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hand sewing

Hand Sewing and Waxed Thread

Bond Products offers a number of different hand-sewing, waxed thread, and needles for any of our customers with hand-sewing needs. We also have hand sewing gloves that will make the job of sewing hard-backed carpet together much easier on your hands.

Most carpet installation today is done with either nails or hot glue, so what kinds of jobs require waxed thread? Back in the day, carpet fitters’ apprentices would show that they had mastered the art of sewing carpets together by making a tool bag out of carpet scraps. Now, however, most carpet fitters do not use this skill. In terms of carpet installation, hand sewing can be used to excellent effect around bull-nose stairs because the hand sewing reduces the damage to the stairs and provides a better finish with without a nailed cap and band.

Hand sewing also works for smaller jobs that require special care or for which a heat seamer is impractical or undesirable. Specialty carpets are often hand sewn.

Another good use of waxed thread is for the job of re-fringing an antique rug. It’s important to make sure that the edge of the rug will not unravel and that the replacement fringe you purchase will not fray either. Hand sewing a blanket stitch along the damaged area of the rug using waxed thread will help preserve the rug and reinforce the edge. The next step is to hand sew the replacement fringe to the base of the existing one and double-stitch the overlapping ends of the fringe to prevent it from fraying.

waxed threadWhy is waxed thread so useful? The wax layer makes the thread stiffer and more resistant to both water and mildew, so it’s longer lasting. The reason that a carpet fitter uses this for hand sewing is that the wax can leave a residue when it’s used in machine sewing. It can also melt when it’s heated. This kind of thick, sturdy thread can be used for a variety of craft projects as well, including: leather working, jewelry making, saddlery, upholstery, and taxidermy.

Check out Bond Products catalog of supplies for any of your carpet working or installing needs. If you need something to install or repair carpet, we have it.

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repair service

Bond Products’ Expert Repair Service

Bond Products offers a complete catalog of materials and supplies for carpet binding, serging, and rug making. This includes carpet binding equipment like carpet binding machines, portable binders, sergers, and tapestry binders. We also offer repair service and maintain equipment of all brands for our customers.

During our fall and spring open houses, we invite the public into our facilities to give them a chance to watch carpet binding by the experts and also ask them questions about fixing or maintaining their carpet binding equipment so they will be able to handle repairs on their own. We do small repairs on machines for free as well if they bring their equipment to an open house. You can see by browsing our Clearance page that many carpet binders stand the test of time and work for years or even decades with some tender loving care and the occasional repair.

Some of our customers prefer to have our experts do their repairs, and we are more than glad to do the work for them. If you have a binder or serger that needs repair, please do not hesitate to send it to us. Here are some testimonials from customers who brought or sent in their equipment* to us for repair:

“Wanted to say thank you so much for tuning up my machine. WOW!!! This machine runs and sounds like brand new and thank you so much for replacing my thread guide and belts.”

“Scott from Tech Support saved the day!!! I am in the middle of a very important job and my PBL1 stopped working, It took a 5-minute phone call, and I am back in business…”

“Scott and Gene have gotten me out of a bind (pun intended) many times helping me get my machines running. Keep up the good work, looking forward to many more years of business with Bond.”

We are proud of our efforts to educate our customers on which machines would be best for their needs, how to use them, how to maintain them, and how to repair them. If you have any questions about your carpet binding equipment, whether it’s running well or needs repair service, please call. We are happy to hear from you and help. And if you’d like to attend our upcoming spring open house, call us at 1-888-800-BOND to make your appointment. 

*Click here for our recommendations for packing up your binder if you need to ship it to us to repair.  We’ve found that if these guidelines are not followed, the machines are much more likely to be damaged on route and require more costly repairs to get them functioning again.


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wool rugs, the best carpet for allergy sufferers

What Is the Best Carpet for Allergy Sufferers?

Do your friends and family have problems with allergies or asthma? If so, the carpet or rugs in your house could be part of the problem and not a solution at all. What is the best carpet for allergy sufferers? 

Scientists are learning every day that the human immune system is complex in ways that we do not understand. Our bodies have not evolved as quickly as our technology has. When it comes to our health and well being, simpler, more natural products are often better for us.

One of those is wool.  In the mid-20th century, man-made fibers were all the rage. Scientists and researchers found ways to “improve” upon natural fiber products, creating fabrics and fibers that were stain resistant, wrinkle resistant, easier to dye, and generally more durable. While these qualities made them seemingly ideal for items like clothes and carpeting, they may not have some other qualities natural fibers like wool has. Wool:  

  • contains a substance called permethrin that kills very small insects.
  • treated with lanolin, is water resistant, air permeable, and antimicrobial
  • is resistant to bacteria, mold, and mildew.
  • insulates both ways, keeping warm air in – and out. It is used effectively in both warm and cold climates.
  • absorbs sound, odors, and other contaminants. When used in carpet, it can purify the air for up to 30 years.
  • ignites at a higher temperature than other fabrics and requires more oxygen to burn. It does not melt like synthetic fibers either. It’s a wonderful overall protective material, which makes it an ideal fabric for firefighters, policemen, and others in dangerous professions.

As a carpet fiber, wool is particularly useful for keeping the home quiet, pest and dust free, and for reducing asthma and allergy attacks. In general carpeted floors are better for keeping dust and dust mites in check. Carpet traps dust mites which can then be vacuumed up. However wool is even better than synthetic carpets for asthma and allergy sufferers because it both traps and naturally repels tiny insects, acting with a two-pronged strategy to eliminate dust mites. It also cannot be inhaled. The millions of Americans are allergic to dust mite waste might find significant relief by switching to wool carpeting.

Carpet for Allergy Sufferers

The Environmental Protection Agency has stated that indoor air quality is one of five main health threats people face, and recent European studies have clarified the health dangers of too much fine particulate matter in the air. The increased use of natural fibers as air purifiers, and in lieu of synthetic fibers, can only improve general health.

