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Portable or Stationary Binding Machines: Which is Best?

Have you ever considered purchasing your own carpet serging or binding machines? With the right training and equipment plus a little acquired skill, you can create attractive, fully finished carpeting ranging from functional to art and expand your services and customer base.

Bond Products offers a wide variety of stationary and portable tools capable of producing bound and serged carpets of the highest quality. If you are unfamiliar with the basics of carpet binding machines and equipment, we’ll describe them here:

Stationary: Stationary machines remain in place while the carpet moves through it. Binding a large carpet with a stationary tool requires a large workspace and a large table, so it can only be done in house by a professional. Machines like Bond’s BBL 1 and BBL 2 are high-speed, self-lubricating machines that are built to last a lifetime.


Heavy-duty binders can be used to produce large volumes of bound carpet. Bond’s TMB-1 Double-Puller Binder/Fringer is capable of binding 10 to 18 yards per minute. It’s one of the most powerful binders on the market. For larger area rugs, an air table or rollers are required, however. There is less flexibility in terms of where you can operate them.

Portable: Portable machines move around the perimeter of the carpet which remains in place. With portable machines, any kind of carpet can be bound or serged anywhere. These are great tools for on-site carpet work such as new building construction or commercial remodeling projects. They can be used in the shop as well, and they are fast. Bond’s PBL-XB Zig-Zag  Portable Binder offers both a straight or a zig-zag stitch and binds over 10 feet per minute.

Bond’s PBB-2X Bobbinless Portable Binder will tackle the thickest and hardest carpet backings while running high speed so you can bind high volumes of carpet cove base and area rugs. The PBB-2X is also fitted with our custom adjustable hook and loop guide for either 2 or 4 inch tapes!

If you’re looking to add to the capabilities of your carpet business for a lower price, Bond also offers a number of refurbished machines in our clearance section. We offer both portable and stationary equipment for binding and serging, although our inventory is subject to constant change. Check our Clearance page often for great machines at a lower cost to you.

All of Bond’s binders and sergers are backed by Bond’s 90-day warranty, and we also offer servicing of all models of carpet binding equipment. If you’ve been considering expanding your services into carpet binding and serging, contact Bond Products today. We’d be happy to help you select the best binding or serging machine for your needs.








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