• different types of area rugs

    What Are the Different Kinds of Area Rugs Made of?

    “Every hard floor needs a nice area rug.” That’s our motto at Bond Products. Not every area rug is...

  • Nozzle tip

    How To Install a Long Nozzle Tip on your Glue Gun

    Bond Products offers a number of glue gun options to our customers so you can purchase exactly the kind...

  • Carver Blade Set

    Do You Need Replacement Parts?

    Do you need replacement parts for Bond binders, sergers, cutters, and other machines you’re using? We have them, and...


    Bond’s Portable Serger: The Alpha-Mini 2000

    If carpet serging is something you’ve been looking into as a way of adding to your business, you might...

  • Instabind marine

    Instabind for Marine Carpet Binding

    Bond offers a number of options for our Instabind carpet binding product. It’s summertime now, and people are exploring...

  • ProDriveHD Tipper:De-tipper mallet cap tool

    The New ProDriveHD Tipper/De-tipper Mallet Cap Tool

    You may already be familiar with Bond’s line of high quality ProDriveHD line flooring fastener products. We’ve mentioned many...

  • artificial-turf

    Bond’s Turf Seaming Method

    If you need to install artificial turf whether for your own personal use or as a part of your...

  • workroom air table

    Get Carpet Binding Training or Help at Bond’s Training Facility

    If you are a customer in the Philadelphia tri-state region, you may not be aware of an additional service...

  • Twilltape pics (4) resized

    Twill Tape – Good for So Many Uses

    What is twill tape? You may be familiar with the look of twill fabric but not aware of the...

  • 5-BlueHose

    Need Air Hoses and Parts? Bond Has Them!

    Bond Products is pleased to offer more products in our ProDriveHD™ line to our customers who need flooring and...

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AAT 1132 1 & 4 gallon pails of adhesive are now in stock.