All of the other benefits of natural fibers, and wool in particular, should be considered when making choices for furniture and apparel. The choices our grandparents and ancestors made to make our lives healthy and comfortable are not always as “outdated” as we may believe and often had rational basis for their selection. The best carpet for allergy sufferers is wool. Maybe it’s time to give this material another try.



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Bond’s Hug-Snug Seam Binding

Bond Products sells a number of narrow fabrics, one of the company’s original product offerings. Today we will talk about Hug-Snug seam binding, a rayon seam binding that can be used for a number of sewing applications, including as hem tape.

What is hem tape? Finer garments, such as pants and skirts, as well as many vintage pieces of clothing use hem tape to cover the hem allowance edge. If you look inside a tailor-made garment, you will see how hem tape is utilized to make the garment look better and last longer. It creates a neater, more finished look as well as a more comfortable drape and feel than you’ll find with most off-the-rack clothing. It’s a mark of quality in tailored and professionally sewn clothes.

You don’t have to be a tailor or a professional seamstress to give your own clothing these touches, however – not with Hug-Snug. How do you use this product? It can be sewn on flat as a standard hem tape or it can be used to enclose the raw hem edge, covering and preventing any fraying down the line in the life of the garment. Hug-Snug is not only attractive, it irons smoothly and easily. Because it’s lightweight, it will not bulk up your seams. It can also be used on curved pieces like arm holes with only a little extra pressing.

Hug-Snug is a 100% rayon ribbon with a satin finish and is available in a variety of colors. Bond Products carries the following Hug-Snug ribbon colors:

  • Eggshell
  • Chalkwhite
  • Pink
  • Goldenrod
  • Leather Tan
  • Bluewhite
  • Black
  • Havanna Brown/Beige

Using rayon seam binding is a great alternative to buying a serger or overlock machine while still giving clothes a seam that will look beautiful and never unravel or fray. Best of all it’s very inexpensive, especially when purchased in quantity.

And clothing is not the only use for Hug-Snug! It can be used beautifully in a wide variety of crafts. There are so many different ideas available on Pinterest illustrating all the possibilities of seam binding tape from bows to ribbon flowers to ribbon-work embroidery. There are many amazing decorative possibilities for dresses, hats, or purses as well.

For garment making, crafts, or fabric hobbies, seam binding tape is a must, and Bond Products can help you find what you need. Call us at 1-888-800-BOND to order your Hug-Snug binding tape and any other carpet binding or narrow fabric supplies today.


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TISE Surfaces Event 2024

Bond Products Will Be at TISE! Come See Us!

It’s the season for conventions and events! This Brian Milnes will be at TISE, The International Surface Event in Las Vegas, Nevada. Bond Products will be displaying in booth #6555 , so please stop by and say hello!

What is TISE?

The International Surface Event is three trade shows in one: SURFACES, StonExpo/Marmomac, and TileExpo events. TISE is the largest North American floor covering, stone, and tile industry event. It’s where everyone in the flooring industry goes to learn about flooring design, current and future trends, purchase products, and network with other people who work in the flooring business.

TISE exhibits will be open from January 24-26, 2024. We will be displaying and demonstrating our Instabind products, including our newest addition to our catalog of products, our fringe style Instabind™. If you are planning on attending TISE and you’d like to see how our Instabind™ line easily and inexpensively binds carpet and area rugs, check out booth #6555.

If you can’t by in Las Vegas for TISE this week, shop our online sale. Spend $100, and save 10% on any item (except already discounted package deals)! Use code SURFACES24 and save!



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rug fringe

Let’s Talk about Rug Fringe

Rug fringe. Believe it or not, amongst rug enthusiasts this can be a controversial topic. Some people love it, some hate it. Professional rug cleaners know that the hardest part of a rug to restore is the fringe because dirt gets caught in it so easily. Most people prefer their fringe to be neat, clean, and clearly differentiated from the rest of the rug, but, generally speaking, the average rug owner doesn’t know what to do with the fringe when it gets nasty looking except to take it to a rug professional. So here we will explain what rug fringe is and why you may want to maintain the one you have or entirely replace it.

What Is Rug Fringe?

Rug's fringe

On a traditional antique or Oriental rug, the fringes are the warps of the rug itself tied together to finish off the rug. Rug makers hand tie strands of wool or silk into knots around these warps.  The warps are as long as the rug itself. The fringe is the way the rug maker secures the foundations of the rug. He gathers together bundles of warp strings at both ends of the rug after it’s been cut from the loom. The fringe knots keep the pile knots and end finishes tight and in place. It’s not supposed to be particularly decorative, but it can’t be cut off because those warps keep the wool or silk in place. Without them you will have an unraveling rug. That’s definitely something you do not want.

If the fringe on your hand-woven rug has become dirty or discolored, you cannot get this dirt out without really scrubbing it. The problem is that the chemicals used to clean rugs combined with the force of scrubbing often take a toll on the fringes. As stated above, you do not want those fringes to get too short, or you take the chance of damaging the rug itself. If your fringe is short already or is disintegrating, you definitely need to take it to a rug professional to have it fixed. Handmade rugs always require repair by hand in order to maintain the look and the value of the rug itself.

If you have a machine-made rug, the fringe itself is a detail that’s added in order to give it the look of an Oriental or handmade rug. If the fringe on your machine-made rug gets dirty, discolored, frays, or gets destroyed by your pet or your vacuum, then the solution is easy: remove the damaged fringe and replace it with a new one. This can easily be done using a special kind of lock-stitch TMB sewing machine we use or sell at Bond Products, and we have a video explaining the process on our website here.

If you do not have access to a TMB sewing machine, we also offer our Instabind Fringe Style as a solution. This is a very simple way to replace the fringe and can be done by anyone who has a little time, a glue gun, glue, and a pair of scissors.

The important thing to understand about your rug’s fringe is the purpose it serves the rug. If it’s a part of the foundation of the rug itself, it cannot be replaced, but if it’s a decorative addition to a machine-made rug, it can. If you have any questions about this or would like to know how Bond Products can help your rug look cleaner, neater, and newer, call us today a 1-888-800-BOND.


