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Single vs. Double Puller Carpet Binders

double pullerSingle vs. Double Puller Carpet Binders:

The rule of thumb if  you are mainly doing commercial work (i.e., light weight / low pile, carpet base etc.,) carpet, is that a single puller is sufficient 90% of the time or more. (You can always pre-bevel the thick stuff to bind it easier.) If you are doing mostly residential plush and berber carpets of 40 to 50 ounces and up, a double puller will track through these rugs more easily and also help keep the work more square on the  way through. Using a wider 1-1/4” binding tape will also help when binding heavier rugs as it allows us to open up the mouth of the tape folder and gives you more tape to reach around the carpet edge getting the stitch deeper into the carpet and away from the edge. Happy Binding!

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