How-To Videos

Bond Products offers a wide selection of training videos on our YouTube Channel.

Below we’ve selected a few How-to videos that our customers find helpful when installing instabind, or setting up a new binder.

Brian demonstrates how to thread a Bond TMB Spellbinder.

Bond TMB Speedbinder Threading Instruction Video

A customer asked us how to thread an older table model Bond TMB Speedbinder, so Brian demonstrates the proper technique in this video. He begins with the bobbin case which is located under the machine and shows how to insert a bobbin in the case so it’s turning counterclockwise with the bobbin and the thread has the right tension. Then he shows how to insert the top thread through the guides on the machine and into the needle so that it’s correctly threaded with appropriate tension and ready to sew.

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apply transition molding

How to Apply Transition Molding to Carpet

Use the PBB-1X To Apply Transition Molding

How is transition molding applied to carpet? Brian demonstrates the process here.

The PBB-1X Bobbinless Portable Single Puller 2X2 binds carpet, of course. But did you know that the PBB-1X can also apply transition molding to heavy duty entrance mats? It can! This affordable, high-speed binder works great for that application as well. The machine glides through thick and tough unitary backings with ease and can attach carpet to rubber transition molding to create entrance mats of any size. How does this work?

How To Apply Transition Molding

Along with your carpet binder, you will need a few supplies: super glue, seam weights, and scissors. First you cut the carpet to the size that you need, and then you cut your rubber transition molding to fit the carpet. Make sure the mitered corners match up. When everything fits together, you apply the super glue to the transition molding. We carry super glue in 1-pound bottles which is handy for this type of job.

Put a bead of glue right on the flange and use seam weights to press the carpet into the molding so that the superglue adheres correctly and firmly. This will take about a minute. Then you use your carpet binder with transition guide to sew the edge of the carpet to the molding permanently. It stitches a nice and tight seam into the center of the flange, about 3/4 of an inch into the carpet. When you are done, you will have a finished stitch binding that will last for the life of the carpet as well as a great looking entrance rug.

The PBB-2X Portable Bobbinless Double Puller 4X4 carpet binder would also work for this job. Both are backed by Bond Products’ 90-day limited warranty. If you have any questions about the PBB-1X, the PBB-2X, or any of the supplies mentioned, please give our customer service department a call at 1-888-800-BOND. We would be happy to supply you with everything you need.

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Tune your portable carpet binder

How To Time And Tune A Portable Carpet Binder

Watch Brian help a customer get his portable Bond carpet binding machine back into working condition by timing and tuning it.

Tips to Help Time and Tune Your Portable Carpet Binder

There are a number of adjustments that you can make to your carpet binder, along with cleaning it and replacing worn parts, that will make a noticeable difference in how it performs for you. Brian demonstrates all of these in the above video.

If you need replacement parts for your Bond carpet binder (Models PBB-1X or Model PBB-2X) or a new machine, Bond has them. Call us today at 1-888-800-BOND for all of your carpet binding supplies or for help from our expert repair service.

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carpet corner

How to Machine Bind an Inside Carpet Corner

Have you ever wondered how you go about binding an inside carpet corner? This is useful to have in your carpet binding skill set, especially if you intend to install carpet runners, interior carpet on boats, cars, or RVs, or tackle rug binding around architectural features like fireplaces.

Here Brian Milnes demonstrates how to manage this challenge by bending the carpet into a straight line and sewing through an inside 90-degree carpet corner using a Bond Model TMB-1 carpet binder.

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How to Blind Stitch with a Faux Mitred Corner


In this video we show you how to blind stitch a carpet with a faux mitred corner using a carpet binder, a glue gun, and double-sided tape.

Bond’s Binding Tape Selection

Bond Products offers a variety of binding tapes, serging yarns, carpet fringe, thread, bobbins, needles and more. If you’re looking to do your own carpet binding, we carry all the binding supplies and equipment you’ll need to do the job right.

Polyester carpet binding tapes in 7/8”, 1¼”, 13/16”

Cotton carpet binding tapes in 3/4″, 1¼”, 3”, 5”

Various Widths:  3/4″, 7/8″, 1¼”, 3″, 5″

Wide binding, serging tape, clear binding

Carpet binding tapes can be applied with a top stitch or blind stitch as seen in the video above. Blind stitch wide carpet borders are now very popular on custom rugs. Wide border custom rugs require skilled labor and command high per foot prices. The mitering of carpet corners also commands a per corner price.

You can create beautiful custom rugs – including rugs with faux mitred corners – with Bond’s many carpet edging options!

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How to Install a Long Nozzle on a Glue Gun

The tip that comes with your Bond Products glue gun is a high quality tip, but if you are using your gun to apply Instabind to a carpet remnant, a long nozzle tip will make this job much simpler and faster. Our orange long nozzle tip will fit most standard glue guns and fits Bond’s 305 and 806 glue guns perfectly.

For a breakdown of the instructions in this video, check out our blog piece on installing a long nozzle tip.

BE SURE TO WEAR A GLOVE while you are working with your long nozzle and glue gun. It’s better to be safe than sorry. Don’t risk a burn.

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