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right carpet binding

What Is the Right Carpet Binding or Serging Machine for Your Business?

One of the most frequently asked questions we get is: What binding or serging machine is the right choice for my business? With that inspiration we want to discuss and clarify our recommendations for each model machine in our line.

Portable vs. Stationary – the Pros and Cons

Portable machines are exactly that – portable. They are generally smaller machines on wheels that only require a small space to operate. They “roll” around the perimeter of the area rug either in your warehouse or right on the job site. They are considerably less of an initial investment than stationary machines and are generally recommended for those just getting started in the binding business or for those who simply do not have the space or budget required for stationary binders/sergers.

The benefits of portable machines are:

  • They require less space to operate
  • They are easily conveyed to the job site
  • They require a smaller initial investment

Stationary machines, or table models as they are often called, require more space to operate as you will have to pass the carpet through on a set of rollers or an air table. You’ll need a minimum of twelve feet both in front and in back of the machine. If using a set of conveyor rollers, we like to set them up preferably double width and twenty feet front and back along a wall space to handle the rolled carpet, and then re-roll it three more times to bind/surge each edge. An air table that is both long and wide enough does not require re-rolling as the carpet will “float” and “turn” easily, reducing the handling time and effort. At Bond Products we have an air table in house that is 16’ x 32’ that does a great job handling the majority of the larger rugs we finish.

The benefits of stationary machines are:

  • They run using foot pedals that free up both hands to maneuver the carpet more easily (especially when sewing on fringe).
  • They are faster and more powerful than most portables
  • They are heavy duty machines and require less maintenance
  • They spare the operator physical stress because kneeling isn’t required

Binding vs. Serging

Binding is the traditional way to finish a carpet edge, using a binding tape in either polyester or cotton. The most common width is 7/8” although 1-1/4”, 3” & 5” widths are options.

Serging is actually attaching or whipping a yarn over the edge of the carpet. Serging yarn is available in synthetic or cotton (i.e., oriental carpet edge).

Real serging requires a special serging machine, although a properly fitted binding machine can attach serging tape that closely mimics real surging without the expense of an additional machine.

One More Option…

Not ready to invest in a binding or serging machine? Consider the option of our DIY Instabind. You can easily apply a binding, serging, or rope edge using only a pair of scissors or a glue gun. We offer nine styles and many colors to choose from.

Bond’s Lineup includes:

HDS & HDSB Stationary Sergers

Our Union Special 81200 heavy duty wrap around table serger with binder. The most heavy duty serger on the market, bar-none.

  • Uses one spool of tex 210 bonded nylon and the serging yarn of your choice
  • Binds and serges in one pass operation
  • Also available without the binding attachment (stk# 21990x)
  • Comes complete with table, motor, and thread stands, etc.
  • Built on another quality Union Special head and backed by over 55 years of family owned & operated craftsmanship
  • Charge 5-7 dollars a foot and up for unmatched profits

Bond Alpha Mini 2000 Serger

Bond’s Alpha – mini 2000 has the best value of any portable carpet serger available!

  • Comes with no. 138 tex size 135 nylon thread  & cone of cotton yarn for starting up.
  • Great for all carpet, rugs, & mats
  • Utilizes the latest technology
  • Handles large range of carpet thickness & backings
  • Wraps perpendicular on the edges, not at an angle
  • Wraps evenly around edge, on both top & bottom
  • Maneuvers swiftly on its ball bearing wheels
  • Serges outside & inside corners, curves, or scallops with ease
  • Speed controlled electronically
  • Digital meter registers the volume of serging
  • Stand-up handle available
  • Lightweight & easy to transport
  • Designed for heavy duty use
  • Comes with spare needles, tool kit, & operation manual
  • Increases productivity
  • 90-day warranty against manufacturer defects

Bond BBL-1 Table Binder

Built on the highest quality Union Special head, our BBL-1 is our best-selling commercial base binder.

  • High speed, bobbinless, self-lubricating, low maintenance
  • Combines with Bond’s portable cove base cutter and winder for optimum efficiency
  • Priced complete with table, motor, thread & light stand

Bond BBL-2 Table Binder

The new Bond BBL-2 bobbinless carpet binder features 2 pulling wheels for a more positive feed. Perfect for binding carpet base, mill samples and high-speed production work. Self-lubricating, maintenance free and reliable, this machine is the choice for carpet workrooms with a high volume of work.

Features a 1/2 HP variable motor and will handle any width binding with a properly sized custom folder. This is a table model machine, perfect for adaptation to air tables and roller conveyor systems.  A cove base attachment is available as an option (runs carpet base hands free).

HDB-1 Table Binder

All new Heavy Duty Bobbinless Table Binder.

  • Sews through the toughest carpets effortlessly
  • Heavy berber, sisal and even bamboo cannot slow this beast
  • Binds with 1-1/4 up to optional 5 inch width tapes in a single pass or attach our tapestry guide for even wider applications
  • Heavy duty ½ hp variable speed motor
  • Self -oiling
  • Backed by Bond’s superior customer & technical support & service, it’s an investment that will pay for itself over and over

PBB-1X Portable Binder

Most economical, heavy duty,  high speed binder available. Variable speed to over 30 feet per minute. Glides through even tough unitary backings with ease. Put it on the floor and bind any size rug right where it lays. Also a terrific machine for binding carpet base with an optional cove base guide. Features include:

  • Bobbinless portable “no more changing bobbins”
  • High speed / variable speed with fingertip control
  • Extra heavy duty construction
  • Runs various widths of tape with optional folder attachments
  • Lightweight & portable
  • 110V, 60W, 8000 rpm HD motor
  • Binding over 30 feet per minute
  • Uses large spools of thread
  • Easy to thread with full access removable front access panel
  • Low maintenance / user friendly
  • Backed by Bond’s 90-day limited warranty

