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Outdoor Carpet: What Are My Options?

Are you thinking of investing in outdoor carpet? In the past decades your options for have multiplied exponentially. You’re no longer limited to artificial turf. Today’s outdoor carpet (or indoor/outdoor carpet) looks much like indoor carpet. The difference is that it’s made from olefin (polypropylene) fibers. This type of fiber is very moisture resistant, so it’s ideal for using outdoors in places that can get wet. It’s so “waterproof,” that this type of carpet actually floats.

Polypropylene is also stain, dirt, fade, and mildew resistant, although it can grow mildew or mold if it’s exposed to enough damp. However, Olefin is manufactured in such a way that a diluted solution of bleach in water can be used to clean it without bleaching the color from the fibers.

As with all carpets, the pile, backing, and grade differs according to its intended use. Outdoor carpets will most often have a rubber coating or marine backing rather than laminated jute or woven polypropylene because they need to stand up to different types of weather and harder use. They are much more durable now and will last many years with the right maintenance. Outdoor carpets are manufactured in both cut-and-loop and pile styles.

In terms of colors, today’s carpets are so much better than the green, gray, and blue carpet of the past. The Olefin fibers are manufactured with built-in stabilizers and dyed specifically to preserve color. They come plain or patterned and in a much larger spectrum of colors, including reds, golds, and browns.

Where do people used outdoor carpet? Wherever they need a tough, water-resistant choice. Marine carpet is used on boats, but it’s also used for 3-season porches or basements that get damp or wet. Many people have extended their decorating outdoors to their patios and porches or garages as well. Olefin carpets can be installed poolside because they are resistant to bleach. Carpeting around a pool can help reduce slipping.

Previously we’ve talked about how people are installing artificial turf to transform their backyards. Grass carpet is fade and stain resistant and will provide the appearance of a well kept lawn for years with a minimum of hassle or expense. It’s an excellent choice in the right situation.

Bond Products offers a variety of products to help people install their artificial turf or bind their polypropylene carpets into lovely indoor/outdoor rugs for use wherever they’re needed or wanted. If you’re looking for carpet products for either type of carpet – indoor or outdoor – call us today.


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