Glue Guns Are Great for Crafting and Household Uses


Glue guns are an unsung hero of the crafting world. There are many fun and practical uses for glue guns. Bond Products offers 6 different glue guns and the glue supplies you’ll need to use them. Our catalog also contains some useful add-on products to extend the capabilities of glue guns. Our glue guns are great selling products for good reason!

Why Are Glue Guns a Great Glue Solution?

Glue gun glue lasts over time. It doesn’t break down in the same way water soluble glue does because it’s not water based. It’s a thermoplastic adhesive. It reliably holds its shape and grip on whatever you apply it to over time. This type of glue requires heating, and the glue gun applicator is great for keeping fingers safe and applying the glue to targeted surfaces without making a mess. Glue sticks or plugs are fed into the gun, which melts them and passes them through the barrel onto the surface. There it cools, solidifies, sets, and creates a secure bond.

The Bond Products catalog includes 6 different glue guns, including corded and cordless guns that range from basic models to professional pneumatic and spray gun equipment. Our newer guns come with a lighted on/off switch that is so convenient. We offer a variety of glue sticks, glue slugs, and long nozzle glue gun tip that’s helpful to use when applying Instabind.

All of our glue gun models can be used for carpet applications, but the weekend DIYer who has a quick carpet binding project probably will not want to invest in a pneumatic glue gun. One advantage that our basic model glue guns have is that they are heavy duty and durable and a great size. They fit in the hand very well, making them comfortable to use. Professionals in the carpeting industry also use them when they bind carpets with wide edges and mitred corners.

Glue Gun Crafting

There are also a huge number of crafting projects you can use glue guns for. Some of these are artistic, like making glue-stick snowflakes for winter crafts. Others are household hacks like adding a squiggle of glue to the tops of your hangers or the bottoms of your slippers to make them slip free. Glue guns are good for no-sew sewing projects, and decorating glassware. Your imagination is the limit for glue gun crafting.

If you are wondering what kind of glue gun would be best for your needs, we have a handy guide for that as well. We stand by all of our glue guns as high quality and long lasting. If you’re looking for a great glue gun and glue supplies, give us a call today. We’d be happy to supply you with the perfect glue gun for your carpet and crafting projects.



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