PBB-2X Portable Binder

With the most pull through power to tackle the thickest & hardest carpet backings and the high speed to run volumes of carpet cove base and area rugs.  Best of all, no more bobbin is required, so there’s no more stopping every 50-60 feet to replace a bobbin. Features include:

  • Bobbinless – no bobbin required
  • Extremely powerful and high speed
  • Adjustable speed trigger switch
  • Double puller 4 x 4 (top and bottom driven pullers both front and rear)
  • Independent rear puller lifter (run like a single puller for circles etc)
  • Binds up to 3-inch tapes with optional folders
  • Optional cove base guide
  • Easy threading accessibility & tension adjustments
  • Independent front & rear clutch pullers
  • Heavy duty casters
  • Lightweight
  • 8-foot cord
  • Holds large thread spools
  • Low maintenance / user friendly
  • Easy threading with full access removable front panel
  • Super heavy duty needle & looper
  • Straight chain stitch
  • Extra high lift of needle height
  • 110V standard heavy duty motor
  • Non-slip belt system
  • 90-day warranty on parts and service
    • Note: Bobbinless binders are straight stitch only!

PBL-TX Portable Tapestry Binder

Get up to date with our PBL-TX Tapestry Binder. Now you can put on the wide tapestry borders (up to 6-1/2″ on the face). Simply blind stitch the wide border on and “flip & glue” to the back side of the rug. Charge $7 to $9 and up per linear foot. A great additional income to your workroom or retail store business.

PBL-TXB Wide Tapestry & Binder Combo

All new Bond Model PBL-TXB Zigzag Lock-Stitch Tapestry Portable Binder. Comes with tapestry guide & your choice of a narrow folder. Why buy three different machines when one can do the job? Now available with a zigzag lockstitch that binds ¾ to 3” widths of tape in a single pass (with optional folder attachments) or tapestry blind stitch up to 6-1/2 inches wide.

  • Portable
  • Straight or zigzag stitch
  • Adjustable stitch length
  • High lift needle
  • Uses regular portable style A, HD bobbins
  • Binds over 10 feet per minute
  • Walking foot top and feed dog bottom for consistent pulling power
  • Optional 3-inch sisal  tape folders available
  • Four heavy duty caster wheels for stability
  • 8-foot cord standard
  • 220v motor optional
  • Backed by Bond’s 90-day warranty
    • Note: When using as a regular binding machine, it’s only intended for light to medium weight carpets, also ideal for upholstery work.


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slip-and-fall accidents

Avoid Slip-and-Fall Accidents with Your Rugs!

How dangerous are slip-and-fall accidents? It depends. Small children fall all of the time, get back up, and keep on trucking, but one spill can do a great deal of damage to the wrong person, particularly people over the age of 65. The National Institutes of Health conducted an analysis of injuries treated in emergency rooms from 2001-2008 in order to track slip-and-fall injuries, where they occur, and the pain and decreased mobility that resulted. Here is what they found:

Every year within this time period American emergency rooms treated approximately 38,000 adults ages 65 and older for injuries sustained with carpets and rugs. In the majority of cases (72.8%) these injuries occurred at home. Women were much more likely to be treated than men.

The most common site in the home for falls was the bathroom (35.7%). Typically people fell when they were passing over spots where carpets met rugs or rugs met flooring, where there were wet spots on rugs or flooring, or while they were hurrying to the bathroom. Other problems associated with injuries included rugs or carpets with curled edges or fold, but loose area rugs were a bigger problem than carpets.

The most reported injuries were in people ages 75-84, and the injuries were most commonly to the head or neck. While older people often worry about falls because they so often result in fractures or breaks, they worry especially about hip fractures because they lead to complications and lesser mobility. Not only is a hip fracture painful, one in five people who suffer one will die within a year of their injury. Even following a successful recovery after a fall, older people will go out less and take fewer chances out of lingering fear.

Previously we talked about things you should do to keep your rugs from slipping and creating hazards in your home. Using products like non-slip rug pads, or rug backings will help to keep your rugs in place and therefore create less of a hazard in your home. If you haven’t secured the rugs in your home, now would be a good time to tackle that job – before winter presents us with even more slip and fall opportunities. Consider safety proofing the rugs in the homes or apartments of your older relatives or friends as well. A small investment in safety could mean years more of health and independent living for your loved ones and priceless peace of mind.

Call us at Bond Products if you need help or advice about the products necessary to make the rugs and carpets in your home safer to traverse.

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pneumatic stapler

Why Do You Need a Pneumatic Stapler?

Have you thought about investing in new equipment in 2023? One useful tool we recommend solid hardwood flooring and engineered flooring professionals have is a pneumatic stapler or finish nail tool. If you don’t know why a pneumatic stapler is great to have, we will go through its uses here. 

What Is a Pneumatic Staple Gun?

A pneumatic staple gun is a tool that is often used in the construction industry and to install hardwood and engineered flooring underlayment. It looks like a gun and has a trigger and a cartridge for staples. The staple gun uses compressed air to drive staples into a hard surface like wood flooring. It’s simple to use and improves stapling accuracy, limiting damage to the object being stapled. 

In terms of efficiency, a pneumatic staple gun accomplishes a task much faster than a manual or even an electric stapler. Pneumatic tools require less maintenance than other kinds of tools as well. Using compressed air rather than gas or electricity keeps costs down too. 

What Does a Pneumatic Stapler Do?

People use pneumatic staple guns to attach materials that might become easily dislodged if they were attached with a small nail. These include: insulation, house wrap, roofing felt, and hardwood flooring or engineered flooring underlayment. These pneumatic staplers use a variety of crown widths, depending on the fastener application’s requirements. They range from narrow to wide crown. The choice of staple will depend on the material you’re fastening or your holding power requirements. 

Pneumatic staple guns are serious equipment, so if you invest in one, you should also commit to wearing safety glasses and ear protection while operating it. Also: use your pneumatic stapler according to directions at all times. 

