Upgrade to a Bobbinless Portable!

bobbinless portable

Bond Model PBB-2X Bobbinless Portable Carpet Binder

It’s been a challenge to convince folks that a new machine with new and better technology is the way to go. Here’s a testimony of one who finally pulled the trigger!


Hello Brian and Scott,
Thank you for the help. The machine appears to be correcting the problem itself. I have sewn enough carpet on it that the guide plate has worn itself down slightly and now allows the carpet to pass a little smoother. This is a great machine, I have sewn what would have taken me a week on a PBL machine in a couple of days. The serging tape sewn with this machine looks perfect. Very happy with this machine; my only regret is waiting so long to buy one, but then it wouldn’t have had that cool led lighting. It is very powerful and can tackle everything we have thrown at it so far. Thanks again.
Merry Christmas!
Jerome Giles

Cecil Giles Carpet Binding

We are running some great end of the year specials so we hope to hear from you soon!


Happy Holidays!

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