Bond’s Portable Serger: The Alpha-Mini 2000


If carpet serging is something you’ve been looking into as a way of adding to your business, you might not know what to look for in a serger. Bond Products offers several different options in sergers, including our flexible and adaptable portable serger, the Alpha-Mini. 

Carpet Serging Adds Value

Carpet serging is a technique of wrapping the edges of carpet with thread. A serged edge prevents the carpet or rug from unraveling and gives it a beautiful, finished look. While a carpet can be serged by hand and many antique carpets are finished this way, most serging today is done using a carpet serger because serging by hand is extremely time consuming. Serging looks like a traditional whip stitch, but the yarn stitches are even closer together.

What You Need in a Portable Serger

Bond’s Alpha-Mini 2000 utilizes the latest technology and works well on all types of carpet, area rugs, and mats. It can handle serging through both thick and thin carpet and maneuvers swiftly on its ball-bearing wheels. Its speed is controlled electronically. 

This serger will wrap evenly around the edges of carpets or rugs, both on top and bottom. It can serge outside and inside corners, curves, or scallops. The serging itself wraps perpendicular to the rug, rather than at an angle. 

Using a portable serger will increase your business’s productivity. They are lightweight and easy to carry (with a standup handle available), so you can take them wherever your jobs are or use them in the shop. While portable, they’re not flimsy. They are designed for heavy duty use and will hold up over time. 

We also offer the Alpha-Mini *S* Narrow Edge 2000HD for more narrow edged serging. This portable serger must be used with ⅝” Veltron binding tape (SKU#07780-N553 & 07780-N920). 

Both portable binders come with 207 tex 210 nylon thread and a cone of yarn so you can begin serging right away. We include spare needles, a tool kit, and an operation manual as well. We offer a 90-day warranty against manufacturer defects for both products. 

Portable sergers use a continuous wrap of yarn that is about 3/8ths of an inch wide. The yarn is selected to either match or complement the colors in the rug. Bond has a wide selection of yarns to choose from. 

For our tips on how to remove serged yarn, click here

Bond’s Alpha-Mini 2000 has the best value of any portable serger on the market. If you are looking for a high quality serger to extend your business’s capabilities or to replace the serger you already have, you could not make a better choice. Call us today to order your Alpha-Mini 2000 or Alpha-Mini S Narrow Edge serger and your serging yarn.  





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