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Why Invest in Carpet Binding Equipment?

Have you ever considered investing in carpet binding equipment? Do you want to add another skill to your portfolio of services? Carpet binders and sergers are a great way to add extra income to your flooring business. Add one to your workroom or retail business store, and you can charge $7-12 dollars per linear foot to add wide tapestry borders to carpet and rugs. With some training, skill and the right equipment, you can create attractive, fully finished carpeting ranging from functional to art either on location or in your own facility. This is a simple and straightforward way to expand your company’s services and customer base.

Carpet Binding Equipment Options

Bond Products’ catalog includes a variety of carpet binding and serging equipment, both stationary and portable, that will allow you to bind any size carpet on site anywhere. What types of machines do we offer?

Portable Binders

You can take a portable machine wherever you go because it moves around the perimeter of the carpet which remains in place. Portable binders are great tools for on-site carpet work like building construction or commercial remodeling projects. They can also be used in the shop. These machines are fast. Bond’s PBL-XB Zig-Zag Portable Binder offers both a straight or a zig-zag stitch and binds over 10 feet per minute.

Bond’s PBB-2X Bobbinless Portable Binder tackles the thickest and hardest carpet backings while running high speed so you can bind high volumes of carpet cove base and area rugs. The PBB-2X can bind 7/8 to 3” wide tapes with the proper tape folders.

Stationary Binders

Stationary machines work like a portable binder in reverse: they remain in place while the carpet moves through it. Binding a large carpet with a stationary tool requires a large workspace and a large table or a set of conveyor rollers, so it can only be done in house by a professional. Machines like Bond’s BBL 1 and BBL 2 are high-speed, self-lubricating machines that are built to last a lifetime.

The PBL-TXB is an extra heavy-duty construction machine that does the work of three machines, allowing you to go from a straight stitch to a zig-zag stitch easily. Its zig-zag lockstitch binds ¾” to 3” widths of tape in a single pass. It also has a tapestry blind stitch up to 6 ½ inches wide, adjustable stitch length, variable speed, a walking-foot top and feed-dog bottom for consistent pulling power, and a high lift needle for thick rugs. The PBL-TXB binds over 10 feet of carpet per minute.

Single vs. Double Puller Carpet Binders

Typically for commercial work (light weight / low pile) carpet, a single puller is sufficient 90% of the time or more. You can always pre-bevel thicker carpet for easier binding. If you are doing mostly residential plush and berber carpets of 40 to 50 ounces and up, a double puller will track through these rugs more easily and also help keep the work more square on the  way through.

Bond recommends all of the machines we sell for the different tasks they are designed for. It’s important to choose the right machine for your job. If you would like to enter the carpet binding industry at a lower price, Bond also offers a number of refurbished machines in our clearance section. If you have questions about which type of carpet binder or serger would best suit your needs, please call us at 1-888-800-BOND. We would be happy to advise you on what carpet binding equipment could best expand your business’s capabilities.




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