Service?

Offering a binding service is an excellent idea because you can:

  • Bind up and help sell carpet remnants
  • Add sales dollars to the end of every installation job by binding up scraps for runners and mats
  • Offer immediate services to your clients so they don’t walk away from a sale
  • Finish and complete jobs the same day and on site without running back and forth, wasting time and money!
  • Offer commercial carpet cove base to hotels and office buildings 

We can all agree that we live in a service-oriented business environment, so offering a carpet binding service can add hundreds of dollars that will ultimately help make your annual sales increase substantially! Just as an example, if you are able to make $100.00 a day from binding carpet, that would amount to over $36,500.00 per year!

What we offer at Bond products is much more affordable than the competition. Our average costs are only pennies per foot.

Carpet Equipment Durability

We still service old carpet binders from the 1960’s that are in excellent operating condition and that have a trade-in value close to what they were purchased for over forty  years ago. There are no other tools that last as long as carpet binding equipment and continue to make you money year after year! It’s not an expense. It’s an investment in your company’s future!

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Replica tapestry of The Hunt For The Unicorn inside Stirling Castle

The Hunt of the Unicorn: Medieval Art, Mystery, and Faith

We mentioned the beauty of wall hangings and their practical uses in an earlier post. Here we would like to highlight one of the most beautiful and mysterious tapestries ever created: The Hunt of the Unicorn. This is a series of seven tapestries, and their origin dates from between 1495 and 1505. In its entirety, it’s considered to be one of the greatest artworks in existence. Despite it fame, many mysteries persist about The Hunt of the Unicorn, including who designed it, where it was woven, and what its panels are intended to symbolise.

Woven with wool, silk, and metallic thread, there are 5 large pieces, one small piece, and one piece that survives only in fragments. Each large tapestry is 12 feet tall by 14 feet wide. The seven tapestries are:

  • The Start of the Hunt
  • The Unicorn at the Fountain
  • The Unicorn Attacked
  • The Unicorn Defending Himself
  • The Unicorn is captured by the Virgin (in two fragments)
  • The Unicorn Killed and Brought to the Castle
  • The Unicorn in Captivity

Together, the tapestries tell a tale of noblemen who, with their huntsmen and hounds, pursue a unicorn through a beautiful forest. They track down the unicorn, capture it, take it to a castle, and kill it. In the final tapestry the unicorn is resurrected and shown resting in a garden enclosed by a circular fence.

Unicorns are, of course, magical, pure creatures, and unicorn lore was popular in the medieval period when the tapestry was made. They represented wisdom, immortality, lovers, and marriage. People believed that unicorns could heal wounds and purify water and that only a virgin could tame a unicorn. These themes are woven into the individual tapestries of The Hunt of the Unicorn. A virgin leads the unicorn into an enclosed rose garden where it is sacrificed.

There is entirely another meaning to these tapestries, however. The unicorn at the center of The Hunt of the Unicorn is also clearly meant to represent Jesus Christ, and the virgin is meant to be his mother, Mary. There are many clues hidden within images of the tapestries to indicate this. The unicorn is wounded on his right side, as was Christ. The unicorn is sacrificed and resurrected. In the final tapestry the unicorn sits in a beautiful garden paradise. The piece as a whole was clearly designed to be meaningful and relevant on two levels: both secular and religious. The people of this age would have understood both messages.

Scholars believe that The Hunt of the Unicorn was of French design and woven in Brussels, but more than that is unknown. The initials AE appear over and over in the tapestries, but who AE was, if AE was a person, is another mystery. For centuries they were owned by the La Rochefoucauld family of France. John D. Rockefeller purchased most of the set in 1922 and displayed them in his own house until he donated them to the Metropolitan Museum of Art in 1938 along with the missing pieces he had tracked down. The Met has housed The Hunt of the Unicorn since then in the Cloisters where they are on permanent display for the public to view (above image theirs).

The Hunt of the Unicorn shows the intersection of art and everyday objects, of the sacred and the secular in a very beautiful way. It’s art that serves as more than art, but a reminder of the Easter message as well.

