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Bauhaus Rugs: A New Rug Trend

Rug trends are always a fun topic to explore as they reflect evolving modern style and intersect with ever-changing ideas about the role of comfort and practicality in home decor. In an earlier blog we talked about how popular vintage rugs are becoming. A related trend is the Bauhaus rug. If you don’t know what Bauhaus style is or why you might appreciate a Bauhaus rug, read on! 

What Is Bauhaus Style?

Bauhaus was a design movement that emerged from the Staatliches Bauhaus, a famous German art school, in the early twentieth century. This school focused on combining functionality, aesthetics, and craftsmanship, with its most basic principle that “form follows function.” The style that emerged from this design philosophy was minimalist, featuring clean lines, asymmetry, and geometric shapes and forms instead of the more traditional decorative elements, based on the belief that “less is more.” It aimed to integrate these elements into mass-produced, everyday objects like furniture and rugs as well as building architecture. 

The result was a new, very modern look that was strikingly different from established European decoration and architecture. The Bauhaus school operated in various locations in Germany from 1919 until it was forced to close by the Nazis in 1933, after which its teaching staff and students fled to other countries where they would later introduce Bauhaus to the world. 

Bauhaus became the cornerstone of the modern Scandinavian design movement that emerged in the 1950s, and the Mid-century Modern movement owes a great deal to Bauhaus as well. Think of the Mad Men working aesthetic, and you will have a good sense of what Bauhaus has to offer, design-wise. 

What are Bauhaus Rugs? 

Bauhaus rugs feature design elements in primary colors and are characterized by clean lines, asymmetry, and geometrical shapes with little embellishment. This type of rug is ideal for people who want something that is stylish but versatile because of its simplicity. They are often made using natural background colors like light brown, gray, or white. This makes them suited for almost any space, home or office. Because they’re designed to be more durable, they work especially well in office environments, in fact. 

Designed for functionality and durability, Bauhaus rugs can be combined with a wide variety of modern styles or used in tandem with other rugs.

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