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    We’ve Got Your Supply Needs Covered

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    Bond Products is the exclusive manufacture of Instabind – the world’s first do-it-yourself carpet binding solution.

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Instabind – The World’s First DIY Carpet Binding Solution

Bond Products is the exclusive manufacture of Instabind – the World first do-it-yourself carpet binding solution. Instabind has helped thousands rebuild and refirbish carpets and rugs without expensive binding equipment and tools. Instabind is great for a types of projects, and is incredibly easy to use.

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  • "I love this product. I am interested in doing more of this as my house has hardwood floors throughout. Thank you for developing such an amazing product."
    Nancy G.  
  • "I have a manual but right now not enough time to look for it. I hope this helps. 
    I am going to leave a voice mail for the 4 gross rolls of binding I would like sent with the looper needle. 
    Thank u for all your help life is just crazy lately but u have made things a lot better."
    Bernadette R. -Custom carpets by Berne'
  • I can't tell you how glad I am that I found your product. The installation was as easy as the video. I will be ordering more for my family!
    Renee D., Arkansas
  • Hi Brian, We have been getting to understand and practice with your new hot melt turf seaming system on remnants and such, but today was the first real world landscaping grass install for your just received system.Here is the actual job closing email from my install foreman moments ago:The new seaming technique works like a charm and the seams were quite possibly the best ones and the easiest I've done EVER! Certainly music to my ears as the company owner.  That is a nice tight program you’ve got there …… suspect we will be a regular client for you now.  ‘Well done’ accolades to your staff and R&D folks …. this is indeed everything you touted it to be.  It will be difficult to go back to the nasty glue regime now …… Please do keep me up-to-date on any new developments specific to the turf industry please.
    Cheers! - Rob M. -Versatile Grass
  • "Thanks for the great product! Installing the artificial turf was fast & easy! Perfect for the kids."
    - John L. Philadelphia PA
  • Great thank you so much for all of ur help and promo service it's all way great dealing with professional people like you.
    Eddie M. -Aurora IL
  • Check out her blog here: Kate's Blog

    "Speaking of the binding, I used Instabind from Bond Products. They offer affordable DIY binding options plus how-to videos that make the process a breeze and provide a professional looking edge. Before I ordered anything from them, I purchased a color card and picked out the binding color I liked best for the rug"   

    Kate- House 185
  • Great for people living in small spaces. Like a boat, RV, or tiny home, apartment.instabind

    I was redoing my living room, and found a rug I fell in love with. Unfortunately, it turned out the rug wasn't long enough for what I wanted.

    I just couldn't find anything that I liked anywhere near as much, so I came up with the idea of making area rugs out of it. Of course then the problem became, how do I bind the edges?

    Would a rug store do that to a rug they hadn't sold? (Bought this one on That's when I searched online and found you. So now I have the rug I love, the living room looks great, and I am thrilled with how it all came together. So thanks.

    I just ordered a 10' piece to be able to bind the ends of runners I bought at Home Depot. 

  • Just finished my first automotive floor carpeting piece using the Instabind and fine tip glue gun you sent. Very happy with the results!! Going into a 1960 Hillman Minx sedan. Thanks for a great product!
    David W.
  • I really appreciate the discount because we are here in Quebec and I love your products and company so we will purchase more in future and being more competitive in price will also increase our sale volume. 
    Ian L.

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