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What Are Your Carpet Cutting Options?

At Bond Products we offer a wide variety of tools for making carpet installation easier. In order to install new flooring, though, often you have to remove the old. What products are best for carpet cutting beyond your basic utility knife? In this blog we will go through the options, from the affordable, lower-tech products to ones that are more complex and powerful. 

Your Carpet Cutting Options

People automatically think of scissors or shears when they think of cutting, and Bond has them! Our smooth-cut shears are made of sharp stainless steel and versatile, great for rug work and cutting carpet. 

One of the most popular and affordable carpet cutters we have is the needle nose cushion back cutter. It has a point that separates carpet fibers when you push the tool through the pile, splitting the carpet evenly to create a nice, straight cut. Its firm, grippable handle won’t slip in your hand either. 

Our motorized tool, the Bond Model 1925-A Cordless Carpet Cutter is wonderful for cutting through stubborn carpeting, padding, or hair padding on a concrete floor. This portable, cordless cutter sharpens itself with the touch of a button and comes with a rechargeable battery and charger. If you want to save time (and money!) on your carpet jobs, this tool will help. 

The cordless carpet cutter has two optional attachments, a 90-degree wall trimmer and a single-strip cove base cutter, to meet those tougher cutting challenges. We also recommend purchasing a second battery so you never need to pause your project to recharge it. 

If you’re looking for a “big gun” carpet cutting solution, we also offer the Bond #840 Carpet Pattern Cutter (carpet jigsaw). People do not immediately think of using a jigsaw to cut carpet, but this type of tool offers a very accurate cut through two layers at a time. It can also be used to cut leather, polystyrene, or cardboard. Bond’s 110V carpet pattern cutter offers variable speed and a lock-on trigger switch. It can perform 95% of what more expensive scroll saws do for a much smaller investment. This is a portable and lightweight tool that will save you time and money! 

Your Carpet Problems Solved

Our goal at Bond Products is to make every carpet or rug project possible by providing our customers with the tools they need to accomplish them. If you have any questions, our customer service staff would be happy to answer them. Call us at 1-888-800-BOND anytime. We are here to help. 


tapping block

Bond’s ProDriveHD Tapping Block Makes Installing Flooring Simple

One of the biggest challenges of floor installation is getting pieces of flooring to fit together correctly. Many flooring professionals use mallets to tap pieces or boards together. Bond’s ProDriveHD® Tapping Block is designed to make this process even simpler. Let’s talk about its features and how it’s used. 

Laminate flooring is designed with interlocking tongue-and-groove ends and edges. These must be connected properly for the finished floor to have a fully smooth, aesthetically pleasing surface. Unfortunately, it can be tricky to make the different pieces mesh correctly.

Flooring professionals often rely on hammers or mallets, used together with a tapping block, to force the different pieces together. The tapping block is necessary because many types of flooring, including laminate, are fairly delicate. Hitting a piece of laminate directly with either a mallet or hammer often results in damaged edges. When you place a tapping block parallel to the piece of flooring, you can tap the block instead. The force transfers through the block to the flooring and forces it into the adjoining piece without damaging its edge. 

The ProDriveHD® Tapping Block 

Our tapping block is made in the USA and ideal for installing vinyl plank, engineered, or solid hardwood flooring without using a mallet. You only need your hands and the tapping block to do the job, allowing for faster work with much less risk of damage to workers or materials.

This tool measures 3.25″ x 15’5″ x 1.5″ and is made of thick black textured HDPE for enhanced durability. It features an extra-long wooden D grip that protects the fingers of the user from crushing. It’s heavy enough at 46 ounces to be able to push the flooring planks together with only one or twice strikes. This tool is ideal for working with longer planks. 

For flooring professionals, our tapping block is a must-have tool. If you have any questions about the ProDriveHD® Tapping Block or any of our other flooring tools, our helpful representatives are happy to talk to you. Call us at 1-888-800-BOND to order all of your flooring products. 


curved sewing needle

Uses for Curved Sewing Needles

Bond Products offers several types of needles, both for carpet machinery and also for hand sewing. Most people understand the mechanics of straight needles, but many do not realize how handy curved needles can be for sewing, embroidery, and repair. In this blog we will go over a number of uses for curved sewing needles. 

