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Why Do You Need a Pneumatic Stapler?

Have you thought about investing in new equipment in 2020? Maybe Santa left a little extra money under the tree, and you’re thinking about how to spend it? One useful tool we recommend solid hardwood flooring and engineered flooring professionals have is a pneumatic stapler or finish nail tool. If you don’t know why a pneumatic stapler is great to have, we will go through its uses here. 

What Is a Pneumatic Staple Gun?

A pneumatic staple gun is a tool that is often used in the construction industry and to install hardwood and engineered flooring underlayment. It looks like a gun and has a trigger and a cartridge for staples. The staple gun uses compressed air to drive staples into a hard surface like wood flooring. It’s simple to use and improves stapling accuracy, limiting damage to the object being stapled. 

In terms of efficiency, a pneumatic staple gun accomplishes a task much faster than a manual or even an electric stapler. Pneumatic tools require less maintenance than other kinds of tools as well. Using compressed air rather than gas or electricity keeps costs down too. 

People use pneumatic staplers to attach materials that might become easily dislodged if they were attached with a small nail. These include: insulation, house wrap, roofing felt, and hardwood flooring or engineered flooring underlayment. These pneumatic staplers use a variety of crown widths, depending on the fastener application’s requirements. They range from narrow to wide crown. The choice of staple will depend on the material you’re fastening or your holding power requirements. 

Pneumatic staples are serious equipment, so if you invest in one, you should also commit to wearing safety glasses and ear protection while operating it. Also: use your pneumatic stapler according to directions at all times. 

The Pneumatic 18GA Narrow Crown Professional Underlayment Stapler

The pneumatic stapler Bond Products carries and recommends is the Pneumatic 18GA Narrow Crown Professional Underlayment Stapler. This stapler weighs only 2.8 pounds, has a fast jam release and a 360° adjustable exhaust. It’s operation is bump/single fire, and it has an operating pressure of 70-100 PSI. 

This underlayment stapler uses 18 GA staples from ⅞” to 1-½”. You may have heard that the U.S. Commerce Department has recently increased duties on all Chinese producers and exporters by 301.64%. This definitely applies to staples made by Chinese manufacturers, including 18 GA staples. Fortunately, the ProDriveHD® brand staples we offer at Bond Products are not subject to fluctuating prices because of tariffs. 

If you are in the market for a pneumatic stapler, we at Bond Products have you covered. Call us today at 1-888-800-BOND to place your order for your stapler and any staples you require. 



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