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Instabind Package Deals – Your Next DIY Weekend Project?

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In our last blog we talked about how competitive our prices are when buying items like serge tape in larger quantities. Bond Products offers good value for our regular customers, but we have also created smaller package deals for customers who have never tried our products, who don’t work with carpet all of the time, and who just want to tackle a small, manageable weekend project.

For instance, if you browse our Instabind package deals, you’ll see that we have collected everything you need to take a carpet remnant and turn it into a rug. We offer these packages for 5 types of Instabind:

  • Regular
  • Rope style
  • Cotton binding style
  • Synthetic serge style
  • Cotton serge style

In each package, you get:

  • Over 50 feet of Instabind in any color
  • 1 pound of latex glue sticks (½” in diameter x 10” in length)
  • A Bond 305 glue gun
  • A long extended glue gun nozzle tip
  • Scissors (you choose the length)

Each item in these packages is discounted 10% from its normal price, and, additionally, each package ships for free. This is a great starter kit for anyone who wants to try out binding a remnant because it’s an inexpensive way to add a rug to a room that needs a good floor covering. For example, Vera tried out Instabind because she had two young kids, a house floored mostly in tile, and a limited budget:

“Since our family room is centrally located and open to most of the other living space, I really wanted a large rug to help define the area a bit more. Unfortunately, the price tag of a 9×12 rug was way more than what we wanted to spend at this point in time of our lives with two walking mess-makers (aka, our children).”

Vera spent about an hour and a half working on a remnant with the help of her husband, and was very pleased with how the bound carpet turned out and how it balanced out her family room space. Her experience was similar to what we’ve heard from many of other other customers, and that’s that working with Instabind is simple, inexpensive, and straightforward. It allows regular people to make their own rugs, floor mats, and runners look professionally done without involving carpet professionals. Instabind is available in the above styles and a wide range of colors, so no remnant is impossible to finish yourself.

We love hearing back from people about their successes with our products. If you have an experience you’d like to share with us involving Instabind package deals or any other product we sell, please let us know, and we will highlight it here on our blog.



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