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Bond Has the Flooring Fasteners You Need

If your business needs flooring fasteners, Bond Products has a large selection of quality hardwood flooring installation tools and fasteners, as well as other tools designed to make the job easier. We’re here to get you what you need to finish your project successfully. 

A Wide Variety of Flooring Fasteners 

Fasteners are what make flooring possible. They may be small, but they keep your flooring project together. Different types of fasteners have different selling points. 

Flooring StaplesStaples are a less expensive fastener option, but their dual-prong action gives them extra grip. They do less damage to carpet than nails and, with the right tools, are easy to lay and easy to remove if you make a mistake. You can load them quickly into a stapler. They’re also useful for installing lighter weight flooring products such as sheet vinyl flooring. 

Bond offers a full variety of staples that make the work quick and easy – narrow crown wood staples, divergent PAD staples, divergent electric staples, and underlayment staples.

Flooring L-cleatsCleat nails are a good option because they allow hardwood to expand and contract with changes in the seasons and weather. The “L” on the cleat works to securely fasten the floor to the subfloor while the smoother part of the cleat allows the floor to fluctuate with changes in the temperature and humidity without damage. Cleats are a good option if you need to fasten more delicate types of flooring

Our flooring cleats are collated to fit 16 GA and 18 GA nailing tools and are available in 1-1/2”, 1-3/4”, and 2”. 

Flooring Finish Nails – When choosing finish nails there are a number of options. We offer galvanized angle finish nails, galvanized straight finish nails, and galvanized brad finish nails. 

For all of the above, you’ll want to choose the product that is compatible with your flooring tool. If you have a question or you’re looking for volume, give us a call at 1-888-800-BOND for pricing that fits your flooring needs. Our personalized customer service cannot be beat. 

Flooring Tools 

We also specialize in the distribution of quality mallets and staplers that are popular in the industry. Sold at competitive prices and tested with professionals in mind, our flooring tools will not disappoint. They include: 

If you’re a professional carpet installer or a weekend DIYer, you’ll find the flooring fasteners you need for your installation work here at Bond. 


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