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Matching a carpet binding or serging tape to a carpet can be a challenge if you are just guessing which color might be the best match. It’s too easy to make an expensive mistake. That’s why Bond offers a variety of color cards, charts, and decks – so you can see exactly what color binding you have and if it’s compatible with your rug

Since we sell our tapes and fringes in rolls, taking a risk on a color you think will match might be an expensive mistake. For this reason, we offer color cards for Instabind, serging yarn, carpet fringe, and more. You can order one card or every sample card or chart we make. 

Different Types of Color Cards

Each of our color cards is designed to make the color selection of our products as seamless as possible. We offer: 

Bond’s 100% Cotton Oriental Replacement Fringe Board – This sample card is recommended for replacing fringes on Karastan carpets and other types of area rugs.

Bond’s 780 Veltron “Mega” Poly Color Card – This card includes 279 colors of both 7/8 and 1-1/4 inch widths. Compared to the 425 poly, Bond 780 is stiffer and has a mesh-like look that enables easier color matching to carpet. It’s priced and sold per gross yard (144 yds) and packaged 2 x 72 yd rolls per package. It also has a nice color locator on the back of the chart for quick, easy access to our specific color numbers, making ordering so simple.

Bond’s Faux Leather Binding and Rug Backing Chart – Our faux leather binding is a synthetic leather with PVC on the face with a cotton backing. This chart contains all of our 14 color samples. It comes with rug backing samples as well. Twice the value!

Bond’s 425 Polyester Color Card – This card contains 110 colors of both 13/16 & 1-1/4 inch widths. Bond 425 is made with texturized polyester yarn. Our customers often confuse it with cotton binding due to its high quality, low luster, and thickness. It’s priced and sold per gross yards (144 yds) and packaged 2 x 72 yd rolls per package.

Bond’s Cotton and Serge Tape Color Sample Deck – While not a card, this useful sample deck contains 8″ swatches of our 1-1/4″ cotton binding tapes. All of the colors are available in:

  • 1-1/4″ cotton binding
  • 3/4″ cotton binding
  • 1-1/4″ cotton serge tape

We also offer a number of other smaller charts and cards, including: 

If you work with Instabind or Bond’s cotton or polyester bindings, yarns, or fringes regularly, these cards will save you time and money because they make choosing the right color binding or yarn a snap. Call us at 1-888-800-BOND to order the charts, cards, or decks you need. Our customer service representatives will be happy to help you select the right ones. 



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