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6 More Artificial Turf Uses

People are most familiar with artificial turf as an easy maintenance ground cover in football fields and soccer stadiums. It’s incredibly useful in sports settings because it doesn’t have to be mowed, reseeded, or fertilized, it won’t cause damage to uniforms, and it’s also softer than actual earth so using it cuts down on injuries for the athletes who play in these arenas. These same qualities make artificial turf useful in so many other situations. Let’s go through some of them.

Playgrounds – The softness of artificial turf is also easier on little behinds than either grass or bark chips, and installing it means that schools, daycares, and parks will see fewer injuries and lessen their liability.

Gyms – What’s good for professional athletes is good for amateurs too. Turf makes for easy footing for runners and competitors and adds a splash of green to indoor environments with no natural light. It’s not just for putting greens and mini-golf courses anymore.

Dog kennels and runs – Cleaning dirt, leaves and grass out of dog fur is not fun, so people who work with pets regularly use artificial turf which is easy to clean and sterilize as well. If you don’t like filling in holes and reseeding the dirt when Fido digs, turf is a good option.

Business landscaping – We’ve already talked about how artificial turf is a new trend in areas of the country that have experienced drought because of the significant savings of water and money. People are installing turf even in places that get adequate rain, though, because it’s so much simpler to care for and always looks nice no matter the weather, the time of year, or the budget of the property owner. You can pay the landscaping company every month or you can pay to have artificial turf installed and spend your money elsewhere.

Basements, patios, and balconies – Turf is an excellent indoor/outdoor carpet option as it can be hosed down with water or a bleach/water mix when it gets dirty or mildewed. People in cities who don’t have access to grass but want a green, outdoorsy look are increasingly embracing the use of artificial turf. If you want something softer underfoot, but can’t afford to replace it regularly, artificial turf is an excellent choice.

In your decorating – Do you feel like you’ve run out of ideas for making your home or office different, interesting, and tactile? Embrace turf as an option. Pinterest has its own board for turf ideas. Have you ever considered making a table runner out of turf? Place mats? Pillows? Installing it on walls for a wild, jungle look? The sky’s the limit for this more unusual type of fabric. If you can carpet it, you can turf it. If you can upholster it, you may be able to turf it as well.

Whatever your artificial turf uses, Bond Products has what you need to install it easily in your home or business. If you need staples, staple guns, mallets, mallet caps, L-cleats, or finish nails for your flooring project, shop our Pro Drive HD™ line of suppliesCall us today to stock up on what you’ll need for your turf project to be successful.


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