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Waterproof Carpet Options for Your Home

We’ve talked before on this blog about your options for outdoor carpet. It’s good to know which kinds of carpet fibers are designed for places like patios, basements, and next to the pool. We have extended our living spaces into places that get exposed to the elements. “The elements” can mean a lot of things, but water is the main threat to carpet. No one wants to invest money in a rug that will be quickly ruined by mildew and mold.

If you are looking for a truly waterproof carpet for the more common living areas of your home, like living rooms and bedrooms, you’re now in luck. Shaw makes a residential waterproof carpet called LifeGuard. This carpet is designed to resist the destruction of kids and pets or anything liquid that life throws your way.

How does it work? LifeGuard’s RX2 technology is a stain and soil repellent that prevents the carpet fiber from absorbing dirt or spills. From a layman’s perspective, this sounds similar to the olefin (polypropylene) fibers used to make outdoor carpet. Plastic simply does not absorb like cloth fibers do. RX2 guarantees total fiber coverage, from the top to the bottom of the fiber, meaning that if you clean a spill up right away, it will not stain.

What’s more, LifeGuard carpet has a backing made from 100% thermoplastic that does not allow liquid to penetrate it. If your dog has an accident on the carpet, it will not seep through to the wood floor below. If your toddler spills milk all over your carpet, not only will that milk not get through to the cracks in the floor, but the LifeGuard fibers will wick the milk back up to the surface. There you can soak it up with a cloth and clean it with water and soap.

Lifeguard looks more like a typical wall-to-wall carpet than other water-resistant or outdoor carpet options which means you now have a lot of choices about what carpet to use for the different parts of your home. Artificial turf may be what you’d prefer on your patio, but if you’re finishing your basement to be a more formal looking living area, instead of only a playroom, LifeGuard may be a more appealing option. And, of course, you can make area rugs out of LifeGuard instead of installing it wall to wall.

Parents of young children don’t want to sacrifice everything nice in their homes. They’d still like to showcase their hardwood floors even if they’re covered by toys some of the time. Waterproof carpet and rug options offer them that option.

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