Bond’s Hug-Snug Seam Binding

Bond Products sells a number of narrow fabrics, one of the company’s original product offerings. Today we will talk about Hug-Snug seam binding, a rayon seam binding that can be used for a number of sewing applications, including as hem tape.

What is hem tape? Finer garments, such as pants and skirts, as well as many vintage pieces of clothing use hem tape to cover the hem allowance edge. If you look inside a tailor-made garment, you will see how hem tape is utilized to make the garment look better and last longer. It creates a neater, more finished look as well as a more comfortable drape and feel than you’ll find with most off-the-rack clothing. It’s a mark of quality in tailored and professionally sewn clothes.

You don’t have to be a tailor or a professional seamstress to give your own clothing these touches, however – not with Hug-Snug. How do you use this product? It can be sewn on flat as a standard hem tape or it can be used to enclose the raw hem edge, covering and preventing any fraying down the line in the life of the garment. Hug-Snug is not only attractive, it irons smoothly and easily. Because it’s lightweight, it will not bulk up your seams. It can also be used on curved pieces like arm holes with only a little extra pressing.

Hug-Snug is a 100% rayon ribbon with a satin finish and is available in a variety of colors. Bond Products carries the following Hug-Snug ribbon colors:

  • Eggshell
  • Chalkwhite
  • Pink
  • Goldenrod
  • Leather Tan
  • Bluewhite
  • Black
  • Havanna Brown/Beige

Using rayon seam binding is a great alternative to buying a serger or overlock machine while still giving clothes a seam that will look beautiful and never unravel or fray. Best of all it’s very inexpensive, especially when purchased in quantity.

And clothing is not the only use for Hug-Snug! It can be used beautifully in a wide variety of crafts. There are so many different ideas available on Pinterest illustrating all the possibilities of seam binding tape from bows to ribbon flowers to ribbon-work embroidery. There are many amazing decorative possibilities for dresses, hats, or purses as well.

For garment making, crafts, or fabric hobbies, seam binding tape is a must, and Bond Products can help you find what you need. Call us at 1-888-800-BOND to order your Hug-Snug binding tape and any other carpet binding or narrow fabric supplies today.


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