Why Choose Artificial Turf over Grass?

Bond Products sells numerous products related to carpet installation so that both professionals and DIYers can easily install carpet that looks seamless.

artificial lawnSeamless carpet is not only desirable indoors, it’s also the goal of artificial turf installers, and we have a number of products at Bond that are designed to help them do their job, including turf tape, combination shearer/bevelors, and even a Bondbilt Turf Master seam sewing machine for very large projects or professionals who do this job on a regular basis.

Artificial grass has indoor and outdoor applications, of course, but it’s the outdoor ones that are beginning to get a lot of notice in the news due to the problems caused by the persistent California drought. Up until this point homeowners who wanted beautiful green lawns had to either spend large amounts of money on irrigating and then lawn maintenance or go artificial. Now, however, lawmakers are stepping in, and in many municipalities even homeowners who have the money to irrigate will not be allowed to because of the lack of resources. Suddenly there’s a big demand for artificial turf.

For those of us living in less arid parts of the country, are there still reasons to consider artificial grass over the real stuff? Well, yes. The cost, for one.

It’s not cheap to install an artificial turf lawn, but it is considerably less expensive over time than meticulously maintaining a living one in areas where fuel and water are expensive or scarce. Lawns are a rich man’s luxury, historically speaking. Most people either had gardens or pasture – which could be used to grow crops or raise animals, respectively. Only kings and other very wealthy people could afford to pay for the labor required to keep a lawn in perfect condition. The twentieth century, with its labor saving devices, chemical fertilizers, and cheap fuel allowed regular people to have a rectangle of green to fuss over on weekends, and it was quickly integrated into the American Dream.

But it’s now the twenty-first century, and water is scarcer, gasoline is much more expensive, chemical fertilizers have drawbacks for the environment, and few people view cutting the grass as relaxing.

With this in mind, putting in a piece of turf that will always be green and even, doesn’t have to be cut, fertilized, or watered, and will last for years into the future seems a much more appealing choice and a good financial investment.

This is why Bond Products offers its turf tape, shearers, and seaming systems for turf installs: to allow consumers to have the choice of either a real or an artificial lawn and to put it in themselves if they would like to save money. If you’re interested in this sort of product, call us and let us get you the supplies you need so your can begin your lawn project today.



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