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repair service

Bond Products’ Expert Repair Service

Bond Products offers a complete catalog of materials and supplies for carpet binding, serging, and rug making. This includes carpet binding equipment like carpet binding machines, portable binders, sergers, and tapestry binders. We also offer repair service and maintain equipment of all brands for our customers.

During our fall and spring open houses, we invite the public into our facilities to give them a chance to watch carpet binding by the experts and also ask them questions about fixing or maintaining their carpet binding equipment so they will be able to handle repairs on their own. We do small repairs on machines for free as well if they bring their equipment to an open house. You can see by browsing our Clearance page that many carpet binders stand the test of time and work for years or even decades with some tender loving care and the occasional repair.

Some of our customers prefer to have our experts do their repairs, and we are more than glad to do the work for them. If you have a binder or serger that needs repair, please do not hesitate to send it to us. Here are some testimonials from customers who brought or sent in their equipment* to us for repair:

“Wanted to say thank you so much for tuning up my machine. WOW!!! This machine runs and sounds like brand new and thank you so much for replacing my thread guide and belts.”

“Scott from Tech Support saved the day!!! I am in the middle of a very important job and my PBL1 stopped working, It took a 5-minute phone call, and I am back in business…”

“Scott and Gene have gotten me out of a bind (pun intended) many times helping me get my machines running. Keep up the good work, looking forward to many more years of business with Bond.”

We are proud of our efforts to educate our customers on which machines would be best for their needs, how to use them, how to maintain them, and how to repair them. If you have any questions about your carpet binding equipment, whether it’s running well or needs repair service, please call. We are happy to hear from you and help. And if you’d like to attend our upcoming spring open house, call us at 1-888-800-BOND to make your appointment. 

*Click here for our recommendations for packing up your binder if you need to ship it to us to repair.  We’ve found that if these guidelines are not followed, the machines are much more likely to be damaged on route and require more costly repairs to get them functioning again.


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Bond Products 8th Annual Spring Open House

Bond Products would like to invite you to join us at our 8th Annual Spring Open House on April 18, 2024. This event offers Bond customers the opportunity to learn carpet binding skills from our staff of professionals.

Bond’s 8th Annual Spring Open House

spring open house

This event will be held at Bond Products location at 4511 Wayne Ave., Philadelphia from 8 AM until 3 PM. Tour our facilities and take advantage of our expertise. We will be offering free labor* on portable binder repairs. You pay for the parts, and we will get your portable binder up and running again. We will also be there to explain how to maintain and service your binder so that you won’t be stuck on a job with an inoperational one ever again.

There will be training all day on binding, serging, beveling, and fringing techniques, so if have an interest in learning or you’ve been waiting to bind or rebind a carpet you already have, come and see how it’s done. We will be showcasing all of our available options for carpet maintenance or restoration – and they are many!

In addition, Bond Products will be giving a 10% discount on all Bond equipment and supplies, and we will be doing trade evaluations on older equipment, if you are interested in trading up to a new binder with more capability.

Last, but certainly not least, there will be free food and beverages available. So bring your appetite as well as your interest and any equipment you need looked at to our state-of-the-art carpet workroom on April 18. For both DIYers and carpet professionals, this is a day that will be well worth your time.

Appointments are required to attend, so call us at 888-800-BOND 📞 and make your appointment today!

Where are we located?


Bond Products, Inc.
4511 Wayne Ave.
Philadelphia, PA 19144
1-888-800-BOND (2663)

*Note: Free labor is limited to portable binders only, with a limit of two per customer. If you would like to take advantage of this service, please call ahead and make an appointment. 888-800-2663




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wool rugs, the best carpet for allergy sufferers

What Is the Best Carpet for Allergy Sufferers?

Do your friends and family have problems with allergies or asthma? If so, the carpet or rugs in your house could be part of the problem and not a solution at all. What is the best carpet for allergy sufferers? 

Scientists are learning every day that the human immune system is complex in ways that we do not understand. Our bodies have not evolved as quickly as our technology has. When it comes to our health and well being, simpler, more natural products are often better for us.

