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Bond Products offers a number of glue gun options to our customers so you can purchase exactly the kind of glue gun you need, whether that’s a work task or a weekend craft. We also carry the different types and sizes of glue sticks that these guns require. For some applications, however, using a certain type of glue gun tip makes a real difference in the job. For this we have the long nozzle tip. In this blog we will explain to you how to install this tip on your glue gun. 

The Right Tip for Your Glue Gun

The tip that comes with your glue gun is a high quality tip, but if you are using your gun to apply Instabind to a carpet remnant, a long nozzle tip will make this job much simpler and faster. Our orange long nozzle tip will fit most standard glue guns and fits Bond’s 305 and 806 glue guns perfectly. 

Installing Your Long Nozzle Tip

The process of replacing the standard glue gun tip is not too difficult, so don’t worry. To begin with, you want to make sure your glue gun is hot, so plug it in before you start the installation process. This is to make sure that any residual glue in the nozzle is hot and nothing will break when you remove the tip. 

Once the gun is warmed up, remove the black rubber protector on the tip of the glue gun. Turn it, and it will pop off. Then you will use a wrench to unscrew the standard tip that the gun comes with. Turn it in a counterclockwise direction, being careful not to touch the hot tip or burn yourself. 

When the standard tip is removed, then you can take your long-nozzle tip and screw it on in a clockwise direction, pushing the rubber down to secure it tightly. Now you are ready to use your glue gun to attach Instabind or for any other task. The long-tip nozzle makes it easier to control the glue as it comes out of the gun, making your project simpler and less messy to accomplish. 

Here is a video that demonstrates this process. 


See, that’s easy! If you’d like to read our tips on how to fix a dripping glue gun tip, click here

We are always happy to help our customers select the right products for their needs or troubleshoot any issues they have with the products they’ve purchased. For more information, call us at 1-888-800-BOND. 



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