The Pneumatic 18GA Narrow Crown Professional Underlayment Stapler

The pneumatic stapler Bond Products carries and recommends is the Pneumatic 18GA Narrow Crown Professional Underlayment Stapler. This stapler weighs only 2.8 pounds, has a fast jam release and a 360° adjustable exhaust. It’s operation is bump/single fire, and it has an operating pressure of 70-100 PSI. 

This underlayment stapler uses 18 GA staples from ⅞” to 1-½”. You may have heard that the U.S. Commerce Department has recently increased duties on all Chinese producers and exporters by 301.64%. This definitely applies to staples made by Chinese manufacturers, including 18 GA staples. Fortunately, the ProDriveHD® brand staples we offer at Bond Products are not subject to fluctuating prices because of tariffs. 

If you are in the market for a pneumatic stapler, we at Bond Products have you covered. Call us today at 1-888-800-BOND to place your order for your stapler and any staples you require. 



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needles and thread

The Right Needles and Thread: Machine Essentials

Bond Products offers a variety of binding and serging machines for professional use. We always recommend that our customers who purchase and use these machines also purchase specific needles and thread, and other carpet binding supplies from us as well. With the right materials, our binders and sergers will operate better and last longer, and their output will be higher quality too. Below is a list of our machines and the needles and thread, bobbins, and other products we recommend purchasing with them.


For the PBL-1 and PBL-2 portable carpet binders, use:


#21022 22 DP Diamond Point needles (box of 100 or pack of 10)

#21023 23 DP Diamond Point needles (box of 100 or pack of 10)

Top thread:

#08054 52 [.010] 8oz Cleartone Monofilament thread

#08056 63 [.011] 8oz Cleartone Monofilament thread


For the PBL-TX and PBL-TXB Wide Tapestry carpet binders, use:


#21024 24 DP Diamond Point needles (box of 100 or pack of 10)

Top thread:

#08078 White, #08079 Black size 69 Bonded Tex 70 Nylon 16 oz. spool

#08056 63 [.011] 8oz Cleartone Monofilament thread


#08052HD Style A-Heavy Duty bobbins


For the BBL-1 and BBL-2 Bobbinless table binders, use:


#21024 24 DP Diamond Point needles (box of 100 or pack of 10)

#21025B/M 25 DP Diamond Point needles

Top thread:

#08016 Size 63 [.011] Cleartone Monofilament Canister (1.5 lb. approx.)

Bottom thread:

#08078 White, #08079 Black size 69 Bonded Tex 70 Nylon 16 oz. spool


For the PBB-1 & PBB-2 Bobbinless portable binders, use:


#21025 25-UY143GS needles (box of 100 or pack of 10)

Top thread:

#08017 75 [.012] Cleartone Monofilament canister (1.5 lb. approx.)


#09012 12/4 Glazed Cotton Tex 135 in Maple, Chestnut, Natural, Olive Drab

OR #08078 White #69 NYLON 16 oz. spool (#08079 black, etc.)


For the HDB-1 & HDB-2 Heavy Duty Bobbinless table binders, use:


#21027C 250-9848 Needles (pack of 25)

#21027B 230-9848-1975G Needles (pack of 25) OR #21028 *250-1975G

Top thread:

#08017 Size 75 [.012] Cleartone Monofilament Canister (1.5 LB approx.)


#08078 White, #08079 Black size 69 Bonded Tex 70 Nylon 16 oz. spool

#08082 White, #08083 Black #138 Tex 135 Nylon 16 oz. spool


For the TMB-1 Lock Stitch table binder, use:


#21023 23 DP Diamond Point or Titanium needles (box of 100 or pack of 10)

Top thread:

#08015 52 [.010] Cleartone Monofilament canister (1.5 lb.)

#08016 63 [.011] Cleartone Monofilament canister (1.5 lb.)


#08051 Style F bobbins, or #08051HD Style F-Heavy Duty bobbins


For the HDS-1 & HDS-2 Heavy Duty sergers, use:


#21026HD (250-9844GS) needles (25 each) or #21031HD (230-9844) needles (25 each)

Top thread:

#08084 White, #08085 Black #207 Bonded Tex 210 Nylon 16 oz. Spool



For the Alpha Miniket portable serger, use:


#MKG002@ EACH & PACK #MKG002PK (10)

Top thread:

#08084 White, #08085 Black #207 Tex 210 Nylon 16 oz. spool


Sku #28000 1.29lb cones, 100% cotton yarn

An added note for all of our customers: All 1-1/4” folders should be used with Long Shank needles. (Portables – PBL’s, PBS, PBT, GMC Commander)

As always, if you have any questions about the binding supplies you need for your machines, please contact us or call us at (888) 800-2663 (BOND). We are open Monday to Friday from 7:30 AM to 4:00 PM to provide these answers and any other customer service you may need.


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carpet binding equipment

Why Invest in Carpet Binding Equipment?

Have you ever considered investing in carpet binding equipment? Do you want to add another skill to your portfolio of services? Carpet binders and sergers are a great way to add extra income to your flooring business. Add one to your workroom or retail business store, and you can charge $7-12 dollars per linear foot to add wide tapestry borders to carpet and rugs. With some training, skill and the right equipment, you can create attractive, fully finished carpeting ranging from functional to art either on location or in your own facility. This is a simple and straightforward way to expand your company’s services and customer base.

Carpet Binding Equipment Options

Bond Products’ catalog includes a variety of carpet binding and serging equipment, both stationary and portable, that will allow you to bind any size carpet on site anywhere. What types of machines do we offer?

Portable Binders

You can take a portable machine wherever you go because it moves around the perimeter of the carpet which remains in place. Portable binders are great tools for on-site carpet work like building construction or commercial remodeling projects. They can also be used in the shop. These machines are fast. Bond’s PBL-XB Zig-Zag Portable Binder offers both a straight or a zig-zag stitch and binds over 10 feet per minute.

