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  • rug creep

    What Causes Rug Creep?

    If you have layered your area rugs on any of the carpets in your home, you may have noticed...

  • carpet serging

    What Is Carpet Serging?

    When a piece of carpet needs to be finished, there are a number of ways to do this. We’ve...

  • latch hook rug

    How Do You Bind a Latch Hook Rug?

    Bond’s customer service representatives often about how to finish off or bind a carpet project. For many types of...

  • leftover carpet

    What Do You Do with Leftover Carpet?

    Leftover carpet is one of those ubiquitous items that everyone has somewhere in their house. When having carpet installed,...

  • carpet edges

    How Do You Fix Carpet Edges?

    One commonly asked question is: How do you keep carpet edges from fraying? No one wants to invest money...

  • What Is Carpet Binding Tape?

    Do you have questions about carpet binding tape? We have the information you need. Below are some frequently asked...

  • AAT1132G (2)

    AAT1132 – The Rug Backing Stabilizing Compound You Need

    Bond Products now offers AAT1132 latex custom rug compound for customers who work with rugs, either making custom rugs...

  • 305-glue-gun

    Glue Guns Are Great for Crafting and Household Uses

    Glue guns are an unsung hero of the crafting world. There are many fun and practical uses for glue...

  • repair service2

    Bond Products’ Expert Repair Service

    Bond Products offers a complete catalog of materials and supplies for carpet binding, serging, and rug making. This includes...

  • Oriental carpets in street market

    Use Cotton Instabind for Wool or Antique Rugs

    At Bond Products we are proud of our Instabind binding tape. It works wonderfully to bind a whole range...

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