Tasks for Curved Sewing Needles

Curved needles come in a variety of sizes and thicknesses and are used by crafters, seamstresses, leatherworkers, and of course rugmakers. Here are some tasks that you might use a curved needle to accomplish:

Repairing upholstery or mattresses – Curved needles are sometimes referred to as upholstery needles because upholsterers use them so often. They are great to use to sew or repair any seam that cannot fit through a sewing machine or be flattened. This would include furniture, lampshades, and rugs. Lampshades can be especially challenging to fix because they will be exposed to direct light (which might reveal inexpert stitching) and heat (which can cause glue to break down over time). 

Repairing cushions – It can be almost impossible to repair a cushion or stuffed pillow with a straight needle, but a curved needle makes this an easy task. 

Rug mending and rugmaking – Especially for working with thicker rugs, using a curved needle can make it much easier to push through layers of fabric. Instead of pushing on the eye, you can push the curve so that your fingers and thumbs don’t take all the pressure and get hurt or punctured. It’s simple to repair a rug where it is on the floor with a curved sewing needle. 

Embroidering and hand quilting – Sewing through multiple layers of fabric can be simple and fast with a curved needle. 

Beading – Beads can easily dislodge themselves from a straight needle. A curved one can make them easier to control while you are attaching them to fabric or leather or making jewelry. 

Curved needles are also used in bookbinding, weaving, and even wig making. If you have a challenging sewing situation, using a curved needle might be the solution! In fact, people who struggle with arthritis or frozen joints often find that it’s easier and less painful to handle a curved needle than a straight one. 

Bond’s curved sewing needle is a 3-inch hand sewing needle. It’s a very sturdy product. If you’ve never used a curved needle, don’t fret. There can be a learning curve with this needle, but there are many online tutorials from sewing experts that will help you. Here is one that demonstrates how a curved needle is used in upholstery:

As always, if you have any questions about any tool you need to work with carpet or rugs or any product we carry, don’t hesitate to call us at 1-888-800-BOND. We will be happy to figure out what you need and how we can help you. 


colorful rugs

Carpet Trends 2022: Bright Colorful Rugs

According to the home design website Homes and Gardens, “…carpet is making a comeback in a big – and very stylish – way. Looking into carpet trends 2022, it seems we will be expressing our creativity in bold, imaginative and innovative style.” Bright, colorful rugs are once again appealing to homeowners across the country. Many are designing the look of their favorite rooms from the floor up at this moment in time. 

Carpet Trends 2022 

Trends come and go. What appeals to people right now may seem not nearly as interesting next year and utterly passé by 2025. We’ve blogged about carpet trends before, including the layered rug trend, the carpet runner trend, and the gray carpet trend. All of these trends resulted in arresting home looks even if they are not as popular right now. 

In recent years, the colors people were choosing to design around were neutral like gray and beige. Patterned carpets have been more understated and have often been made of natural fibers like jute and sisal. Now bright, colorful rugs, sometimes wildly patterned, are coming back in style and not just in the bedroom, but in common rooms like the living room as well. Some designers compare adding a heavily patterned rug to a room to adding an arresting piece of art. As we know, many rugs are pieces of fabric art and one of a kind. 

A brightly colored rug can liven up a practical space too, like a hall or laundry room. No one expects the laundry room to contain a design surprise, so it can be a visual treat for anyone who wanders in or has to stay awhile doing chores. Kitchens, dining rooms, foyers, even bathrooms, can all benefit from a striking design piece on the floor.

“A heavily patterned design is a bold decision, but if you love it, go for it.”

We always recommend that people choose their rugs for function and look. Go with what makes you happy and fits your family’s needs. It’s fun to follow design trends, but most people are not interior designers and don’t want to redecorate their homes on a yearly basis. Trends change all the time too and vary by location. Still, it’s fun to incorporate something different into your decor, and one simple way to do that is to switch out your area rug. 

Bond Products has everything you might need to bind, back, or fringe your area rug and the tools necessary to install carpet too. Call us at 1-888-800-BOND for all of your area rug and carpet supplies. Our carpet experts are always ready to help. 


best rug materials for pets

What Are the Best Rug Materials for Pets?

Our homes are the places that we modify and decorate to increase our comfort, inspire ourselves, and recharge. Bond Products’ motto is, “Every hard floor needs a nice area rug.” We appreciate comfort and beauty. Rugs come in a variety of options, though, so it’s good to choose the right one for your needs. Homes with pets may need different things from their carpets and rugs. What are the best rug materials for pets? 

Pets are great. They add so much to their owners’ lives. They also can make fairly large messes. If you have pets, you will want your rugs and carpets to be able to withstand additional traffic and dirt. Here are three fiber options that you should consider. 

