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What Is the Right Carpet Binding or Serging Machine for Your Business?

One of the most frequently asked questions we get is: What binding or serging machine is the right choice for my business? With that inspiration we want to discuss and clarify our recommendations for each model machine in our line.

Portable vs. Stationary – the Pros and Cons

Portable machines are exactly that – portable. They are generally smaller machines on wheels that only require a small space to operate. They “roll” around the perimeter of the area rug either in your warehouse or right on the job site. They are considerably less of an initial investment than stationary machines and are generally recommended for those just getting started in the binding business or for those who simply do not have the space or budget required for stationary binders/sergers.

The benefits of portable machines are:

  • They require less space to operate
  • They are easily conveyed to the job site
  • They require a smaller initial investment

Stationary machines, or table models as they are often called, require more space to operate as you will have to pass the carpet through on a set of rollers or an air table. You’ll need a minimum of twelve feet both in front and in back of the machine. If using a set of conveyor rollers, we like to set them up preferably double width and twenty feet front and back along a wall space to handle the rolled carpet, and then re-roll it three more times to bind/surge each edge. An air table that is both long and wide enough does not require re-rolling as the carpet will “float” and “turn” easily, reducing the handling time and effort. At Bond Products we have an air table in house that is 16’ x 32’ that does a great job handling the majority of the larger rugs we finish.

The benefits of stationary machines are:

  • They run using foot pedals that free up both hands to maneuver the carpet more easily (especially when sewing on fringe).
  • They are faster and more powerful than most portables
  • They are heavy duty machines and require less maintenance
  • They spare the operator physical stress because kneeling isn’t required

Binding vs. Serging

Binding is the traditional way to finish a carpet edge, using a binding tape in either polyester or cotton. The most common width is 7/8” although 1-1/4”, 3” & 5” widths are options.

Serging is actually attaching or whipping a yarn over the edge of the carpet. Serging yarn is available in synthetic or cotton (i.e., oriental carpet edge).

Real serging requires a special serging machine, although a properly fitted binding machine can attach serging tape that closely mimics real surging without the expense of an additional machine.

One More Option…

Not ready to invest in a binding or serging machine? Consider the option of our DIY Instabind. You can easily apply a binding, serging, or rope edge using only a pair of scissors or a glue gun. We offer nine styles and many colors to choose from.

Bond’s Lineup includes:

HDS & HDSB Stationary Sergers

Our Union Special 81200 heavy duty wrap around table serger with binder. The most heavy duty serger on the market, bar-none.

  • Uses one spool of tex 210 bonded nylon and the serging yarn of your choice
  • Binds and serges in one pass operation
  • Also available without the binding attachment (stk# 21990x)
  • Comes complete with table, motor, and thread stands, etc.
  • Built on another quality Union Special head and backed by over 55 years of family owned & operated craftsmanship
  • Charge 5-7 dollars a foot and up for unmatched profits

Bond Alpha Mini 2000 Serger

Bond’s Alpha – mini 2000 has the best value of any portable carpet serger available!

  • Comes with no. 138 tex size 135 nylon thread  & cone of cotton yarn for starting up.
  • Great for all carpet, rugs, & mats
  • Utilizes the latest technology
  • Handles large range of carpet thickness & backings
  • Wraps perpendicular on the edges, not at an angle
  • Wraps evenly around edge, on both top & bottom
  • Maneuvers swiftly on its ball bearing wheels
  • Serges outside & inside corners, curves, or scallops with ease
  • Speed controlled electronically
  • Digital meter registers the volume of serging
  • Stand-up handle available
  • Lightweight & easy to transport
  • Designed for heavy duty use
  • Comes with spare needles, tool kit, & operation manual
  • Increases productivity
  • 90-day warranty against manufacturer defects

Bond BBL-1 Table Binder

Built on the highest quality Union Special head, our BBL-1 is our best-selling commercial base binder.

  • High speed, bobbinless, self-lubricating, low maintenance
  • Combines with Bond’s portable cove base cutter and winder for optimum efficiency
  • Priced complete with table, motor, thread & light stand

Bond BBL-2 Table Binder

The new Bond BBL-2 bobbinless carpet binder features 2 pulling wheels for a more positive feed. Perfect for binding carpet base, mill samples and high-speed production work. Self-lubricating, maintenance free and reliable, this machine is the choice for carpet workrooms with a high volume of work.

