Portable Binder Cart

Save Your Knees and Back by Using our Portable Binder Cart

Every job has its challenges, but physical work when done over and over, day after day, can take a toll on your body. Carpet binding is a job that requires repetitive motions and can be physically taxing over time. To help minimize the impact of crawling and putting weight on the knees, Bond Products offers our portable binder cart.

The Risk of Repetitive Stress Injuries

Too many people discount the impact that many small, repetitive movements can have on your body. It may not feel like much, but just clicking a mouse over and over can result in pain and movement limitations in your arm and wrist over time. Repetitive stress injuries are very common. Repeating the same motions all day long can cause damage to your muscles and tendons. Carpet binding is much more physically rigorous than clicking a mouse and requires you to put your body weight on your hands and knees which can cause other problems. 

The Portable Binder Cart Makes the Job Easier

The portable binder cart is designed to make jobs that require you to work on your knees using both hands easier and less physically taxing. It will make running your Bond PBL, PBB 2×2 or 4×4, Alpha Mini, or PBL-TX much easier. This cart supports your chest as you work and has a comfortable seat that is fully adjustable to fit your body’s dimensions. It has a lightweight, strong, aluminum frame, 3-inch ball-bearing, polyurethane casters, and durable, waterproof knee pads. 

Using the cart, you can scoot backwards (or forwards) as you work with a simple push instead of crawling backwards and balancing your weight on your knees with every movement. Here’s a demonstration of how this portable binder cart works: 

We think you’ll be impressed at how much simpler binding carpet will be when you use this cart. It can also be used for any other task that you might have to do on your hands and knees like gardening or cleaning,  and it’s great for tile installation as well. 

To make sure the cart will operate correctly, you should check it before every use. Check to see that the seat is correctly adjusted to your frame and that the adjustment screw and bolt are tight. The snap button should also be locked in place, and the casters should be fastened securely. You should periodically clean and oil the ball bearings on the casters for best continuous use, especially if you work in the flooring industry.

The maximum weight recommended for the portable binder cart is 300 pounds. 

If you do repetitive work on your hands and knees and want a tool that will make your job easier, better, and more ergonomic, order a portable binder cart from Bond Products today! 


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