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    RV Carpet Binding

    A new customer came in with a restored RV but with raw carpet edges (unbound) on his slid outs ...

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    How to Keep Your Beautiful Rugs Safe and Slip Free

    A rug that moves around pose a safety concern, it also looks untidy. If you’ve spent time creating just…

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    What Is an Aubusson Carpet?

    Throughout the years carpet artisans have perfected ways to make art from fibers, and one example of this is…

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    What Is the Difference between a Hand-tufted Rug and a Handmade One?

    Hand-tufted rugs can be beautiful rugs and will last for a decade or more under foot traffic, but they…

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    Have You Ever Thought about Rug Hooking?

    Today, rug hookers enthusiastically continue this art tradition of their forefathers and foremothers, much as quilters do. There’s something…

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    Giving an Antique Rug a New Life

    Today we’re going to talk about giving antique (or maybe just older) rugs a second chance at performing the...

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    Good Reasons for Carpet Binding

    People bind carpets for all kinds of reasons besides learning a new craft or saving money. Here are some…

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    What Is the Difference between Binding a Carpet and Serging it?

    Modern carpet is different from historical handmade carpets which were hooked, braided, or woven on small looms. Because of...

  • inst4

    Turn a Carpet Remnant into a Rug!

    Our Instabind product has a number of creative uses our customers write to tell us about, including crafts, classic...

  • Why Choose Artificial Turf over Grass?

    Bond Products sells numerous products related to carpet installation so that both professionals and DIYers can easily install carpet...

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