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  • Lifestyle Series: Brother and Sister Playing in Bedroom

    The Shag Rug Phenomenon

    The shag rug has an interesting history, and a fun look and feel, but there are considerations to keep…

  • carpet binding equipment

    Why Invest in Carpet Binding Equipment?

    Have you ever considered investing in carpet binding equipment? Carpet binders and sergers are a great way to add…

  • Lovely craftsman style dining space with coffered cealing

    What are Sisal Rugs?

    You may already part of the growing green flooring trend – or perhaps you’d like to be. Many people...

  • Color wheel concept on white background

    How To Match Colors (to Your Carpets or Rugs)

    Whether you are trying to put together a great outfit, redecorate your living room, or select binding tape to...

  • Living room with a gray sofa

    The Gray Carpet Trend

    Carpet trends go in and out of style, but the gray carpet interior design trend should have some traction...

  • The Hunt of the Unicorn

    The Hunt of the Unicorn: Medieval Art, Mystery, and Faith

    One of the most beautiful and mysterious tapestries ever created is The Hunt of the Unicorn, a series of…

  • rocking chairs on an outdoor porch

    The Carpet Runner Trend

    If you’re bored with your space or want to make it more comfy, try adding a carpet runner. It’s…

  • carpet tiles

    Carpet Tiles and Carpet Tile Rugs: A New Trend

    We’ve talked about some recent carpet trends, including waterproof carpet and recycled carpet. These are trends that focus on...

  • DIY pallet couch sofa, scandinavian white living, interior desig

    Reduced, Reused, Recycled Carpet

    As carpet manufacturers change and adapt to new consumer demands, they are beginning to shift to a new demographic:...

  • WaterproofCarpet

    Waterproof Carpet Options for Your Home

    We’ve talked before on this blog about your options for outdoor carpet. It’s good to know which kinds of...

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