Bond’s PBB-2X Bobbinless Portable Binder tackles the thickest and hardest carpet backings while running high speed so you can bind high volumes of carpet cove base and area rugs. The PBB-2X can bind 7/8 to 3” wide tapes with the proper tape folders.

Stationary Binders

Stationary machines work like a portable binder in reverse: they remain in place while the carpet moves through it. Binding a large carpet with a stationary tool requires a large workspace and a large table or a set of conveyor rollers, so it can only be done in house by a professional. Machines like Bond’s BBL 1 and BBL 2 are high-speed, self-lubricating machines that are built to last a lifetime.

The PBL-TXB is an extra heavy-duty construction machine that does the work of three machines, allowing you to go from a straight stitch to a zig-zag stitch easily. Its zig-zag lockstitch binds ¾” to 3” widths of tape in a single pass. It also has a tapestry blind stitch up to 6 ½ inches wide, adjustable stitch length, variable speed, a walking-foot top and feed-dog bottom for consistent pulling power, and a high lift needle for thick rugs. The PBL-TXB binds over 10 feet of carpet per minute.

Single vs. Double Puller Carpet Binders

Typically for commercial work (light weight / low pile) carpet, a single puller is sufficient 90% of the time or more. You can always pre-bevel thicker carpet for easier binding. If you are doing mostly residential plush and berber carpets of 40 to 50 ounces and up, a double puller will track through these rugs more easily and also help keep the work more square on the  way through.

Bond recommends all of the machines we sell for the different tasks they are designed for. It’s important to choose the right machine for your job. If you would like to enter the carpet binding industry at a lower price, Bond also offers a number of refurbished machines in our clearance section. If you have questions about which type of carpet binder or serger would best suit your needs, please call us at 1-888-800-BOND. We would be happy to advise you on what carpet binding equipment could best expand your business’s capabilities.




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RV carpeting

Does Your RV Carpeting Need Replacing?

If you’ve spent much time in your RV, how closely have you looked at your RV carpeting? Is it dirty and outdated? Worn? If you have an older model RV or one with carpet, replacing it with carpet that will wear better and look cleaner can give your vehicle an instant update. It’s not very expensive, so the bang per buck can be quite large for a small investment of money and time.

Why would your carpet need replacing? Newer RVs have relied less on carpet for a number of reasons, including the fact that traffic in RVs tends to be heavy. When you’re camping in dirty, sandy areas, a lot of what’s on your shoes and sandals will wind up in your carpet. It’s also really easy for carpet to get sun faded and mildewed when it is exposed to the elements.

Carpeting also goes through style cycles, and what looks fresh today can look dated very quickly. There are so many different styles of indoor/outdoor carpet that might work better in your RV space than what some manufacturer picked out decades ago.

Why stick with carpet? There are, of course, other options for flooring that might be suitable for your space. Carpet, however, is:

  • Inexpensive, especially when you take into account the price of remnant carpet
  • Quick to install
  • Long lasting; the new carpet should last at least as long as the previous one
  • Forgiving – a good multicolor or flecked carpet will hide a lot of stains

At Bond Products we’ve seen people get handy and creative replacing the carpet in their recreational vehicles. And we’re happy to help our customers if they need assistance making their carpet look professionally done. We would advise our customers to choose their new carpeting wisely. There are so many options now, but not all of them will take heavy traffic, dirt, and water as well. For RV use, 100 percent nylon rugs are much better than carpets with natural fibers. If you are on a budget, check out the remnants section of local carpet stores. There are plenty of good deals to be had. Because the floor space in an RV is limited, you will not need very much.

To bind your remnants, we offer marine style Instabind which is made using solution dyed acrylic material and is available in four colors – black, navy, gray and beige. Because it’s UV protected and mildew resistant, it’s perfect for RVs, boats, cars, and outdoor carpets. It’s easy to bind a remnant with Instabind. All you need is the carpet, Instabind, scissors, and a hot glue gun. We recommend using our Hi-Temp polyamide glue sticks when applying our Outdoor Marine binding.

If you want to give your RV a new, updated look this summer, replacing old carpet is an inexpensive and quick way to go about it. Summer is here. Is it time for a change?


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spring open house

Join us at the 7th Annual Spring Open House!

Bond is celebrating 76 years of being family owned and operated from 1947-2023 at our 7th annual Spring Open House!

George, Wesley, Violet, John, and Kenneth Milnes

Join us Thursday and Friday, April 20-21, 2023, from 8:00 a.m. until 3:00 p.m. We will be offering:

  • Free labor* on portable binder repairs (you just have to pay for the parts)*
  • Free instruction on maintaining and servicing your binder
  • Free training on binding, serging, beveling and fringing techniques
  • A 10% discount on all Bond equipment and supplies
  • Trade evaluations on your old equipment if you want to “trade up”
  • …and not to mention… FREE FOOD AND DRINKS!

Learn from the pros! This is an excellent opportunity to see our state-of-the-art carpet workroom and to take advantage of free service and training.

NOTE : appointments are required ; no walk ins allowed at this time. Thank you!

*Free labor is limited to portable binders only, with a limit of two per customer. If you would like to take advantage of this service, please call (888) 800-2663 and schedule an appointment ahead of time. We require an operator to be present to view the service performed and get training and tips on running/maintaining the binder being repaired. Repairs are limited to basic tune ups. Any extensive work needed beyond 30 minutes free service is subject to additional billing.


BondmapBond Products, Inc.

4511 Wayne Ave.

Philadelphia, PA 19144

1-888-800-BOND (2663)


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sisal carpet binding tape in three colors

What Is Carpet Binding Tape?

Do you have questions about carpet binding tape? We have the information you need. Below are some frequently asked questions that Bond Products gets about carpet binding tape – with our answers.

What Is Carpet Binding Tape?

Carpet binding tape is tape that is used to bind the edges of carpets, area rugs, runners, and staircases to make them more attractive and prevent them from fraying or unraveling. Binding tape is also used in cars, boats and recreational vehicles. It’s made of cotton or polyester and comes in a variety of colors to better match the color of carpet it’s trimming.