Best Rug Materials for Pets

Nylon – As a synthetic fiber, nylon is specifically made to withstand both dirt and pressure. It’s a great choice for areas of heavy traffic in the home. It’s easier to maintain than other types of carpet, as well as mildew resistant, stain resistant, and non-allergenic.

Nylon was designed to imitate wool but with improved durability. The color is manufactured into the fibers themselves. It lasts over time, maintaining its texture, color, and appearance for up to 15 years. If you want an indoor carpet fiber that will survive most of what pets can do to a rug, nylon is a great choice. 

Wool – As a natural animal fiber that’s been used for thousands of years, wool has many advantages. Wool is renewal, biodegradable, and durable if it is properly cared for. It’s not as tough as nylon for high-traffic settings, but it stands up to the pressure of being walked and laid upon extremely well. 

A soft fabric, wool feels good to the touch. It can be dyed nearly any color on the spectrum, and it combines well with other fibers. Wool is somewhat stain resistant, but it cannot be chemically treated like nylon can, so if an accident or spill occurs, it should be cleaned right away. 

Wool is also useful for keeping the home quiet, pest and dust free, and for reducing asthma and allergy attacks. It’s even better than synthetic carpets for asthma and allergy sufferers because it both traps and naturally repels tiny insects. 

Olefin – Also known as polypropylene, olefin has often been used as an outdoor carpet material. This is also a synthetic material made from plastic. It’s popular because it is inexpensive, simple to clean, and durable. 

In terms of durability, olefin is tops. It resists stains, dirt, pilling, and water. It repels moisture, so it’s good for areas that are prone to molds and mildew. It’s not as soft as wool or nylon, but it can handle all of the traffic you throw at it. Because olefin carpet is often made from loop fabric, it may snag more than nylon, though, on pets’ claws. 

What’s the Best Carpet for Homes with Pets?

The best carpet is one that will best fulfill your family’s requirements, whether that’s comfort, aesthetics, durability, and/or stain resistance. Nylon, wool, and olefin each offer advantages to pet owners. Pets make messes, but with the right carpet or rug, that’s not a tragedy. If you are looking for materials to bind your rugs, fringe them, or make them slip resistant, call us at 1-888-800-BOND. We are here to help you with your carpet and area rug needs. 


right hook-and-loop fastener

How to Choose the Right Hook-and-Loop Fastener

There are so many practical uses for hook-and-loop fasteners. You can use them around the home or in the workplace and even during the holidays to keep your decorations tidy and organized. From clothing to crafts to carpets, if you need any two things to stick together and stay stuck together, this is a great solution. Bond Products offers a number of hook-and-loop products for different needs. In this blog we will talk about how you choose the right hook-and-loop fastener for your project. 

Choosing the Right Hook-and-Loop Fastener

There are a number of options when it comes to this product, and knowing which one is best to use can be confusing. Essentially there are two basic choices: adhesive or sew-on. What’s the difference?

Sew-on hook-and-loop – This is probably the type of hook-and-loop fastener people are most familiar with. We often call it by the brand name Velcro. It can be found on children’s shoes and clothing, as well as adult athletic and casual wear. It holds up well over time and takes the place of buttons or a zipper, making it great for anyone who has difficulty performing fine motor skills, including children, the elderly, and the disabled. 

Because it needs to stand up to hard use and multiple washings, a sew quality fastener has a tougher backing and is sewn on. You’ll find it on safety equipment, outdoor cushions, medical equipment like back braces, on backpacks and helmets. It’s made of nylon and not metal or cloth, so it will stand up better to water and outdoor applications. 

Adhesive hook-and-loop – This type of fastener is designed to stick to an object and hold it in place. It can be used to bundle cords and affix pictures to walls. It’s a great organizational tool and works well to keep regularly used items – like your TV remote – from getting lost. If you have a rug you need to keep from moving on your floor, this can be done with hook-and-loop fasteners as well. 

Hook-and-loop fasteners come in a range of colors and sizes. You choose the right hook-and-loop fastener by the use you have for it. We carry sew-quality fasteners in 25-foot rolls and peel-and-stick fasteners in 25-foot rolls or in round coin form in various colors and volumes. If you need hook-and-loop fasteners in a large size or in a bulk amount, call our customer service department at 1-888-800-BOND. We would be happy to talk to you and get you what you need. 