One of those is wool.  In the mid-20th century, man-made fibers were all the rage. Scientists and researchers found ways to “improve” upon natural fiber products, creating fabrics and fibers that were stain resistant, wrinkle resistant, easier to dye, and generally more durable. While these qualities made them seemingly ideal for items like clothes and carpeting, they may not have some other qualities natural fibers like wool has. Wool:  

  • contains a substance called permethrin that kills very small insects.
  • treated with lanolin, is water resistant, air permeable, and antimicrobial
  • is resistant to bacteria, mold, and mildew.
  • insulates both ways, keeping warm air in – and out. It is used effectively in both warm and cold climates.
  • absorbs sound, odors, and other contaminants. When used in carpet, it can purify the air for up to 30 years.
  • ignites at a higher temperature than other fabrics and requires more oxygen to burn. It does not melt like synthetic fibers either. It’s a wonderful overall protective material, which makes it an ideal fabric for firefighters, policemen, and others in dangerous professions.

As a carpet fiber, wool is particularly useful for keeping the home quiet, pest and dust free, and for reducing asthma and allergy attacks. In general carpeted floors are better for keeping dust and dust mites in check. Carpet traps dust mites which can then be vacuumed up. However wool is even better than synthetic carpets for asthma and allergy sufferers because it both traps and naturally repels tiny insects, acting with a two-pronged strategy to eliminate dust mites. It also cannot be inhaled. The millions of Americans are allergic to dust mite waste might find significant relief by switching to wool carpeting.

Carpet for Allergy Sufferers

The Environmental Protection Agency has stated that indoor air quality is one of five main health threats people face, and recent European studies have clarified the health dangers of too much fine particulate matter in the air. The increased use of natural fibers as air purifiers, and in lieu of synthetic fibers, can only improve general health.

All of the other benefits of natural fibers, and wool in particular, should be considered when making choices for furniture and apparel. The choices our grandparents and ancestors made to make our lives healthy and comfortable are not always as “outdated” as we may believe and often had rational basis for their selection. The best carpet for allergy sufferers is wool. Maybe it’s time to give this material another try.



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Bond’s Hug-Snug Seam Binding

Bond Products sells a number of narrow fabrics, one of the company’s original product offerings. Today we will talk about Hug-Snug seam binding, a rayon seam binding that can be used for a number of sewing applications, including as hem tape.

What is hem tape? Finer garments, such as pants and skirts, as well as many vintage pieces of clothing use hem tape to cover the hem allowance edge. If you look inside a tailor-made garment, you will see how hem tape is utilized to make the garment look better and last longer. It creates a neater, more finished look as well as a more comfortable drape and feel than you’ll find with most off-the-rack clothing. It’s a mark of quality in tailored and professionally sewn clothes.

You don’t have to be a tailor or a professional seamstress to give your own clothing these touches, however – not with Hug-Snug. How do you use this product? It can be sewn on flat as a standard hem tape or it can be used to enclose the raw hem edge, covering and preventing any fraying down the line in the life of the garment. Hug-Snug is not only attractive, it irons smoothly and easily. Because it’s lightweight, it will not bulk up your seams. It can also be used on curved pieces like arm holes with only a little extra pressing.

Hug-Snug is a 100% rayon ribbon with a satin finish and is available in a variety of colors. Bond Products carries the following Hug-Snug ribbon colors:

  • Eggshell
  • Chalkwhite
  • Pink
  • Goldenrod
  • Leather Tan
  • Bluewhite
  • Black
  • Havanna Brown/Beige

Using rayon seam binding is a great alternative to buying a serger or overlock machine while still giving clothes a seam that will look beautiful and never unravel or fray. Best of all it’s very inexpensive, especially when purchased in quantity.

And clothing is not the only use for Hug-Snug! It can be used beautifully in a wide variety of crafts. There are so many different ideas available on Pinterest illustrating all the possibilities of seam binding tape from bows to ribbon flowers to ribbon-work embroidery. There are many amazing decorative possibilities for dresses, hats, or purses as well.