How Do You Bind Carpet Edges?

There are two ways to bind carpet edges: by machine or by hand using an “instant” carpet binding tape like Instabind

Carpet professionals bind carpets using cotton or polyester binding tape, depending on the fabric material of the rug. They push the carpet through a binding or serging machine that can be either stationary or portable. Portable binding machines are designed to allow for carpet binding when the carpet is being installed on site. A stationary binding machine is what a carpet store will use. These machines work very well, but they require a large table and workspace to turn the carpet on as it’s being bound.

Instabind™ regular style carpet binding has a similar appearance to standard or traditional binding but without showing any stitching. It’s not stitched – it’s glued. Instabind is available in 22 stock colors and a variety of styles. It’s more durable than traditional carpet binding and actually helps reinforce the carpet backing along the cut edges. 

For specific instructions about how to use Instabind to bind a rug or a carpet, click here. Or watch our instructional video:


How Much Does It Cost to Bind Carpet Edges?

The cost of having a carpet bound by a professional will vary from place to place, but expect that it will be at least $2 dollar per linear foot (measure the perimeter of your carpet) if you use polyester carpet binding tape which is the least expensive kind. 

If you want to bind your carpet yourself using Instabind, you can purchase it in standard 54 or 216 ft rolls (priced by the roll) or custom size lengths with a $.40 per foot up-charge (priced by the foot). Please note the diameter is estimated to be 9/32″ wide. We recommend that you use latex-based hot melt glue sticks for a long-lasting strong hold. 

If you have any further questions about carpet binding tape, please call us at 1-888-800-BOND. We are always happy to answer questions about carpet binding, whether you need help with your small carpet project as a first time DIYer or whether you have your own carpet binding machine and need assistance keeping it tuned and maintained. Call us! We are here to help.

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Bond's staples

Bond’s Staples: The Right Staple for the Job

One of the products in Bond’s Pro Drive HD™ line that we haven’t yet talked about is our staples. Bond carries several types of staple guns and a wide variety of staples as well. Here we will list the types of staples, what their best uses are, and which staple guns they are suitable for use with. 

Staple Guns

Bond offers a hand stapler and a pneumatic stapler. 

The SSTGU81 Gunlach Heavy Duty Hand-binding Stapler #81 is a quality hand stapler. In the carpet industry, it’s used to attach 1½” binding tape to carpet and will staple the tails on corners because it will staple at any angle. Many people also use it in the flooring industry and for fabric and paper. Its curved handle reduces quick soreness that can result from use. 

Use the SSTGU248 24/8 5/16″ Galvanized Staples with the Gunlach stapler. They are 5/16” in length and come in a package of 5000 staples. 

We talked about why a pneumatic stapler is such a useful tool back in January. The pneumatic stapler we have available to purchase is the 18 GA Underlayment Stapler with Extra Capacity Aluminum Magazine. This stapler is used for flooring installation and has a bump/single fire operation and a fast jam release. Use GA staples from 7/8″ to 1-9/16″ in length with this stapler. 

If you would like to use this stapler out of the box in one package deal with the necessary staples, we offer that too. 

The Right Staple for the Job 

Here are the types of staples we have available for sale, along with what they are used for: 

15-1/2 GA 1-1/2″ Flooring Staples 10,300 ct per box 

15-1/2 GA 1-3/4″ Flooring Staples 9,000 ct per box

15-1/2 GA 2″ Flooring Staples 7720 ct per box

These flooring staples are used for 3/4″ hardwood or Maple flooring applications into wood sub-floors. They are E-G galvanized for rust resistance but not recommended for ACQ-treated lumber. Over time these staples may corrode, due to galvanization thickness. They are not intended to prevent rust on exterior applications. To ensure maximum protection, use stainless steel type 316 staples.

These staples perform. They will meet any manufacturer’s quality standards. We guarantee that they will fit 15-1/2 GA flooring tools, including Stanley Bostitch® tools or we will give you your money back.

The following staples have a blunt chisel point. They are thinner than a 15.5 GA staple or a 16 GA L-cleat and have a reduced chance of splitting. They are E-G galvanized to protect from rust. These are the most cost efficient staple we offer. 

18 GA NC1000L13D 1″ Premium  steel 1/4″ Crown Staples 5,000 CT – This staple is similar to Duo-Fast® 1832 and fits ALL Duo-Fast® SureShot Staplers models plus Hitachi® N3804AB3 & Spotnail® WS4840 & TC4825. It fits most 18 gauge 1/4″ narrow crown staple tools including: BeA®: 90/38-150 / Bostitch®: S32SX, SX150, T40SX-CT / Craftsman®: 18300, 18306,18367, 18406, 18435 / Duo-Fast®: KN1848, KN1848A, KB1836, KS7648 / Fasco®: F20P 90-40 / Hitachi®: N3804AB / Jamerco®: JTS061825, 1838a, 1838H / Makita®: AT638 / Porter-Cable®: NS100, NS100A, NS150 / Senco®: A100LS, A150LS, SKS-L, SLS20-L, SLS25L, SLS25XP / Spotnails®: @WS4840, FS4825.

It WILL NOT FIT : Paslode® 3/16″ Crown Staplers.

18 GA NC0875L12D 7/8″ Underlayment Staples 5,000 CT – This staple is similar to Duo-Fast 1828 and fits ALL Duo-Fast® SureShot Staplers models plus Hitachi® N3804AB3 & Spotnail® WS4840 & TC4825. It fits most 18 gauge 1/4″ narrow crown staple tools including: BeA®: 90/38-150 / Bostitch®: S32SX, SX150, T40SX-CT / Craftsman®: 18300, 18306,18367, 18406, 18435 / Duo-Fast®: KN1848, KN1848A, KB1836, KS7648 / Fasco®: F20P 90-40 / Hitachi®: N3804AB / Jamerco®: JTS061825, 1838a, 1838H / Makita®: AT638 / Porter-Cable®: NS100, NS100A, NS150 / Senco®: A100LS, A150LS, SKS-L, SLS20-L, SLS25L, SLS25XP / Spotnails®: @WS4840, FS4825.