Bond’s PBL-TX Wide Tapestry Binder

If you’ve been considering investing in carpet serging or binding machines for your workroom or retail store business to generate extra income, now is an opportune time. In this blog we will go over the advantages of the PBL-TX Wide Tapestry Binder. This machine allows you to easily attach wide tapestry borders of up to 7-1/2″ on the face. 

The PBL-TX Wide Tapestry Binder

Our Model PBL-TX Wide Tapestry Binder is a portable, straight-stitch machine with an adjustable stitch length. It’s ideal for upholstery work and can bind over 10 feet of carpet per minute. Simply blind stitch the wide border on and flip and glue it to the back side of the rug. 

The PBL-TX has a feeder lift of just over ½ an inch high and needle lift about ¾  inches. It can handle goods that thick and hard latex backings are no problem for this machine. We recommend pairing it with Bond Sewing Softener to soften the edges and reduce needle deflection. 

This machine uses regular portable style A, HD bobbins. It has a walking foot top and feed dog bottom for consistent pulling power. It comes with a Tapestry attachment and other options are available. It has four heavy duty caster wheels for stability and an 8-foot electrical cord. A 220V motor is optional. The PBL-TX is backed by Bond’s 90-day warranty. 

If you need carpet supplies we also have a whole line of products related to carpet binding, including needles, bobbins, and thread, binding and serging tapes in a wide variety of colors. 

We are proud of our high quality carpet binders and all of the equipment and products we carry. If you are unsure of which type of carpet equipment would work best for your needs, call our customer service professionals at 1-888-800-BOND today. We will be happy to help you make the perfect choice for your business. 




sisal binding tapes

Bond’s Sisal Binding Tapes

Bond Products specializes in binding tapes, including a wide variety of Instabind products for different applications. One of the specialty binding tapes we offer is our sisal binding tape. This type of tape is perfect for binding a currently popular rug choice – the attractive and durable sisal rug. 

What Is Sisal? 

Sisal is a plant fiber that comes from a succulent plant that grows in desert, equatorial climes, the Agave Sisalana. Consumers are interested in environmentally friendly home decor choices more and more, and sisal is a sustainable, biodegradable fiber that is grown without the use of many pesticides. It’s often used to make ropes as well as woven into rugs

This is a much coarser fiber than cotton, but people like to use sisal rugs when they opt for a layered-rug look. Rug manufacturers also combine sisal with other fibers like wool to make rugs that are softer and more pliable. 

What Is Sisal Binding Tape? 

Our sisal binding tape isn’t actually made of sisal. It’s a wide cotton binding that we call a sisal binding because it’s perfect for sisal. These tapes are wider because narrower bindings would pull off easily due from the cut edges of the sisal weave. They are manufactured from cotton as a natural fiber that pairs well with sisal and is also a “green choice.” We do latex the cut edges sometimes to seal them before we bind them. 

This wide binding has quickly become a designer look in decor. Bond Products does a lot of blind stitch work with our PBL-TX tapestry binder on sisal rugs as well. 

We sell two varieties of sisal binding tapes. The Bond 290 3-inch tape is available in 30 stock colors on 25-yard rolls. This is a heavy weave tape. The Bond 295 5-inch sisal binding tape is available in 12 stock colors on 25-yard rolls in the same heavy weave. This is a change for us, moving towards the heavier weave on shorter rolls. 

What’s Great about Sisal Rugs? 

Sisal has many natural advantages. It stretches. It’s both strong and durable and can take plenty of foot traffic and still wear well over time. In fact, it will soften with use and become more comfortable to walk on. Sisal is also anti-static. It actually pulls humidity from the air. 

Because they are light and neutral colored, sisal rugs pair well with many colors and fabric choices. They blend beautifully with other natural elements like wood, stone, and slate too. 

If you bind many sisal rugs, consider using our sisal binding tape. We are proud of the quality and attractiveness of these tapes, and we know you and your customers will enjoy them as well. For assistance or to order, call us at 1-888-800-BOND. 


75th anniversary

Happy 75th Anniversary to Bond Products!

Bond Products is celebrating 75 years of success as a family-owned and operated business this year! We are excited to hit this milestone, our 75th anniversary, with you, our customers. The company means so many things to the people who have been a part of it for years, and we want to thank you for being a part of our story.

The History of Bond Products

This company was started as the National Tapestry Company in 1910 by John Milnes. It manufactured high-end upholstery fabrics to begin with and, when the economy grew more challenging, diversified into making narrow tapes that were used in the garment industry and for the manufacture of military uniforms. 

