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The Vintage Rug Trend

One of the biggest rug trends of 2022 is vintage rugs. While classic rugs like Persian rugs never truly go out of style, the distressed, vintage look is in. There are different options if you are interested in incorporating rugs of this type into your home decor. Here we will discuss the benefits of these rugs as well as what to do with your vintage rug once you’ve found the perfect one. 

Vintage = Chic + Environmentally Friendly

A current trend in home fashion is the move away from mass produced items to classic pieces and vintage treasures, including distressed rugs. Why? First, older vintage pieces are unique. They have a history that people connect with in different ways, and they can help create a one-of-a-kind look in the living room, bedroom, or other personal space. 

Second, vintage rugs are an eco-conscious choice following the “Reduce, reuse, recycle” motto. They already exist. No new resources need to be used to create them, and finding space for them keeps them out of the landfill. 

How Can You Tell If a Rug Is Vintage? 

Vintage can be defined as being between 30-99 years old (as opposed to antique which refers to items more than 100 years old). Here are some signs that indicate you’re dealing with a true older rug: 

  • It shows signs of wear
  • It feels gritty or smooth on the back
  • It’s floppy or more supple than a new rug
  • It has low or worn away rug pile 
  • It’s dyed in colors that can be identified by period

Not every vintage looking rug will be vintage. Some companies offer affordable, machine washable, classic looking rugs that look good but are not vintage. If you want the look but don’t want to search for months through antique stores and flea markets, that may be a good solution. 

What To Do with a Vintage Rug 

If you do decide to purchase an older, distressed rug or you get lucky and inherit one, what should you do with it? We recommend three things. 

Have it professionally cleaned – Your rug may come with dirt, stains, pet urine, or cigarette smoke – all of which will cause harm to it if you don’t remove them. Because these crafted pieces are more delicate, you should take it to a professional to clean it. They will make sure it’s clean, dry, and odor free.

Have it professionally repaired – A certain amount of wear can give a rug historical authenticity or charm as it does to any other antique. If you intend to use it in your home, you should have loose yarns and frayed patches repaired, however.

Replace the bindingA new binding makes a real difference in the appearance of an older rug. Bond Products offers many different types of bindings for rugs made of both natural and synthetic fibers. You can do this at home yourself using Instabind or have a rug professional attend to it once the carpet has been restored.

Once your vintage rug is clean, repaired, and re-bound, it will be ready to be showcased in your home to great effect.  If you have any questions about carpet binding products, don’t hesitate to contact us at Bond Products today.



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