It WILL NOT FIT : Paslode® 3/16″ Crown Staplers.

18 GA NC1250L15-8 1-1/4″ Premium  steel 1/4″ Crown Staples 5,000 CT – This staple is similar to Duo-Fast® 1840. It fits ALL Duo-Fast® SureShot Staplers. It fits most 18 gauge 1/4″ narrow crown staple tools including: BeA®: 90/38-150 / Bostitch®: S32SX, SX150, T40SX-CT / Craftsman®: 18300, 18306,18367, 18406, 18435 / Duo-Fast®: KN1848, KN1848A, KB1836, KS7648 / Fasco®: F20P 90-40 / Hitachi®: N3804AB / Jamerco®: JTS061825, 1838a, 1838H / Makita®: AT638 / Porter-Cable®: NS100, NS100A, NS150 / Senco®: A100LS, A150LS, SKS-L, SLS20-L, SLS25L, SLS25XP / Spotnails®: @WS4840, FS4825.

It WILL NOT FIT : Paslode® 3/16″ Crown Staplers.

The following staples are made of premium graded steel. They have an improved point, superior strip integrity, and holding power and do not bend or break. 

20 GA 5010D 5/16″ Divergent PAD Staples 5,000 CT – This staple is compatible with: CS-500 Duo-Fast®, EWC-5018A Duo-fast®, HT-550 Classic Duo-Fast®, SureShot®5020 DLAF Duo-Fast®, SureShot® 5020 S Duo-Fast®, SureShot® 5020 Duo-Fast®. OLDER MODELS: CT-859A, EWC-5018, HT-550, JP-5020, JP-5020 DL, JS-5020 DL. 

A-11D 3/8″ Hand or Electric staples 5,000 CT – This staple is equal to Arrow T50. Use this with Slap Stapler– Interchangeable with Senco® A-11, Duo-Fast® A-11, Rapid® 11, JK671. It fits Arrow® CT50K, ETFX50, ETF50BN, ETN50, HT50, T50PRN, ET50, ETC50 Electric Staple Guns. Air Staple Guns Fasco® F1B A11-16, AUTO, L/M. 

19GA 7512D 3/8″ Divergent PAD Staples 5,000 CT– This staple is for use with HT-755 Duo-Fast® series 3/8″ x 15/32″ Crown.

20GA 5418D 9/16″ Divergent Electric Staples 5,000 CT (14MM) – This staple is GUARANTEED to fit all 5400 & 5418 SERIES & Older Models: BN-54245, BND-5424 SP284, ENB-5418A, ENC-5418A SP330, ENC-5418A SP330A, ENC-5418A. 

The final two types of staples we offer are: 

16 GA 7/16″ Crown Staples “N” WIRE Available in DIFFERENT LENGTHS – This staple is ideal for sheathing, soffits, underlayment, lattice, cabinets, case backs, drawers, and more. It’s electro galvanized and made to fit Senco N series and Hitachi, Porter Cable and similar N WIRE staplers. It’s similar to Senco® N17BAB staples and available in sizes 3/4″, 1″, 1-1/4″, 1-1/2″. These above lengths are 7/16″ crown x 3/4″ leg,16 gauge. 

3/8 Arrow Electric Gun Staples 3/8″ #T50 – This is a 3/8″ | 10 mm staple that’s great for carpeting, plywood, lattice, and paneling. It comes in boxes of 5,000 staples. 

Bond’s Staples – “Superior Products At The Right Price©” 

As you can see, we have a full line of staples and quality staplers to meet your needs. If you need staples, staple guns, mallets, mallet caps, L-cleats, or finish nails for your flooring project, shop our Pro Drive HD™ line of supplies or call us at 1-888-800-BOND with any questions. We will be happy to help you. 

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How thick is carpet binding tape

How Thick Is Carpet Binding Tape?

We have answered many carpet binding questions on this blog over the years, but one we haven’t yet answered is: “How thick is carpet binding tape?” Let’s talk about binding tape thickness – specifically binding tape width – and what people need to know about carpet binding. 

A Quick Refresher: 

Carpet binding tape is tape that is used to bind the edges of carpets, area rugs, runners, and staircases to make them more attractive and prevent them from fraying or unraveling.

People use binding tape for a number of purposes besides binding carpet or turning a remnant into a rug, including crafts, home decor, and, most recently, making face masks. They are useful for these purposes because binding tape comes in a number of fabric types as well as a large variety of colors, so it’s easy to match or complement the fabric or material you are binding it to. 

Binding tape is attached to carpet by either hot glue, stapling, or sewing. Instabind is attached with hot glue and is typically used for smaller DIY rug projects. It comes in regular, cotton binding, faux leather, synthetic serge, cotton serge, rope edge, outdoor marine, and safety edge varieties. 

How Thick Is Carpet Binding Tape? 

Binding tape that is used to bind carpets with carpet binding machines comes in a number of thicknesses, but the most common are ⅞ and 1¼ inches. The thicker the carpet or rug being bound, the thicker the binding tape has to be to cover the edge. Bond Products sells binding tape in these thicknesses:

These tapes are available in a full spectrum of colors to match whatever kind of carpet is on the market for sale. 

During the carpet binding process, the carpet will be cut down to the desired shape. It may also be beveled and tapered toward the edges. This will affect how wide the binding tape has to be and make the tape lie neatly at the edges. 

Bond Products also has carpet binding equipment for sale as well as other quality equipment, including sergers, cutters, bevelers, and machine package deals. If you have further questions about binding tape thickness or need carpet binding tape or anything necessary to bind carpet, call us at 1-888-800-BOND. We will be glad to help you. 


How Thick Is Carpet Binding Tape? Read More »


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