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What Is Good Value?

Good value – what is it? Most people’s shopping experiences are about maximizing the value for the dollar spent and going after a good deal. Everyone loves to get good value. It’s very satisfying. We at Bond Products believe that the inventory of supplies and products we offer our customers are great value, and we’ll go over the reasons why here.

Price – per Yard or Foot

Our customer service representatives often get calls or questions about our prices, wondering why are they are “higher” than our competitors. One of the things that we ask them to do is to price out our products by the foot or yard. For example one of our competitors offers 25 yards of serge tape for $36. Their price per yard is $1.44 and their price per foot is $.48. To compare Bond Products sells a 2×36-yard roll of serge tape for $42. This calculates out to be $.58 per yard or $.20 per foot. If you compare the two, our serge tape is less than half the cost either per foot or per yard! That’s some savings. Buying by the roll may not be cost effective for the weekend DIY-er, but that is why we offer Instabind package deals that come complete with everything a customer would need for a smaller project. Customers who do work on large volumes of carpet appreciate the value of buying in larger quantities.


Another aspect to factor into your buying choices is quality. Bond’s narrow fabrics are made in America and manufactured in house. We are proud of the quality of both the materials we make and any products we offer for sale.

Customer Service

We are also pleased to offer excellent customer service. If any of our customers has a question, we are available to consult either over the phone about a product or in person for those who have questions about the specifics of carpet binding or which machine would be best for their specific needs. We’ve been in business for over 70 years, so if you have a question about carpet, we can find the answer for you. Our technical support department is also available to provide help for anyone who gets into a snag with one of our machines and needs to consult an expert.

For all of the above reasons, we at Bond Products believe our products and services are not just competitive, but go above and beyond the value of other products on the market. They’re the definition of good value. If you need help finding the right choice for anything carpet or rug related, give us a call. We would be more than glad to help!





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