Features a 1/2 HP variable motor and will handle any width binding with a properly sized custom folder. This is a table model machine, perfect for adaptation to air tables and roller conveyor systems.  A cove base attachment is available as an option (runs carpet base hands free).

HDB-1 Table Binder

All new Heavy Duty Bobbinless Table Binder.

  • Sews through the toughest carpets effortlessly
  • Heavy berber, sisal and even bamboo cannot slow this beast
  • Binds with 1-1/4 up to optional 5 inch width tapes in a single pass or attach our tapestry guide for even wider applications
  • Heavy duty ½ hp variable speed motor
  • Self -oiling
  • Backed by Bond’s superior customer & technical support & service, it’s an investment that will pay for itself over and over

PBB-1X Portable Binder

Most economical, heavy duty,  high speed binder available. Variable speed to over 30 feet per minute. Glides through even tough unitary backings with ease. Put it on the floor and bind any size rug right where it lays. Also a terrific machine for binding carpet base with an optional cove base guide. Features include:

  • Bobbinless portable “no more changing bobbins”
  • High speed / variable speed with fingertip control
  • Extra heavy duty construction
  • Runs various widths of tape with optional folder attachments
  • Lightweight & portable
  • 110V, 60W, 8000 rpm HD motor
  • Binding over 30 feet per minute
  • Uses large spools of thread
  • Easy to thread with full access removable front access panel
  • Low maintenance / user friendly
  • Backed by Bond’s 90-day limited warranty

PBB-2X Portable Binder

With the most pull through power to tackle the thickest & hardest carpet backings and the high speed to run volumes of carpet cove base and area rugs.  Best of all, no more bobbin is required, so there’s no more stopping every 50-60 feet to replace a bobbin. Features include:

  • Bobbinless – no bobbin required
  • Extremely powerful and high speed
  • Adjustable speed trigger switch
  • Double puller 4 x 4 (top and bottom driven pullers both front and rear)
  • Independent rear puller lifter (run like a single puller for circles etc)
  • Binds up to 3-inch tapes with optional folders
  • Optional cove base guide
  • Easy threading accessibility & tension adjustments
  • Independent front & rear clutch pullers
  • Heavy duty casters
  • Lightweight
  • 8-foot cord
  • Holds large thread spools
  • Low maintenance / user friendly
  • Easy threading with full access removable front panel
  • Super heavy duty needle & looper
  • Straight chain stitch
  • Extra high lift of needle height
  • 110V standard heavy duty motor
  • Non-slip belt system
  • 90-day warranty on parts and service
    • Note: Bobbinless binders are straight stitch only!

PBL-TX Portable Tapestry Binder

Get up to date with our PBL-TX Tapestry Binder. Now you can put on the wide tapestry borders (up to 6-1/2″ on the face). Simply blind stitch the wide border on and “flip & glue” to the back side of the rug. Charge $7 to $9 and up per linear foot. A great additional income to your workroom or retail store business.

PBL-TXB Wide Tapestry & Binder Combo

All new Bond Model PBL-TXB Zigzag Lock-Stitch Tapestry Portable Binder. Comes with tapestry guide & your choice of a narrow folder. Why buy three different machines when one can do the job? Now available with a zigzag lockstitch that binds ¾ to 3” widths of tape in a single pass (with optional folder attachments) or tapestry blind stitch up to 6-1/2 inches wide.

  • Portable
  • Straight or zigzag stitch
  • Adjustable stitch length
  • High lift needle
  • Uses regular portable style A, HD bobbins
  • Binds over 10 feet per minute
  • Walking foot top and feed dog bottom for consistent pulling power
  • Optional 3-inch sisal  tape folders available
  • Four heavy duty caster wheels for stability
  • 8-foot cord standard
  • 220v motor optional
  • Backed by Bond’s 90-day warranty
    • Note: When using as a regular binding machine, it’s only intended for light to medium weight carpets, also ideal for upholstery work.


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