John’s grandson, Kenneth Bond “KB” Milnes, began Bond Narrow Fabric Company in 1947 with a focus on distributing narrow fabrics. He and his brothers, Wesley and Arthur, with his nephew, Richard Milnes, added cotton carpet binding tape to the company’s offerings. This tape was made at a local Philadelphia mill. They sold narrow woven, knitted, and braided tapes and cords, sewing threads, elastics, and more to the garment and lampshade manufacturing trades. 

In 1963, Bond introduced the first “one-pass” narrow binding tape in 13/16″ width. It could be applied with a zigzag stitch sewing machine using a clear monofilament thread on the top side and a conventional filament bobbin thread. By the late 1960s, Bond was the leading manufacturer of this type of carpet binding tape. 

The company’s next major innovation was hot-melt carpet seaming tape, developed by KB Milnes when sewing and latexing seams were still the norm. This was a popular item in Bond’s product line for a number of years, and we still sell it today.

In 1980 we introduced a non-woven synthetic binding tape that became a major seller. Our sewing equipment division debuted in 1987, and we expanded into the machine market. Our line of machines now includes carving and cutting equipment and a wide variety of specialty products used in the creation and installation of carpet and rugs. 

Brian Milnes took over the family business from his father, Richard, in 2002 and has run it for the past two decades. Our workroom is now available to the public for training on the machines we sell. We also hold open house events for our customers so they can see what it is we do and how our carpet binders and other equipment work. We continue to add new products regularly. The most recent, our ProDrive product line of quality floor fasteners, has been popular with our customers for the past several years. 

Happy 75th Anniversary to Bond Products! 

Over 75 years and under four generations of Milnes guidance, Bond Products has offered innovative products and accessories to the floor covering trade. We are proud of our history of invention, continuous improvement, quality products, and service. We appreciate our customers and look forward to earning your business everyday. Here’s to the next 75 years! 


faux leather Instabind

Now Available: Faux Leather Instabind and Carpet Binding

Bond Products offers our customers a wide range of carpet binding products and options in both binding tapes and Instabind. One of our recent binding additions offers the attractive, finished look of leather in a more affordable and long lasting form. This is our faux leather Instabind and faux leather carpet binding

Many designers and customers enjoy the look of leather. It’s a timeless design option and looks especially nice as a wide carpet border. Leather binding can be expensive and challenging to manufacture, though. As an animal product, it’s limited in size, has to be tanned, and will always have seams. It also has a tendency to dry out and crack over time. This is why we offer our faux leather products. 

Faux Leather Instabind and Carpet Binding

Our faux leather products offer the attractiveness of leather at a lesser price and with excellent wear resistance. Made of vinyl, they mimic standard binding but without any stitches showing. Our faux leather bindings are available in 14 different stock colors and more durable than traditional carpet binding. In fact, their durability helps to reinforce the carpet backing along its cut edges. 

faux leather InstabindTo apply faux leather Instabind, you only need carpet scissors and a hot glue gun. We do recommend using latex-based hot-melt glue sticks for this type of project. This kind of glue provides a strong and lasting hold. Instabind is available by the roll in standard 48-foot lengths or in custom-sized lengths for an up charge. Faux leather Instabind is 5/16” in diameter. 

If your business offers carpet finishing, we do recommend using our faux leather binding for custom wide borders on high-end rugs. The finished product looks fantastic at an affordable price. The faux leather binding is cut to order from 1 inch to 6 inches, and rolls are 49 feet long. We offer it in 14 colors and three styles: Falcone, Fresh, and Festival. This product has a vinyl face and a cotton backing. 

We recommend using our Model PBL-TX Wide Tapestry Binder to create the wide carpet binding. This machine allows for sewing wide tapestry borders of up to 6.5” on the face. Blind stitch the wide border on, and flip and glue it to the back side of the rug for a beautiful and classic looking rug. This machine allows you to add income to your workroom or retail store business. You can charge $7 to $9 and up per linear foot of binding.

If our faux leather Instabind and faux leather binding appeal to you, but you’d like more information about our products, don’t hesitate to call us at 1-888-800-BOND. We would be more than happy to answer any questions about which products would be best for your needs. 


sewing oil oiler

Keep Your Carpet Binder in Good Shape with Sewing Oil

Your carpet binding machines, sergers, and equipment are quality pieces of equipment that will perform well over time. Every machine needs maintenance and repair periodically, however. One part of your regular maintenance schedule should be oiling your machines. At Bond we have stainless sewing oil available in several quantities and options for your convenience. 

