18 gauge flooring staples

Staples: Bond Products Has Them!

Bond Products is pleased to present our new line of staples to our customers. Our variety of staples and quality controlled manufacturing processes allows us to better equip our customers with the right fastener for the job every time. Both the professional carpet installer and the weekend DIYer will find what they need for their installation work at Bond.

Why Are Staples Essential for Carpet and Flooring?

While ripping up carpeting and installing hardwood floors has been a very popular trend among homeowners for some time, carpeting is still an important part of a nearly every home remodel. Carpet feels warm and soft underfoot and looks homey to the eye, and most people consider carpeting in some rooms to be essential. The best product for carpet installation is staples.

Installing carpeting needs to be done carefully, but it’s not too difficult a process for a handy person to accomplish. Choosing the right type of carpeting staple is crucial to getting the job done right, however, so Bond offers a full selection of staples that make the work quick and easy – narrow crown wood staples, divergent PAD staples, divergent electric staples, and underlayment staples.

Why staples? Staples, as opposed to nails, do less damage to the carpet itself and, with the right tools, are easy to lay and also easy to remove when mistakes are made. They are affordable and easy to load in a stapler. Staples are also useful for installing lighter weight flooring products such as sheet vinyl flooring. Stapling the vinyl to the perimeter of the room is quick install technique, and the staples can be easily covered with baseboard for a fully finished look.

Bond Products also offers staples and a staple gun suitable for rug-making purposes, if hardwood and area rugs are more to your home decorating taste. The staples we offer include galvanized staples and Arrow electric gun staples in 3/8“/10mm and 9/16”/14mm sizes. We offer replacement mullet caps as well.

For staples, staple guns, mallets, mallet caps, L-cleats, or finish nails for your flooring project, shop our Pro Drive HD™ line of suppliesWe’ll be happy to supply anything you require for your job or project, so call Bond Products today.



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