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  • pazyryk

    The World’s Oldest Rug

    When you’re shopping for the perfect area rug or binding a carpet remnant for your floor space, you’re probably...

  • Bond 805 glue gun

    What Kind of Glue Gun Do You Need?

    How often you work with carpet and the type of carpet project involved will determine how much you want…

  • model6100 gluegun

    The History of Glue and Glue Guns

    Glue and glue guns are essential for many modern applications because, in terms of safety, accuracy, and convenience, they…

  • Outdoor relax in luxurious style

    Outdoor Carpet: What Are My Options?

    Are you thinking of investing in outdoor carpet? It’s not just artificial turf any longer; it’s gone through a…

  • Sample of Synthetic Serge Instabind Style NOT used for color selection

    More Great Instabind Feedback from Our Customers

    We’ve heard from people who have been so pleased with how simple and affordable carpet binding with Instabind can…

  • pbltxnew-5591

    Portable or Stationary Binding Machines: Which is Best?

    Have you ever considered purchasing your own carpet serging or binding machines? With the right training and equipment plus...

  • hug snug

    Hug Snug Seam Binding

    Bond Products sells a number of narrow fabrics, one of the company’s original product offerings. Previously we discussed hook-and-eye...

  • fallopenhouse2015-6762

    Bond Products’ 3rd Annual Spring Open House

    Bond Products hosted our 3rd Annual Spring Open House on Thursday, April 27, 2017. This event, like previous open...

  • IMG_6497

    Hook-and-Loop Tape Uses around the House

    Because hook-and-loop tape can be used to hold things firmly in place, this product has many, many applications that…

  • hook&loop3

    The History of the Hook-and-Loop Fastener

    Did you know that the invention of hook-and-loop fasteners, more commonly known by the brand name, Velcro, was inspired…

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