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Binder Packaging: a How To Guide

If your business relies on carpet binding machines and equipment to in order to remain open, you know how important it is to maintain those machines and have them fixed promptly when they break down. Do you know the proper binder packaging methods to use if you send them in to a professional for repair?

Bond Products repairs and maintains all brands of carpet binding machines, portable binders, sergers, and tapestry binders. Every year at our spring and fall open houses, we open our doors to demonstrate how to operate and fix these machines, but if you need a professional’s expertise, we are more than glad to do the work for you. We’ve found, however, that many customers do not know how to properly package their machines in order to protect them from damage on their way to us. We’d like to go through and explain our packing recommendations so that you know the correct precautions to take. Here are our recommendations:

Pack your binder using new double-wall, 200-pound test or better cardboard. Inside the box, your machine should be wrapped and surrounded with enough packing material so that it does not move around.

We recommend using UPS for shipping and also insuring your equipment in case it is damaged or lost en route. Do not take chances! Carpet binding equipment is expensive to replace, and we cannot be held responsible for equipment that goes missing on its way to us.

Ship your package to this address:

Attn. Service Dept.

Bond Products, Inc.

4511 Wayne Ave.

Philadelphia, PA 19144

Make sure to include your contact and return information. If you have any questions we would be happy to discuss them over the phone. Do not hesitate to call. If you need an estimate for repairs or would like to discuss trade-in options, please include that in the information your enclose with your machine.

If you use the above instructions, your valuable machines will ship safely and securely from your shop to Bond Products, and we will be able to get them fixed and back to you quickly and without additional expense. Once you have received your repaired machine, take the time to inspect the packaging and your equipment to confirm that it was not damaged during shipping.

It’s always wise to set up your machine and do a test run with a small piece of carpet to make sure that it was properly repaired and operational. We want you to be satisfied with your machine and able to operate it without difficulty.

If you have broken machinery, do not wait to repair it. That will cost your business money. Ship it to us at Bond Products with your instructions. We would be happy to help your get it running again and put you back in business!

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