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Diy onsite carpet Binding - No expensive equipment Needed

Model PBB-2X Portable Bobbinless Double Puller 4X4 Carpet Binder

“No More Changing Bobbins”

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**NEW**  Instabind Diy Onsite Fringe Carpet Binding 

No Expensive Equipment Needed


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Superior Products at the Right Price

L-Cleats | Flooring Staples | Finish Nails | Mallet Caps | Mallets

AAT-1132 Custom Rug Compound


Cotton Serge Tape

Bond 250 1-1/4″ Cotton Serging Tape

Bond Iron-less Seam Tape

Bond Iron-less Seam tape



**NEW** #52 & #63 8oz Cleartone Monofilament Threads

Check out our new, *More Economical* 8oz. Mono Cleartone threads!

Available in size #52 & #63

Check out our *NEW* Economical Bobbins

**NEW** Style A & Style F bobbins

Both available in standard & heavy duty!

**NEW** Size 69 Tex 70 Natural/White Nylon Thread

 Check out our *NEW* more *Economical* Thread!
#08078-IM Size 69 Tex 70 NATURAL/WHITE Nylon Thread 16 oz spl

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hook-and-loop tape

Hook-and-Loop Tape Uses around the House

In our last blog we talked about how and why hook-and-loop tape came to be. Because hook-and-loop tape can be used to hold things firmly in place, this product has many, many applications that go beyond its traditional use as a fastener or zipper substitute. Here are some of them: A different kind of rug […]
hand sewing

Hand Sewing and Waxed Thread

Bond Products offers a number of different hand-sewing, waxed thread, and needles for any of our customers with hand-sewing needs. We also have hand sewing gloves that will make the job of sewing hard-backed carpet together much easier on your hands. Most carpet installation today is done with either nails or hot glue, so what […]
tapestry binder Model-PBLTX offer a carpet binding service

Offer Carpet Binding Service to Your Customers

How to Add Profits to Your Bottom Line Over the years, there is one common profit opportunity that carpet retailers and installers alike have used to add daily, weekly, and monthly profits to their bottom line. It’s a small investment requiring minimal training and skills – an investment that maintains its value upon resale and […]
Replica tapestry of The Hunt For The Unicorn inside Stirling Castle

The Hunt of the Unicorn: Medieval Art, Mystery, and Faith

We mentioned the beauty of wall hangings and their practical uses in an earlier post. Here we would like to highlight one of the most beautiful and mysterious tapestries ever created: The Hunt of the Unicorn. This is a series of seven tapestries, and their origin dates from between 1495 and 1505. In its entirety, […]

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