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What Kind of Glue Gun Do You Need?

In our last blog we talked about the history of glue and glue guns which is interesting, but not as practical as knowing which glue gun to purchase for a specific application. So this time around we’ll discuss the pragmatic details of which gun you need for the different kinds of projects you might be doing, including applying Instabind.

Bond Products offers a variety of different glue guns as well as a different types and sizes of glue sticks that are required to use them.

Glue gun – Bond offers two different glue guns that are perfect for crafts and hobbies. The low-temperature gun works well for applying delicate trims like lace and cloth and is safer to use around children. The high-temperature gun gives a stronger bond between rougher materials. These guns have heat up times that range from 3 to 5 minutes and run on voltage of between 110 and 250V. They both use standard 1/2″ glue sticks (#272) which are excellent for applying Instabind for either of these, and our extended “orange” nozzle fits perfectly on either of these guns.

Industrial glue gun – This is the largest electric gun we sell and has an output of over 7 lbs of glue per hour and runs on voltage of 110V with a plug-in thermostat for optional heat regulation. A high temperature glue gun offers a sturdier, longer lasting seal, bonding tougher, rougher materials together better. This gun uses BR175L glue slugs.

Pneumatic glue gun – This one is for more heavy duty applications and will produce 11 lbs of glue per hour output. It attaches to your air compressor for stress free trigger pull and is also available in a spray nozzle model. This gun takes sku#: BR175 glue slugs.

Spray glue gun – This pneumatic spray gun is perfect for industrial projects that require large coverage areas or involve heat sensitive objects. It uses glue slugs #420 or #430.

All of the above models can be used for carpet applications. How often you work with carpet and the type of carpet project involved will determine how much you want to invest in a glue gun. Carpet professionals will want a high capacity gun with heat regulation, while weekend do-it-yourself homeowners will need less from their glue gun. In addition to bonding materials together, glue guns can also be used to fill gaps and assemble and repair foam shapes.

Bond Products stands by all of our glue guns as high quality and long lasting. If you’re looking for a great glue gun and glue supplies, give us a call today.

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