Instabind Fringe Style

Introducing Bond’s New Instabind Fringe Style!

Bond Products is pleased to announce the debut of a brand new Instabind product, a sew-free carpet binding option for our customers: Instabind Fringe Style. This DIY peel-and-stick fringe is high quality and can be applied quickly and easily to replace old or damaged fringes on your area rugs. All that you will need to apply it is a glue gun, glue, and a pair of scissors.

Do You Have Damaged Rug Fringes? 

Sooner or later, most rug fringes get dirty or damaged. It just happens. Vacuuming is hard on them, and they pick up all the dirt that gets dragged into the house on shoes or paws. Unfortunately, most people don’t know what to do with the fringe when it gets nasty looking, except to take it to a rug professional or throw it out. 

With Instabind Fringe Style there is one more option: Remove the damaged fringe and replace it with a new one! A new binding makes a real difference in the appearance of an older rug. Bond Products offers many different types of bindings for rugs, including sew-on replacement fringe, but Instabind makes this task much, much simpler. 

Here’s what you will need:

Apply Your Instabind Fringe Style

Your first step will be to trim the old fringe off the rug and cut the edges so they are straight. A straight, precisely cut edge will look best, so take your time here to get it looking just right. 

Then measure the Instabind Fringe to the edges and cut off what you need for the length of the rug. Peel the paper away, and press the rug onto the sticky edge where you want the fringe to be. Use a hot glue gun, preferably with a long-nozzle tip, and latex-based glue sticks to apply a 1/8th-inch bead of glue all along the edge of the carpet. Continue the gluing process until the entire edge has been glued. This will give you a permanent bond between the rug and the fringe, and it will seal the edge of your cut carpet at the same time. 

Let the glue dry, cut any unused Instabind Fringe off, and then seal that cut part of the Instabind with a bead of glue. If you want to further reinforce the bond, you can also glue the flange on the back of the rug to the rug as well. This is especially important for older, Oriental rugs. 

And voilà! Your carpet is good to use again!

For more help, watch Brian apply Instabind Fringe Style to a small Oriental runner here:

Instabind Fringe Style is great for finishing off runners and for repairing Oriental carpets with damaged fringe. If you have any questions about our Instabind products or any of our other carpet binding and flooring products, please do not hesitate to contact us at 1-888-800-BOND. We are always happy to be of service to our customers. 


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