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Bond’s New Pneumatic Air Carver

If you are looking for a high quality pneumatic air carver, Bond has got you covered. Our air carver makes the art of rug carving much simpler. You can create crisp, clean lines in carpet with this sculpting tool. 

Want to Expand Your Carpet Capabilities? 

If your business works with carpet and area rugs, rug carving can add another profitable stream of income. There are many different types of rug beauty. Antique rugs have beautifully woven fibers. Carpeting can be a less visually arresting type of floor covering, but carving a carpet will add dimension and interest to any piece. 

If you’re not familiar with rug carving, it’s pretty straightforward. It’s adding texture to a piece of carpet by shaping the fibers with a carving tool. The carver shears away areas of the pile to create a visually interesting texture around its design elements. Every carved rug is a custom piece because this technique is done by hand by the carpet professional. 

Bond Products’ Pneumatic Air Carver

Our pneumatic air carver will allow you to make very professional looking carved rugs. It’s used by craftsmen interested in carving with artistic precision and confidence. While it will allow for fine rug sculpting, it’s designed to be used regularly and will stand up to production-line use. It’s durable, lightweight, and simple to maintain.

This rug carver comes with:

  • A standard blade plus one extra blade
  • Air filter
  • Air gauge regulator
  • Air hose
  • Carrying case

For best performance, clean and oil your rug carver regularly. You will need to grease the ball bearings and blades and adjust the air pressure with a maximum of 6 bars. Low pressure will reduce the speed of your carver, but higher pressure will destroy its motor. Take good care of it as you use it, and it will work well and last over time. 

Rug trends come and go, with yesterday’s design fads being replaced all the time, but there’s something about hand craftsmanship that’s very pleasing, both for the craftsman and for the rug owner. Bond’s pneumatic air carver will allow you to create carpets with an impressive professional finish. If you’ve been looking for another skill to cultivate, why not try it? You can’t beat the price.

If you have questions, as always you are welcome to call our customer service representatives at 1-888-800-BOND. They will be happy to help you find what you need for your project. 


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