Can a rug with AAT1132 latex be steamed?

There is no definitive answer to this question. There are several “ifs” to an affirmative answer to the question. It is possible that a steaming process could lead to a curling issue. The big “ifs” are: if the 1132 is fully cured before the steaming and “if” the rug lays flat during the drying/cooling [post steaming] one should be able to steam the rug without causing any issue with the compound. The time needed to reach full cure will depend upon the application weight and the ambient conditions. The ballpark minimum for full cure would be a minimum of 48 hours.
There is no way for me to speak to all of the potential variables. I am not certain how the bumps will react to the steaming after receiving the compound and backing. The rug may or may not react as anticipated.
In short, the rug maker won’t know for certain until the steaming is attempted. Allowing for full curing of the AAT-1132 and making certain that each rug is allowed to cool and dry in a flat position are my best suggestions.

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