What Is Carpet Serging?

carpet serging

When a piece of carpet needs to be finished, there are a number of ways to do this. We’ve talked many times about binding carpets and making rugs from carpet remnants. We’ve also mentioned how to add or replace carpet fringes. Another option is carpet serging. What is carpet serging, and why would you choose to finish a carpet this way?

What Is Carpet Serging?

Carpet serging is a sewing technique where the edges of a carpet are wrapped with thread in order to prevent unraveling and give it a beautiful, finished look. Serging uses a continuous wrap of yarn, about 3/8ths of an inch wide, around the edge of a rug. The yarn is selected to perfectly match or complement the color or colors of the rug. While a carpet can be serged by hand and many antique carpets are finished this way, most serging today is done using a carpet serger because serging by hand is extremely time consuming. Serging looks very similar to a traditional whip stitch except that the yarn is even closer together.

What Is the Difference between Binding and Serging a Carpet?

Binding a carpet involves sewing or gluing a binding tape to the edges of a carpet to give it a finished look. There is no whip stitch used and no yarn. When a rug is bound by machine, the binding tape is sewn on with a straight stitch. This is a much less time consuming process.

For rug owners who like the look of serging but do not want to pay a professional to have it serged or sew the rug themselves, another option Bond Products offers is serging tape. We have two options. One is a 100% cotton tape that is 1 and ¼ inch wide, and the other is 7/8ths of an inch wide. Both are attached to a rug with a binding machine. Both give you the elegant look of serging in far less time and for less money. The 1 and ¼ inch serging tapes come in 60 different colors. Due to the thick quality of this tape, this product comes in 2×36 yard rolls and is sold by the package. It does require a serge tape folder to apply. The 7/8th of an inch tapes are available in 12 colors and comes in 25-yard rolls.

One more choice is Instabind which is available in cotton serge binding style for do-it-yourself serging. It comes in 50 different colors. Standard stock roll sizes are 54 or 216 feet, or you may purchase custom sizes by the foot at a $.40/ft up charge.

Pro tip: If you plan on serging an old rug that has worn or torn edges, you will need to back the entire edge with carpet tape before you serge it. If you do not, the worn edges can tear away from the rug and cause more damage when you attempt to serge it. If your rug is antique or an important heirloom, take it to a professional to restore. 

Serging a rug is a good finishing option if you want a smooth, elegant yarn edge. If you would like to try carpet serging on your rug, check out our inventory of tapes and yarns. If you have questions about what product would be best for your needs, don’t hesitate to call our customer service department at 1-888-800-BOND. 


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