Carpet Binding Supplies for your Rug Workroom

Shop Bond Products' extensive inventory of carpet installation supplies and equipment. We are the home of Instabind DIY instant carpet binding, rug backings, carpet installation tools, carpet cutters & bevelors, carpet serging equipment, rug making supplies, along with our unique hot melt artificial turf seaming system.

Here at Bond Products' we have got you covered. Any supplies that you would need from carpet binding edgings to threads bobbins or needles, you will find it here. It's a ONE stop shop. Choices, choices & more choices! You will be happy to know that color selections on binding materials just doubled. Are you in the Turf industry? Please check out ALL of the hot melt products we have that will make your job easier. Our customers are happy with the quality along with the price. 2017 marks our 70th Anniversary! Come help us celebrate as our carpet machines & supply industry makes history.

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We have received an exemption from the State of Pa and are open for business!

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Enter Coupon Code MASK10 for online cotton binding orders.

Customers are using our cotton binding to make surgical type masks!

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