What Do You Do with Leftover Carpet?

leftover carpet

Leftover carpet is one of those ubiquitous items that everyone has somewhere in their house. When having carpet installed, it’s always good to allow for a little extra in case there’s a problem with the installation or if the carpet is damaged later. What do you do with the extra leftover carpet, though? Or the carpet that you replaced that still might have some wear in it? 

How to Reuse Old Carpet 

If you have an old piece of carpet that you do not intend to use for flooring or decorative purposes, there are plenty of life hacks that you can do with the scraps or pieces. Here are some ideas:

Use a piece of old carpet to increase traction under the wheels of your car. If you keep a piece of carpet in your trunk all the time, it could get your unstuck someday by giving your tires something to catch on instead of mud or ice. It’s also much easier to pull out a trunk sized piece of carpet from the trunk and vacuum it than to try to get all of the nooks and crannies with a vacuum attachment. This can double as a picnic rug in a pinch too.

Move a heavy piece of furniture or equipment across your nice floor by putting pieces of old carpet under the legs and sliding them. It will stop you from scratching up the floor while you’re redecorating and save your back too.

Add it to your dog’s kennel or your cat’s scratching post to make your pets more comfortable or entertained.

Keep a piece in your garage or workshop in case you have to kneel when doing chores. Kneeling on carpet is much easier on your knees than kneeling on the hard concrete or the cold, damp ground. 

Put carpet scraps under your plants if you have a tendency to overwater them. 

What to Do with Leftover Carpet

If the carpet scraps you have are new and you’d like to make use of them for projects, there are many other uses too. Many of our customers have used carpet scraps to replace worn or dirty carpet pieces in their cars, boats, or recreational vehicles. With a small investment of time and some Instabind, these spaces can look new again. You do not need to be a rug binding professional either – just some free time, a glue gun, Instabind, a pair of scissors, and a willingness to roll up your sleeves and tackle a project.

Of course, we at Bond Products think that the best use of leftover carpet is an area rug. Binding the edges of a leftover piece of carpet makes a nice piece of flooring for a basement, playroom, patio, treehouse, hall, foyer, or any regular room. Our motto is, “Every hard floor needs a nice area rug.” If you have leftover carpet sitting around, think about transforming it into a rug! 









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