I have an infrared lamp array that is used to bake car hoods after painting, can I use it on AAT1132 to cure faster and speed up drying process?


I have an infrared lamp array that is used to bake car hoods after painting, can I use it on AAT1132 to cure faster and speed up drying process?

The use of the heat lamp to slightly raise the temperature around the applied 1132 could expedite the drying of the adhesive somewhat. However, I would warn that excessive temperature, and/or duration, could cause the backing compound to “crack”. This could weaken the lamination and diminish the longevity of the rug. Only trial and error would confirm the “proof of concept” in using the infrared heat lamp.

Can a rug with AAT1132 latex be steamed?

There is no definitive answer to this question. There are several “ifs” to an affirmative answer to the question. It is possible that a steaming process could lead to a curling issue. The big “ifs” are: if the 1132 is fully cured before the steaming and “if” the rug lays flat during the drying/cooling [post steaming] one should be able to steam the rug without causing any issue with the compound. The time needed to reach full cure will depend upon the application weight and the ambient conditions. The ballpark minimum for full cure would be a minimum of 48 hours.
There is no way for me to speak to all of the potential variables. I am not certain how the bumps will react to the steaming after receiving the compound and backing. The rug may or may not react as anticipated.
In short, the rug maker won’t know for certain until the steaming is attempted. Allowing for full curing of the AAT-1132 and making certain that each rug is allowed to cool and dry in a flat position are my best suggestions.

Can a rug with AAT1132 latex on it be cleaned / washed?

Cleaning a rug constructed using the AAT-1132 should be using the same processes as cleaning carpet. This could be an extraction type carpet cleaning or “spot cleaning” techniques. Rugs constructed with AAT-1132 should not be placed into washing machines.

What does DDP mean when shipping internationally?

DDP refers to Delivered Duty Paid. That means you pay the import duties & fees upfront when your order ships. Note: At the bottom-right of our web site, there is a flag, you can choose the country we would be shipping to. DDP  will appear at checkout. NOTE: as long as you ship via UPS will the Duties & Taxes be prepaid.

Can you custom dye any of your binding tapes?

Yes, yes, yes. We can custom dye our cotton binding tapes from 3/4″ to 5″ tape to serge tape.

There are dye lot minimums for all custom ordering. Give us call for pricing and minimums. 888-800-2663

Can you machine wash rugs with Instabind on them?

You can machine wash the rugs with Instabind on them, preferably on a gentle cycle.
We recommend that you reinforce the Instabind when installing it by placing glue along the bottom, especially if you are planning to wash the rug it will be going on. This will help the Instabind last.

Latex glue is recommended.

We do recommend that you just clean your rugs with Instabind; however, this answer  is based on other customers’ experiences. Bond has not tested washing Instabind.

Will the Long orange Instabind Glue gun nozzle fit my glue gun?

Answer: The Long nozzle tip used for Instabind applications will fit any standard glue gun that has American threads; the tip should screw on easily where the original tip was located on the glue gun. If for some reason, you cannot get it to work on your glue gun after purchase, it is eligible for return.

Do you offer samples?

Answer: YES. You can find the “ADD SAMPLE TO CART” button within each style of Instabind or carpet binding colors. Shipping is free only for all samples going within the USA.


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