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What Does a Carpet Beveler Do?

Bond Products offers a wide variety of products designed to make carpet installation, rug making and maintenance, and rug binding simpler. One of these tools is the carpet beveler. If you’re wondering what a carpet beveler is and how it works, read on. 

A carpet beveler is similar in function to a rug carver in that it shaves away parts of the carpet, but where a rug carver is used to make designs in the rug, a beveler’s job is simpler. It tapers the edge of the carpet. This is useful because the carpet binding often can’t cover the whole width of the carpet fiber, so trimming it will create a smooth transition from the carpet fibers to the area the binding covers. Thicker carpets will always require beveling before they are bound. Lower-grade commercial carpet will not. 

Two Beveler Options 

Bond offers two different carpet beveler choices to our customers: 

The EW-610 Carpet Shearer/Beveler – This beveler is an affordable, variable-speed,110V tool that makes shearing heavy plush and Berber carpets simple, saving you time on carpet binding or custom border rugs. It connects to a shop vacuum. All of the bevel options are for pre-set angles.  

The EW-311 Shearer/Beveler with Speed Control – This 110V, variable-speed beveler is a coarse-cut, handheld tool. It’s used solely on carpets with loose piles and is not intended for use on either loop-pile carpets or Berber carpets. Use the EW-610 beveler to work on those. 

Two products we recommend using with our bevelers are our Bond Sewing Softener, which will soften the hard backs of carpet to make working with them easier, and Bond Spray Lube to keep your beveler’s blades lubricated and in good condition. If you invest in our quality carpet tools, our Spray Lube will help keep them working for you for years. 

With the proper training and the right equipment, you can easily bind beautiful carpets and rugs. Many carpets are functional works of art and should be bound with care and maintained well so they last a lifetime for their owners.

If you need carpet binding tools like bevelers, rug carvers, carpet binders, or others – we’ve got you covered. Call us at 1-888-800-BOND for any assistance you may need in choosing the right tools and products. That’s what we are here for. 


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