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How Do You Bind a Latch Hook Rug?

Bond’s customer service representatives often about how to finish off or bind a carpet project. For many types of rugs, including ones made from carpet remnants, the answer can be, “Use Instabind.” For the question of how to bind a latch hook rug, it’s a little more complicated. There are at least two methods for binding a latch hook rug, and we will go over them here. 

Making a latch hook rug is an easy and fun project that even young children can enjoy. There are many types of beautiful rugs. Designing and hooking a latch hook rug is a good introduction to the art of rug making for all ages. When the hooking part of the project is finished, then it’s time to bind it to make sure it looks neat. 

The Hand Sewn Method of Binding a Latch Hook Rug

One way to bind a latch hook rug is to hand sew the edges. To do this you will need scissors, a tapestry needle, and yarn or strong thread as well as the latch hook project itself. 

Typically, latch hook projects will leave about an inch of unhooked space around the edges. To bind the rug, fold this inch of rug canvas down along the back of the rug. Then thread the tapestry needle with the yarn or strong thread and, using a whip stitch, sew the folded rug canvas to the back of the project at the edges. When you reach the corners of the project, you will want to cut out the small square of rug canvas where the edges overlap and keep stitching. When you have stitched all four sides of your rug, break your thread or yarn and knot it tightly. 

Because the yarn on latch hook rugs is long and often shaggy, the edges will be hidden by the length of the yarn. If you use the hand sewn method, the yarn will remain the visual focal point, but the project will not look as neat as if you bound it with binding tape.

Binding a Latch Hook Rug with Binding Tape

If you want your latch hook rug to look more finished and neat, you can bind it with binding tape. To do this, trim the edges of the finished rug. Leave space on the canvas two complete grid squares deep. This will be about a half an inch of canvas, and you will use it to attach the binding. 

Choose a binding tape that matches the rug. Press the edge of the tape as close to the edge of the finished rug as you can and pin it to one side of the canvas. Then, using a sewing machine, sew the binding tape to the canvas. Use a new strip of binding tape for each side of the rug, and sew each of them in place. 

The next step is to take the unsewn edges of the binding tape and pin them to the bottom of the rug. This will hide the edges of the canvas grid. From here you will hand sew them in place using an overcast stitch. When you have sewn all four edges, make a tight knot, and voilà, you’re done!

With the binding of your latch hook rug complete, you can use it either as a floor covering or a wall hanging. If you intend to use it as a regular rug, you may want to browse Bond’s selection of rug backing products. These include products that protect your flooring from scratches as well as one that keep rugs in place to prevent slipping accidents. 

Enjoy your beautiful latch hook rug! 




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