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Carpet Tiles and Carpet Tile Rugs

We’ve talked about some recent carpet trends, including waterproof carpet and recycled carpet. These are trends that focus on reducing waste and making life easier for families with children and pets. Another carpet trend that does the same is the carpet tile. Carpet tiles are easy to install, easy to replace, and useful in areas that are more prone to water damage and other hard use.

What Are Carpet Tiles?

Carpet tiles are similar to other tiled floor options like ceramic or vinyl tiles. Typically carpet tiles come in squares that are 12 inches by 12 inches or 18 inches by 18 inches. Some carpet tiles have peel-and-stick backing that makes them a cinch to install yourself or pull up and replace. With traditional wall-to-wall carpet, a big stain can mean pulling the whole thing up and discarding it. That is a huge cost and a huge waste of carpet – even carpet that will be recycled. The same is true for pet stains. It’s basically impossible to get cat odor out of carpet. Even if your cat has only ruined one small area, the whole thing is a loss. Carpet tiles solve this problem nicely.

Carpet tiles come in a variety of patterns and colors and can be mixed and matched for greater designer flair. Carpet tiles give you built in flexibility in the future as well. Where you may have kept a hated armchair because it matched the rug, now you have the freedom to alter the rug and match a new design element to that alteration. Area rugs can be very expensive, and if you’re spending the money on one, you’re making a commitment. Carpet tiles give you options.

If you’ve hesitated to carpet part of your basement because once in a while it gets wet, carpet tiles may be the solution. Waterproof carpet comes in tiles too.

What are Carpet-tile Rugs?

With so many different designs, it can be hard to choose which carpet tiles you love most. But you don’t have to! With carpet-tile rugs, you can create your own favorite rug simply and easily and fit it to your space. One option for carpet-tile rugs is to use the sticky back carpet tiles to make a “permanent” pattern on your floor space. Another is to attach your tiles together and bind the whole thing with Instabind. This kind of rug can be moved around to any spot where it fits your decor.

Using carpet tiles or carpet-tile rugs looks to be a trend with legs. Homeowners will embrace any practical solution that decreases cost and increases their options in terms of design and repair. Check out the variety of carpet tiles online if you’re curious about what’s available to work with now.


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