cotton Instabind

Use Cotton Instabind for Wool or Antique Rugs

At Bond Products we are proud of our Instabind binding tape. It works wonderfully to bind a whole range of rugs or carpet remnants. Our most popular Instabind choice is the regular polyester binding tape, but for natural fiber rugs, including wool rugs, Oriental rugs, or antique rugs, we recommend using cotton Instabind.

Many Instabind Options

We offer the following Instabind options:

  • Regular
  • Cotton
  • Faux leather
  • Synthetic Serge
  • Cotton Serge
  • Rope Edge
  • Outdoor Marine
  • Safety Edge

These are all great binding tapes that will make your rug or carpet remnant look much neater after you’ve bound it with Instabind. Some people want a specific look or want the binding to stand out so they will choose the safety edge Instabind, for example. Most of our customers choose the regular Instabind which is a good choice for a rug made out of man made fibers. For wool, Oriental, or other natural fiber rugs, however, we recommend our customers choose the cotton Instabind or the cotton serge style Instabind.

Cotton Instabind

Here is Bond’s rule of thumb: If the carpet or rug is cotton or wool, use natural fiber binding or serging. If it’s a synthetic rug or carpet, then synthetic binding or serging is appropriate. Cotton is still the higher quality look, however. For the highest quality look, cotton Instabind is always the best choice.

You can purchase Instabind in standard 54-foot rolls or custom size lengths for a small upcharge for cutting the roll to size. All of the Instabind choices are available in 30 stock colors from our sisal color swatch card. Because we offer so many color choices, our customers should be able to find a good color match for their carpets or rugs. In most cases customers are best off selecting the closest color match. Some customers like to choose a contrasting color for a more arresting look. However, from a design perspective because the binding tape is narrow, most of the time this looks odd. It calls attention to the binding instead of the carpet.

Of course, if you have questions about which kind of Instabind would work best or look best for your personal application, our customer service staff is happy to discuss all of the options Bond offers and which ones our customers typically use. Please contact us or call us at (888) 800-2663 (BOND) for help. We are open Monday to Friday from 7:45 AM to 4:15 PM to provide any help we can.


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