Use the PBB-1X To Apply Transition Molding

apply transition molding

The PBB-1X Bobbinless Portable Single Puller 2X2 is a tremendously useful machine for carpet binding. But did you know that the PBB-1X can also apply transition molding to heavy duty entrance mats? It can! This affordable, high-speed binder is a good solution to a variety of carpet needs. 

The PBB-1X

Everyone knows the PBB-1X is great for carpet binding. This bobbinless portable binder is tough, lightweight, and portable. It binds carpet quickly – over 30 feet per minute – and can accommodate various widths of tape with optional folder adjustments. This binder is easy to thread, easy to use, and requires little maintenance to keep it running. It’s Bond’s most economical, heavy-duty, high-speed binder, and we’re very proud of it. 

Did you also know that the PBB-1X can be use to apply transition molding to heavy duty entrance mats? That’s right, it can. This machine glides through thick and tough unitary backings with ease and can attach carpet to rubber transition molding to create entrance mats of any size. How does this work?

How To Apply Transition Molding

In addition to a carpet binder, you will need a few supplies: super glue, seam weights, and scissors. First you cut the carpet to the size that you need, and then you cut your rubber transition molding to fit the carpet, making sure the mitered corners match up. When that is done and you know that everything fits together, you apply the super glue to the transition molding. We carry super glue in 1-pound bottles which is handy for this type of job.

Put a bead of glue right on the flange and use seam weights to press the carpet into the molding so that the superglue adheres correctly and firmly. This takes about a minute. Then you will use your carpet binder with transition guide to sew the edge of the carpet to the molding permanently. It stitches a nice and tight seam into the center of the flange, about 3/4 of an inch into the carpet. When you are done, you will have a finished stitch binding that will last for the life of the carpet as well as a great looking entrance rug. 

If your company makes heavy-duty entrance rugs and needs a machine to apply transition molding, the PBB-1X can get it done. The PBB-2X Portable Bobbinless Double Puller 4X4 carpet binder would also work for this job. Both are backed by Bond Products’ 90-day limited warranty. If you have any questions about the PBB-1X, the PBB-2X, or any of the supplies mentioned, please give our customer service department a call at 1-888-800-BOND. We would be happy to match you up with everything you need.  



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