For garment making, crafts, or fabric hobbies, seam binding tape is a must, and Bond Products can help you find what you need. Call us at 1-888-800-BOND to order your Hug-Snug binding tape and any other carpet binding or narrow fabric supplies today.


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Bond’s Ironless Tape Is Your Seaming Solution

Bond Products’ ironless peel-and-stick seaming tape is the perfect solution for your seaming needs. This ironless tape is designed to make any seaming project super simple, with its easy-to-use peel-and-stick application. It’s perfect for home renovation projects or DIY repairs. 

How Do You Use Ironless Tape? 

You do not have to apply glue or heat anything. Simply peel off the protective backing and stick the seaming tape to your desired surface. There’s only four steps to follow if you are seaming carpet: 

  1. Place your carpet on the floor, butt the edges to be seamed, and adjust the tape to the correct position. 
  2. Fold back the edges of the carpet, then place the tape under the carpet length of the seam with the brown side down. Be sure the carpet edges are centered on the tape. 
  3. Lift the carpet edges on one end and pull up the light-release paper from the tape while pushing the edges into the glue. Continue to press carefully along the entire length of the seam. 
  4. Walk over the seam a few times or place a heavy weight along the seam length to press the carpet into the glue.

That’s all! This tape can be used on new carpet or for doing repairs on seams that are splitting. This product is not designed for stretch-in wall-to-wall carpet installations that put tension on the seam, however. 

ironless tape

If you want to avoid using heat, glue, or complicated tools in your seaming project, our Cool Stic ironless carpet seaming tape is the answer. This tape is versatile and can be used for so many applications, including carpet seaming, upholstery, and crafts. It’s the ideal solution for any project that requires a strong, reliable bond without the hassle of traditional seaming methods.

The tape is made of high-quality materials that are durable and long-lasting, making it perfect for seaming. It comes in 15-foot rolls, and right now is on sale – so why wait to purchase? If you have any questions about our ironless tape or other products used in carpet seaming or installation, please call us at 1-888-800-BOND. We are always happy to help match you with the right products for your needs and make useful suggestions on your home or professional projects. 


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AAT1132 – The Rug Backing Stabilizing Compound You Need

Bond Products offers AAT1132 latex custom rug compound for customers who work with rugs, either making custom rugs or repairing antique rugs. This product is available in either 1-gallon or 4-gallon buckets.

What Is AAT1132?

AAT1132 is a latex compound that can be used to help stabilize or repair carpets and rugs. AAT1132 has a flexible formula that enables it to dry fast and clear so that it will not cause the rug to discolor in any way. It does not yellow over time and ages extremely well on the rugs it is applied to. AAT1132 typically takes between two and a half hours and 6 hours to dry, depending on the humidity of the environment and how much compound is applied to the rug or carpet. AAT1132 is shelf stable for 12 months after its manufacture date.

How Is AAT1132 Used?

This product can be applied to custom area rugs and carpets to laminate secondary backings to them in order to add stability to a rug as a whole. It is used to attach backing to carpet as well. Our customers use it to attach our Grey Felt Secondary Carpet Backing, our MOVENOT Secondary Felt, Double Grip Rubber Backing, or any other backing that can be attached to area rugs or carpets. It can also be used to repair the backings of antique carpets.

Many antique or oriental rugs may have sustained damage over time. This can be repaired in order to extend the life of the rug and make it beautiful again. Some amount of wear in an antique rug will not take away from its utility or beauty, but many older rugs, if they are to continue in use, must be fixed. Applying a latex compound like AAT1132 will strengthen the backing of the rug and keep it from fraying further or otherwise coming apart.

To use AAT1132, pour a workable amount of the compound on the back of a carpet and spread it in one of four different ways:

  • Using a flat trowel
  • Using a fine notched trowel
  • Using a paint roller (long nap ½” minimum roller needed)
  • Using a sprayer

Make sure to apply AAT1132 evenly across the back of the entire carpet. Do not allow it to glob or pool. Then add the backing and rub it down in order to ensure that it fully attaches to the carpet.

Since AAT1132 is easy to apply and dries clearly,  it should be on the radar of anyone with an interest in repairing rugs. Bond Products sells AAT1132 in 1-gallon jugs for $46.25 or 4-gallon buckets for $132.50. No rug backing job is too big or too small!

