Giving an Antique Rug a New Life

Today we’re going to talk about giving antique (or maybe just older) rugs a second chance at performing the task they were made to do: softening a floor, warming a room, and looking beautiful.

You probably know someone who has the “touch.” He or she can walk into a treasure zone, whether that’s a garage sale, a rummage sale, a flea market, antique shop, or an estate sale, and find something of real value amongst all the clutter. That something will invariably go on to look amazing in whatever setting they put it, even if it requires a little tender loving care first.

Sometimes that’s a rug. Many older rugs were made to be used by generations of people. They were crafted with skill out of quality materials, and they’ve survived a long time. While it’s true that plenty of antique rugs can be found for sale, it’s very possible that you may have an antique rug in your family waiting for you to inherit or be gifted it. Or perhaps you have something of your grandmother’s up in your attic right now waiting to be used again. If that is the case, there are only a few steps to take to get an antique rug in good shape to be used again.

Have it professionally cleaned – It’s unlikely, if you’re getting a rug that’s been used, that you will know exactly what kind of life it has lead, whether that means dirt, stains, pet urine, cigarette smoke, or worked in grime. All of those things can do further damage to a rug if they are left unattended. You may be tempted to clean it yourself to save money, but respect the delicate nature of these crafted pieces and allow a professional to take care of it. They will make sure it’s clean, fully dry, and no longer contains unpleasant odors.

Have it professionally repaired – It’s very possible that your antique rug has places that have worn or torn over the years. This doesn’t mean that the rug should be thrown out, however! A certain amount of wear can lead charm or historical authenticity to a rug as it does to any other antique. If you intend to use it practically, though, you should have loose yarns and frayed patches repaired or replaced.

Replace the binding – Often a new binding makes a real difference in the appearance of an older rug. Bond Products offers many different types of bindings for rugs made of both natural and synthetic fibers. This can either be done at home or by a rug professional once the carpet has been restored.

Once your rug is clean and repaired, it will be easier to determine where it will best fit in your home and how it can be showcased to good effect.  If you have any questions about carpet binding products, don’t hesitate to contact us at Bond Products today.


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