How to Keep Your Beautiful Rugs Safe and Slip Free

We’ve mentioned before that our motto at Bond Products is “Every hard floor needs a nice area rug,” but it’s important to make sure that the rug you choose to finish decorating your space is also safe to walk and stand on. Your handmade antique rug may have different care requirements than the rug you hooked yourself; they both need to stay firmly in place, however. Not only does a rug that moves around pose a safety concern, it also looks untidy. If you’ve spent time creating just the right look for a room, you don’t want a poor rug backing solution to undo all of that work. Bond Products offers three different types of rug products design to solve different kinds of rug and flooring problems.

The first type of rug backing is designed to protect the floor from the rug. If you’ve either put in a new floor or rehabbed your original one, you’ve already made an investment in beauty, so you want to make sure that your wood floors are not scratched by an abrasive rug. Our gray felt backings will accomplish this at a low cost. We also have MOVENOT felt/rubber backings that can be used either way based on the need. Using the rubber backing will keep your rugs from slipping out of position or out from underneath you.

The second type of rug product we offer is a non-slip rug pad or gripper. We have three options for these, and their purpose is the same: to hold a rug to the floor. The rug pads can be purchased to match the dimensions of your rug and cut down to size as necessary. They also provide some cushioning underneath to make standing or walking on your rug more comfortable.

The third type of rug product we offer is RugLock. This is a spray-on backing that is waterproof and spill proof. It adheres to any type of rug and will grip hardwood, tile, carpet, and vinyl equally firmly. It’s simple to apply and requires no cutting. You won’t have to worry about it showing underneath your carpet either. This is the simplest, most invisible solution Bond Products offers to eliminate rug slippage.

The above rug backing products were designed with different purposes in mind – which is why we offer a full variety of choices to keep your rugs slip free. If you have an expensive floor and an inexpensive rug, you will want a different type of solution than if it’s the rug that is the collector’s item. It’s always a good idea to focus on safety, however. A bad slip is not only painful, it can result in damage to the rug or the floor or even expensive medical bills.

If you have questions about which rug solution would best address your safety and aesthetic concerns, please call us today at Bond Products. We’d be happy to advise you on what would be best for your needs.


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