If you make custom rugs or repair antique rugs and are looking for a product that will stabilize the backings of these rugs, AAT1132 is a great product to use. Call us today at 1-888-800-BOND to place your order.

AAT1132 – The Rug Backing Stabilizing Compound You Need Read More »

Using metal roof screws to install a metal roof.

Metal Roof Screws: Durability Meets Design

When it comes to installing or maintaining a metal roof, one of the most critical components that often gets overlooked is the humble screw. Metal roof screws play a pivotal role in the longevity and effectiveness of a roof, holding the entire roofing system together and ensuring it stays secure and weatherproof. In this blog, we talk about the metal roof screws we offer at Bond Products and what jobs they are best suited for.

The Importance of Metal Roof Screws

The integrity of a metal roof is only as good as the quality of its installation and the materials used, especially the screws. These screws must withstand various stresses, including thermal expansion, moisture, and wind uplift. Using the right screws is crucial for preventing leaks, rust, and ensuring the roof’s structural integrity over time.

Types of Roofing Screws

The roofing screws we offer are commonly used to install roofing on a house, porch, airplane hangar, shed, pole barn, shop, barn, or lean-to. They are ideal for attaching roofing panels and siding on post-frame and residential metal roof applications. Other common applications for these roof screws are for HVAC, steel stud framing, gutters, and register vents. 

Our screws have hex heads which are popular for their durability and ease of installation. They provide a firm grip and are less likely to strip. The 3-inch length comes in Midwest Green, and the 1-inch lengths are available in steel, white, and tan

The length and diameter of the screw should be chosen based on the thickness of the metal roofing panels and the type of substrate to which they are being attached. It’s crucial to ensure the screws penetrate sufficiently to secure the panels but not so deeply that they cause damage to the underlying material.

Roof Screw Installation Best Practices

  • Proper Placement: Screws should be placed at the designated points to avoid damaging the metal panels.
  • Avoid Over-Tightening: Over-tightening can strip the screw hole or damage the washer, compromising the waterproof seal.
  • Consistent Angles: Screws should be driven in at a consistent angle to ensure an even, secure attachment.

Regular inspection of metal roof screws is essential to maintain a roof. Over time, screws can back out or become damaged, potentially leading to leaks or loose panels. Replacing old or damaged screws promptly helps maintain the roof’s integrity.

In the world of metal roofing, attention to detail makes all the difference, and this certainly applies to the selection and installation of metal roof screws. The right metal roof screws, properly installed, not only secure the metal panels but also contribute to the overall longevity and performance of the roof. With the proper screws in place, a metal roof can provide decades of reliable, aesthetically pleasing protection for any building.

If you are not sure which type of roofing fasteners would best meet your needs, please call us at 1-888-800-BOND. We would be happy to talk over the specs of each screw type and advise you. 

Metal Roof Screws: Durability Meets Design Read More »

TISE Surfaces Event 2024

Bond Products Will Be at TISE! Come See Us!

It’s the season for conventions and events! This Brian Milnes will be at TISE, The International Surface Event in Las Vegas, Nevada. Bond Products will be displaying in booth #6555 , so please stop by and say hello!

What is TISE?

The International Surface Event is three trade shows in one: SURFACES, StonExpo/Marmomac, and TileExpo events. TISE is the largest North American floor covering, stone, and tile industry event. It’s where everyone in the flooring industry goes to learn about flooring design, current and future trends, purchase products, and network with other people who work in the flooring business.

TISE exhibits will be open from January 24-26, 2024. We will be displaying and demonstrating our Instabind products, including our newest addition to our catalog of products, our fringe style Instabind™. If you are planning on attending TISE and you’d like to see how our Instabind™ line easily and inexpensively binds carpet and area rugs, check out booth #6555.

If you can’t by in Las Vegas for TISE this week, shop our online sale. Spend $100, and save 10% on any item (except already discounted package deals)! Use code SURFACES24 and save!



Bond Products Will Be at TISE! Come See Us! Read More »

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