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Is Rug Carving an Art?

At Bond Products our motto is, “Every hard floor needs a nice area rug.” A “nice area rug” is a broad term, though. Some people love antique rugs, others prefer hooked rugs. Some families don’t have the budget to spend on an expensive handmade rug. For them binding their own carpet remnants opens up a lot of options, and rug carving can add another dimension of beauty to a piece of carpet.

What is Rug Carving?

Put simply, rug carving is adding texture to a piece of carpet using a carving tool. It’s the process of shearing areas of the carpet’s pile in order to create valleys and texture around design elements. Here is a video we recorded demonstrating rug carving:

Is Rug Carving an Art?

Rug carving creates further depth in the already very three-dimensional medium of carpet, allowing the carver to pull the attention of the viewer to parts of its design or add design to a plain surface. It adds interest and beauty – which is why, when done with skill, it is definitely an art.

Bond Products has partnered with rug carver Tami Sullivan of Carpets By Design for a quarter of a century. Tami does beautiful work making custom rugs for clients and also offers training classes on rug carving for anyone looking to begin a career in this creative, flexible, financially rewarding field. Her next training class begins this March, a 4-day, 40-hour class involving hands-on instruction, design training, pricing lectures, and informative marketing. She will teach all carpet techniques – cutting, seaming, carving, sculpting, backing, and edge finishing.

​Tami has been in Bond Products’ booth at the Surfaces flooring conference in years past. Brian will be at Surfaces in Las Vegas next week. Stop by and say hello! Even if you cannot make it to the convention, mention Bond Products to Tami when you register and you will get a $500 discount off the price of her class.

Bond Products offers a line of rug carvers and accessories for both professionals and DIYers who would like to try their hand at creating a unique look in their own carpets. Rug trends come and go, with yesterday’s hot looks being replaced by tomorrow’s all the time, but there’s something about hand craftsmanship that’s especially satisfying, both for the craftsman and for the rug owner.

Why not give it a try?


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