What Is Sewing Oil? 

Binders and sergers operate much like sewing machines, and they must be lubricated regularly to keep performing well. Sewing oil is a lubricant that helps to lessen the friction between the mechanical parts that make up your machine. The oil helps stop any grinding that would wear down these parts over time. If these parts are not properly cleaned and oiled, your machine will run more loudly and less smoothly and eventually it will break down. 

There are different types of sewing oil that can be used with your equipment. You should never substitute these for an oil or substance that is not made for this type of machine, like cooking oil, motor oil, or WD-40. Using the wrong kind of oil can cause your machine to gum up or malfunction, and it will require repair.

How to Apply Sewing Oil 

Your equipment will come with a manual which will give instructions on how, where, and when you should oil your machine. Be sure to consult this manual to answer any questions you have about your machine before you begin to work on it.

Before you oil your machine, remember to unplug it. Remove any lint or dust in the machine as well. This can be done with an air compressor or with our aerosol product, Bond E-Z Duster. Applying the oil to the various mechanical parts is simpler with a long-tip bottle. If you do not already have one, we sell this type of machine oiler. If you apply too much oil, you can wipe away any excess with a rag. Do NOT add oil to any clutches as it can make them slip.

When you have successfully oiled your machine, you will notice an improvement in how well it runs. 

The sewing oil Bond Products offers comes in several different quantities: by the pint, quart, or gallon. We also sell a spray lube that you can use. If you have any questions about how much sewing oil you may need or anything having to do with the repair or maintenance of your equipment, please call us at 1-888-800-BOND. Our helpful staff will assist you either in getting the right products or with straightening out your machine issue. We are here to help you, so don’t hesitate to call. 




thank you to our customers

Merry Christmas and Thank You to Our Customers

During this holiday season, people get overwhelmed with preparing or celebrating with friends and family. It’s easy to forget to take the time to reflect on the passing of the year or its blessings. For the past two years, Americans and people worldwide have had to take on a multitude of challenges because of the pandemic. It’s been hard at times for every one of us as the coronavirus response upended everything. People are still dealing with illness and stress from COVID-19. Yet, with perseverance, we have made it through to this point. So we think it’s worth it to look back and say, “Thank you” to you, our customers.

While 2020 was a whirlwind ride, 2021 will also be one for the history books. As businesses opened again after lockdowns were lifted, they had to deal with shortages of labor and supplies. The American supply chain has been strained since February of 2020, but some goods and materials are much harder to find. This impacts the ability of businesses to keep up the same level of customer service. 

Bond Products has been affected by supply chain issues as well, but our customers have continued to be supportive, and we appreciate the feedback that we receive from them, like this review left online from Zack: 

I’m not normally one to leave reviews, but these guys earned it. I was hesitant to place an order for what I needed because I wasn’t sure if it was the right product. I finally called the number on their website, expecting the typical 800-number customer service. To my surprise, a real person picked up the phone on the second ring, understood my questions, and transferred me to someone who was familiar with the exact products I was buying. They were able to answer my questions and concerns very quickly! I then placed my order and figured I would have everything within a few days. WRONG AGAIN. My order was picked and packed immediately, shipped that afternoon, and arrived at my door the next day. I’d give these guys 10 stars if I could. Very much looking forward to giving them more of my business!” 

As a smaller, family owned and operated business, we at Bond try our best to provide an ever expanding catalog of great products to our customers along with exemplary customer service. It’s very nice to hear when we have succeeded, and we appreciate every review our customers leave. Many of our customers own their own businesses, so they know what the challenges of maintaining “business as usual” are. We hope that the products we supply have helped you to have the flexibility necessary to survive and thrive in the current economy. 

We at Bond Products would like to say thank you to you for your loyalty and your patience. We can’t know yet what is in 2022, but we will all meet it together. We wish all of you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! 


color cards

Bond’s Selection of Color Cards – Take the Guesswork out!

Matching a carpet binding or serging tape to a carpet can be a challenge if you are just guessing which color might be the best match. It’s too easy to make an expensive mistake. That’s why Bond offers a variety of color cards, charts, and decks – so you can see exactly what color binding you have and if it’s compatible with your rug

Since we sell our tapes and fringes in rolls, taking a risk on a color you think will match might be an expensive mistake. For this reason, we offer color cards for Instabind, serging yarn, carpet fringe, and more. You can order one card or every sample card or chart we make. 

