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Shop Our New Staplers – 2 Hammer Tackers and a Hand-Binding Stapler!

If you’ve been in the market for a good stapler, now is the time to buy! Bond Products has expanded our stapler inventory with three new stapler products. Let’s go through each of your new options. All three staplers make the carpet-installation process quicker and easier to accomplish.

Heavy Duty Hand-Binding Stapler

The SSTGU81 Pro-Drive Heavy Duty Hand-Binding Stapler #81 is a versatile stapler that allows you to staple at any angle. It can be used on a variety of materials, including carpet, fabric, and paper. Loading staples is simple, and our galvanized 24/8 staples work perfectly with this stapler. It features a curved handle that is designed to minimize hand soreness when working with this tool. 

2 Hammer Tackers

Bond now offers two different hammer tackers, also called pad staplers. A tacker is a powerful stapler tool. The difference between a tacker and a stapler is that a tacker shoots the legs of the staple right into the material without bending it. It’s held and swung like a hammer. 

Flooring professionals appreciate how fast hammer tackers work to connect wood and lighter materials like carpet. Gluing and nailing take much longer than stapling. DIYers also like how quick and easy they make an around-the-house job. 

Both of these tackers are constructed from steel, are chrome plated for durability, and feature an ergonomic handle grip for a more comfortable grip.  

The 05-5010 Hammer Tacker is our bottom-loading pad stapler. This makes it quick and easy to reload without losing any parts. The magazine capacity is 168 staples or two strips. It also features a big, round buffer plate. 

The G-11 A-11 ProDrive HD Hammer Tacker is our top-loading pad stapler with a quick clear jam release. Its magazine capacity is 84 staples or one full strip. 

As always, we have all the staples you need for any of these tools! If you have any questions about these staplers, the staples they use, or any of our other flooring products, please call us at 1-888-800-BOND. We will be happy to find what you need and ship it to you quickly. 


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