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Hook-and-Loop Tape Uses around the House

In our last blog we talked about how and why hook-and-loop tape came to be. Because hook-and-loop tape can be used to hold things firmly in place, this product has many, many applications that go beyond its traditional use as a fastener or zipper substitute. Here are some of them:

A different kind of rug lock – There are a number of ways to stop area rugs from slipping and causing accidents in your home, but hook-and-loop tape is another. Attach strips of loops to your floor and strips of hooks to your rug, and the rug will remain in place.

A remote butler – Do you have a problem finding your TV/cable box/DVR player remotes? Are they always going missing or falling in the cracks of your furniture? If you put a strip of hook-and-loop tape on the backs of your remotes and another in a place where you keep them, they can’t wander off when you’re not looking.

A cord organizer – Rubber bands and twist ties work fine as tools to help you keep TV or computer cords separate and untangled – until the rubber dries out and breaks or unless the twist ties are too short. You can cut dual-sided hook-and-loop tape to whatever length you need and expect it to work for however long you need it because it will not wear out, mold, or degrade.

Keep track of plush toys and stuffed animals – If your small children are forever losing their stuffed animals, you can attach a length of loop tape to the inside of a bag or a piece of cloth and use that to prevent them from getting misplaced.

Hold outdoor cushions and tableclothes fast – It can be a challenge to keep a tablecloth on an outdoor table, but a bright cloth can make all the difference to your outdoor decor. If you have a problem with the wind blowing your cushions or other cloth items away or out of place, hook-and-loop tape is an ideal solution.

Hang up pictures without using nails or masking tape – If you have light pictures or posters you’d like to display but do not want to damage your walls, hook-and-loop coins will allow you to do that easily. Is your kid going away to college or getting his first apartment? Throw some hook-and-loop tape in your bag for move-in day, and it may wind up sparing you expensive fees for nail holes or wall repair later.

There are so many more organizational and display uses for hook-and-loop tape and coins that your imagination is really the limit. Bond Products has many different options so please browse our selection to find the product that will best fit your needs.

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