Different Types of Color Cards

Each of our color cards is designed to make the color selection of our products as seamless as possible. We offer: 

Bond’s 100% Cotton Oriental Replacement Fringe Board – This sample card is recommended for replacing fringes on Karastan carpets and other types of area rugs.

Bond’s 780 Veltron “Mega” Poly Color Card – This card includes 279 colors of both 7/8 and 1-1/4 inch widths. Compared to the 425 poly, Bond 780 is stiffer and has a mesh-like look that enables easier color matching to carpet. It’s priced and sold per gross yard (144 yds) and packaged 2 x 72 yd rolls per package. It also has a nice color locator on the back of the chart for quick, easy access to our specific color numbers, making ordering so simple.

Bond’s Faux Leather Binding and Rug Backing Chart – Our faux leather binding is a synthetic leather with PVC on the face with a cotton backing. This chart contains all of our 14 color samples. It comes with rug backing samples as well. Twice the value!

Bond’s 425 Polyester Color Card – This card contains 110 colors of both 13/16 & 1-1/4 inch widths. Bond 425 is made with texturized polyester yarn. Our customers often confuse it with cotton binding due to its high quality, low luster, and thickness. It’s priced and sold per gross yards (144 yds) and packaged 2 x 72 yd rolls per package.

Bond’s Cotton and Serge Tape Color Sample Deck – While not a card, this useful sample deck contains 8″ swatches of our 1-1/4″ cotton binding tapes. All of the colors are available in:

  • 1-1/4″ cotton binding
  • 3/4″ cotton binding
  • 1-1/4″ cotton serge tape

We also offer a number of other smaller charts and cards, including: 

If you work with Instabind or Bond’s cotton or polyester bindings, yarns, or fringes regularly, these cards will save you time and money because they make choosing the right color binding or yarn a snap. Call us at 1-888-800-BOND to order the charts, cards, or decks you need. Our customer service representatives will be happy to help you select the right ones. 


pneumatic air carver

Bond’s New Pneumatic Air Carver

If you are looking for a high quality pneumatic air carver, Bond has got you covered. Our air carver makes the art of rug carving much simpler. You can create crisp, clean lines in carpet with this sculpting tool. 

Want to Expand Your Carpet Capabilities? 

If your business works with carpet and area rugs, rug carving can add another profitable stream of income. There are many different types of rug beauty. Antique rugs have beautifully woven fibers. Carpeting can be a less visually arresting type of floor covering, but carving a carpet will add dimension and interest to any piece. 

If you’re not familiar with rug carving, it’s pretty straightforward. It’s adding texture to a piece of carpet by shaping the fibers with a carving tool. The carver shears away areas of the pile to create a visually interesting texture around its design elements. Every carved rug is a custom piece because this technique is done by hand by the carpet professional. 

Bond Products’ Pneumatic Air Carver

Our pneumatic air carver will allow you to make very professional looking carved rugs. It’s used by craftsmen interested in carving with artistic precision and confidence. While it will allow for fine rug sculpting, it’s designed to be used regularly and will stand up to production-line use. It’s durable, lightweight, and simple to maintain.

This rug carver comes with:

  • A standard blade plus one extra blade
  • Air filter
  • Air gauge regulator
  • Air hose
  • Carrying case

For best performance, clean and oil your rug carver regularly. You will need to grease the ball bearings and blades and adjust the air pressure with a maximum of 6 bars. Low pressure will reduce the speed of your carver, but higher pressure will destroy its motor. Take good care of it as you use it, and it will work well and last over time. 

Rug trends come and go, with yesterday’s design fads being replaced all the time, but there’s something about hand craftsmanship that’s very pleasing, both for the craftsman and for the rug owner. Bond’s pneumatic air carver will allow you to create carpets with an impressive professional finish. If you’ve been looking for another skill to cultivate, why not try it? You can’t beat the price.

If you have questions, as always you are welcome to call our customer service representatives at 1-888-800-BOND. They will be happy to help you find what you need for your project. 


flooring fasteners

Bond Has the Flooring Fasteners You Need

If your business needs flooring fasteners, Bond Products has a large selection of quality hardwood flooring installation tools and fasteners, as well as other tools designed to make the job easier. We’re here to get you what you need to finish your project successfully. 

A Wide Variety of Flooring Fasteners 

Fasteners are what make flooring possible. They may be small, but they keep your flooring project together. Different types of fasteners have different selling points. 

