Carver Blade Set

Do you need replacement parts for Bond binders, sergers, cutters, and other machines you’re using? We have them, and we’re happy to help you get all of the parts and supplies you need to get your projects completed and work done. 

We get a lot of notice for our carpet binders, but we have a wide variety of machinery that is designed to make rug binding and repair and carpet installation simple – for example, our PCC-6 portable 6-blade carpet cove base cutter. It’s built to make high-volume jobs a snap by cutting up to 6 4-inch pieces of carpet at once, making one part of this job very simple and saving many hours of labor on commercial carpet base installation. The cove base cutter is fully adjustable to any width of carpet by turning a few screws. 

The Replacement Parts You Need

Your tool arsenal cannot operate without maintenance, however. We stock the necessary replacement parts to keep everything running smoothly. The PCC-6 carpet cove base cutter can process over 1,700 feet of carpet in one hour and over 5,000 feet in three hours. Its blade will periodically need sharpening and replacement in order to remain in good operating condition. 

For this machine we offer:

It’s simple to maintain or adjust the PCC-6 portable 6-blade carpet cove base cutter. The lid opens to reveal the cove cutter’s blades for sharpening right on the unit. Use Bond’s sharpening tool to keep the blades in proper cutting condition. 

Bond also offers replacement parts for many other machines. From carpet binders to turf binders, if you have a broken machine or one in need of maintenance, we can help. Find tape folders, manuals, parts, and basic supplies for your particular carpet machine model and type of equipment on our website. Or call us at 1-888-800-BOND and we will be happy to locate and send you exactly what you need to keep you in business. For any service questions you have, please call or email us!





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