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Avoid Slip-and-Fall Accidents – Secure Your Rugs!

In our last blog we talked about how to keep an area rug from creeping on carpet. A bigger problem in the home, however, is rugs slipping on wood floors or other hard surfaces. It’s a safety issue because a slip-and-fall accident can result in an injury. How can you stop your area rugs from slipping out from underneath you when you walk on them? 

Slip-and-Fall Accidents Are a Common Cause of Injury

Everyone has had a slip-and-fall accident at least once, but more than a million Americans every year go to the emergency room because of an injury sustained during a slip-and-fall accident. This is a real problem. Slip and falls cause serious injury in 20-30% of cases. About 5 percent involve broken bones. Falls are the leading cause of brain injury and hip fracture, and one-third of adults age 65 or older fall annually. 

Of course, not all of those slip-and-fall accidents involve rugs, but every one involving an unsecured rug is preventable if you use the right products. Bond Products offers a variety of rug backing products for our customers to choose from

Anti-Slip Products

The first type of anti-slip product is safety grips. Safety grips are squares that can be peeled and applied to the back of an area rug to help it grip the floor and prevent slipping. 

MOVENOT and SUPERMOVENOT rubber backing products are two-sided backing products. Both have a felt side and a rubber side. You can glue either to the underside of a rug. If you glue the gray felt side down, it will act to protect the floor from scratching. Gluing the rubber side down stops the rug from slipping on the floor or out of position and protects people from slipping and falling. 

Another products is LOK-LIFT Rug Gripper which can be cut into strips and attached to the outline of the rug on its underside to keep it from moving. LOK-LIFT is safe for all floor surfaces. 

We also offer two non-slip rug pad products, Eco-Grip and Eco-Stay. These rug pads can be purchased to match the dimensions of your rug and cut down to size you need. Rug pads also provide cushioning underneath and make standing or walking on your rug more comfortable. 

Finally, we also offer RUGLOCK Spray which can be sprayed onto the back of an area rug to keep it in place. RUGLOCK is waterproof and spill proof and will adhere to any type of rug. This is the easiest product to use to stop rugs from slipping on any type of hard floor, and it won’t peek out from under the rug like a pad can. 

Put Them to the Test

To make sure your rug product has been applied correctly and is working, lay the rug on the floor where you want it and test it. Push it with your foot, applying pressure and trying to move it forth side to side or back and forth. If the rug doesn’t move, great! You’ve just increased the safety of the room environment. If it does move, check the directions and make sure you’ve applied the backing product correctly. 

Some products will work more successfully with certain floor types. If you have any questions about which product would work best for your rug, don’t hesitate to call Bond Products’ customer service professionals at 1-888-800-BOND. We will be glad to help you choose the right one. 


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