Flooring StaplesStaples are a less expensive fastener option, but their dual-prong action gives them extra grip. They do less damage to carpet than nails and, with the right tools, are easy to lay and easy to remove if you make a mistake. You can load them quickly into a stapler. They’re also useful for installing lighter weight flooring products such as sheet vinyl flooring. 

Bond offers a full variety of staples that make the work quick and easy – narrow crown wood staples, divergent PAD staples, divergent electric staples, and underlayment staples.

Flooring L-cleatsCleat nails are a good option because they allow hardwood to expand and contract with changes in the seasons and weather. The “L” on the cleat works to securely fasten the floor to the subfloor while the smoother part of the cleat allows the floor to fluctuate with changes in the temperature and humidity without damage. Cleats are a good option if you need to fasten more delicate types of flooring

Our flooring cleats are collated to fit 16 GA and 18 GA nailing tools and are available in 1-1/2”, 1-3/4”, and 2”. 

Flooring Finish Nails – When choosing finish nails there are a number of options. We offer galvanized angle finish nails, galvanized straight finish nails, and galvanized brad finish nails. 

For all of the above, you’ll want to choose the product that is compatible with your flooring tool. If you have a question or you’re looking for volume, give us a call at 1-888-800-BOND for pricing that fits your flooring needs. Our personalized customer service cannot be beat. 

Flooring Tools 

We also specialize in the distribution of quality mallets and staplers that are popular in the industry. Sold at competitive prices and tested with professionals in mind, our flooring tools will not disappoint. They include: 

If you’re a professional carpet installer or a weekend DIYer, you’ll find the flooring fasteners you need for your installation work here at Bond. 


rug pad

Why Your Area Rug Needs a Rug Pad

When you’re considering purchasing a new area rug and thinking about the perfect spot for it in your home, don’t forget the rug pad. There are many reasons why your area rug needs a rug pad, and they range from safety to comfort. Let’s go through your rug pad options so you can choose the best one for your rug. 

Why You Need a Rug Pad

Because a good area rug can be costly, many people would prefer not to think about spending more money on something that won’t be seen if they don’t have to. But buying a good rug pad is an investment in the rug itself. It protects both the rug and the floor. It will keep any rough edges of the flooring and dirt or particles from damaging the fibers of the rug. It will protect the floor too from damage that can come from the friction created when the rug moves around

A rug pad helps to keep a rug laying flat on the floor which makes it more attractive and safer. From a comfort perspective, the extra layer adds a softness that makes it more pleasant to walk or sit upon. 

Different Types of Rug Pads 

Just as there are different kinds of area rugs, there are a variety of types of rug backing and pads. Some pads combine felt that provides cushion with rubber for grip. Other types have additional padding in addition to either rubber or felt. You don’t want your rug to be high enough off the floor to trip on, so be careful to measure how much cushion your pad needs before you buy. 

Bond Products offers these pad options to our customers: 

MOVENOT Secondary Felt, Double Grip Rubber Backing – This bestselling product has felt on the top side and rubber on the underside to stop a rug from sliding. It’s suitable to use on heated floors up to 80° F and can be attached to a rug by latex or spray gluing. 

SUPERMOVENOT Deluxe Rug Underlayment – This pad has the same advantages as the above MOVENOT, but it’s ⅜” thick for extra padding and comfort.

Grey Felt Secondary Carpet Backing – This affordable option is made from standard quality poly fibers and is available in three sizes. It protects rug backings from floor surfaces. 

Eco-Grip Rug Pad Non-slip w/ cushion – If you need an eco-friendly rug gripper, this is an excellent choice. It’s made from 100% plant-based oils and will help protect your floors and your family from tripping and slipping.

Eco-Stay Rug Pad Non-slip – This is a thinner and more affordable green flooring non-slip rug backing for customers looking for a bit of cushioning and a non-slip backing. 

Before you choose, take into account both the needs of the rug and where it will be located in your home. If the area is heavily trafficked, more gripping action will be helpful. If you intend to sit or play on the rug, a comfortable cushion will make that more enjoyable. If you are planning to layer your rugs, a thinner pad will work better so the total height of the rugs is not a tripping hazard. 

As always, if you have any questions about rug pad or any of the above products, our customer service team is available to help. Call Bond Products at 1-888-800-BOND to talk about your rug and carpet needs anytime. We want to match you with the products that will make your life and your floors better. 


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