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Offer Carpet Binding Service to Your Customers

How to Add Profits to Your Bottom Line

Over the years, there is one common profit opportunity that carpet retailers and installers alike have used to add daily, weekly, and monthly profits to their bottom line. It’s a small investment requiring minimal training and skills – an investment that maintains its value upon resale and never fails to pay for itself over and over again. What is it, you may ask? Offering a carpet binding service!

There is no reason why you shouldn’t offer a binding service to your clients. With our DIY on-site Instabind carpet edge finishing tapes that have no initial equipment investment, to portable and table model industrial binders and sergers, binding services is something practically all of your clients need or will need.

Why Offer Carpet Binding Service?

Offering a binding service is an excellent idea because you can:

  • Bind up and help sell carpet remnants
  • Add sales dollars to the end of every installation job by binding up scraps for runners and mats
  • Offer immediate services to your clients so they don’t walk away from a sale
  • Finish and complete jobs the same day and on site without running back and forth, wasting time and money!
  • Offer commercial carpet cove base to hotels and office buildings 

We can all agree that we live in a service-oriented business environment, so offering a carpet binding service can add hundreds of dollars that will ultimately help make your annual sales increase substantially! Just as an example, if you are able to make $100.00 a day from binding carpet, that would amount to over $36,500.00 per year!

What we offer at Bond products is much more affordable than the competition. Our average costs are only pennies per foot.

Carpet Equipment Durability

We still service old carpet binders from the 1960’s that are in excellent operating condition and that have a trade-in value close to what they were purchased for over forty  years ago. There are no other tools that last as long as carpet binding equipment and continue to make you money year after year! It’s not an expense. It’s an investment in your company’s future!

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