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Christmas Uses for Hook-and-Loop Tape

Christmas uses

As December quickly approaches, many people are digging through their basements, attics, and storage closets to find their Christmas decorations. It’s fun to see familiar ornaments again and to put them on the tree or around your home. It can also be frustrating if you can’t find the decorations you’re looking for or if you have to spend time untangling lights or tinsel. One tool that can help you organize and enhance your Christmas this year is hook-and-loop tape. We will go over some great Christmas uses for it in this blog.

Untangle with Hook-and-Loop Tape

Many corded items like laptop cords come with a strip of hook-and-loop tape attached so they can be easily wrapped up. Christmas lights and strings should come with tape already because they are so easily tangled. Sadly, they do not. However, with only a small investment of money and a scissors, you can wrap them with hook-and-loop tape so that next year adding lights your tree will be a snap.

We’ve talked before about the uses for hook-and-loop tape around the house. One of those suggestions was to use hook-and-loop tape to hang posters or paintings without using nails. This works very well for Christmas items like Advent calendars or Christmas card displays. Attach a length of hook-and-loop tape to a doorway or mantle and then hang whatever you want to from it with hook-and-loop coins.  It’s also great for hanging lightweight wreaths from doors.

Make Kid-friendly Decorations

If you have small children, you know that Christmas can be a challenge. Breakable ornaments remain in storage, so what do you do to make your home festive and involve the kids? There are a number of clever crafts that you can try that use hook-and-loop tape.

Here is a Christmas craft suitable for the tiniest kids: Make a photo Christmas tree. Take a piece of green felt or colored paper, stick on hook-and-loop coins and let your kids decorate the tree with selected photos of family, friends, the Baby Jesus, or felt Christmas decorations. The best part is that kids can decorate this kind of tree as often as they like without anyone worrying they might break something.

Another great Christmas craft is to make a “gingerbread” house from a cardboard box, trim it with hook-and-loop tape, and then let the kids decorate it with whatever little ornaments they like. Again, this is completely reusable and a good way to keep little hands occupied when you need to do other holiday tasks.

Bond Products offers hook-and-loop tape in coins and strips. The strips are available in both peel-and-stick and sew formats. If you’d like to make your life more organized or have hook-and-loop tape in your supplies for crafts or decorating, call us today at 1-888-800-BOND. We’d be happy to “hook you up” with these fine products!



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